Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tale of the Portuguese Rooster...

(Personalized Sketches photo of an original)

*Click on image to see it is drawn entirely with the last name: CABRAL*

*each original that I do, is done in a fade-proof ink that shows very well.
...however, some values in the sample photos/copies often are not true to life, due to camera lighting.

*some have asked about color in a drawing... The majority of the Personalized Sketches I do are black and white. ...but I have done some with color added afterwards with watercolor pencils, like this rooster.*

Now on to the Rooster Party...(and I do have a couple of little gift certificate giveaways that are used towards a Personalized Sketch of your choosing).

Mr. B's great grandparents came from the Azores on ships sailing to the Hawaiian Islands. They're Portuguese. (with some Spanish, French, a teeny-tiny bit of Irish) This Rooster Party celebrates the tale of "Galo de Barcelos".

The Rooster of Barcelos has become a national symbol for Portugal. It's been said it symbolizes "The winning of justice when you fight for it". The legend is many hundred years old and there are different versions.

Come sit a spell...A Tale to tell...He tells it well...

(This cute animation was created by Daniel Oliviera Prins)
~a Willem de Kooning Academy student~


This ceramic Portuguese Rooster is one of two that made its roost long ago in my hubby's childhood home. His younger sister and her family now own that home, which is so full of memories... My request for a photo was more than fulfilled, when her beautiful 12 yr old daughter sent all 4 views.

Sesame Street's Big Bird at the annual Portuguese Cultural Club Festivities?... No, but how about his Galo de Barcelos

*Once again...Mr. B comes to the rescue! He found several rubbermaids full of photos! Was I surprised when this was in one of them! I didn't remember that we posed with this rooster... & as I looked at the photo, I thought maybe it was a huge statue. But then, I looked a little closer and yep, you can see this rooster has a wing and... a yellow hand??

Baby Girly-Whirly1 looks like she's trying to figure him it a bird...or isn't it? haha


What? Doesn't everybody love standing, facing the door, waiting til their other half repeatedly adjusts for the perfect lighting and the perfect angle... and proceeds to take ten or more pictures in order to get the perfect picture of a Portuguese Rooster on the back of a Portuguese Cultural Club Polo?

...heehee... my sweet, patient hubby did! His parents were very involved with this club. As teens, Mr. B, his brother & 2 sisters were members too. The hip, cool group of teens performed traditional dances and sang. (I wish I had some of those photos...but maybe on another post...for now, I need to stay focused on the Roosters!)

~~~~~~~~~~ that fellow rooster fans... is a bit about the roosters that are a part of the Portuguese Culture...

Oh, here's a fella with his chest all puffed up! "Mr. Rooster"

(Personalized Sketches copy of an original)
*Click on image to see it is drawn entirely with the name: FRANK*


And with a Mr.'s a Mrs....

(Personalized Sketches copy of an original)
*Click on image to see it is drawn entirely with the name: DOT*


When a comment is's sorta like a calling card to say you came by ;o)

I have 2 "Gift Certificates" to give... (of course, please don't feel any pressure at all...I'm just so happy to have you visit :o)

Each "gift certificate" is worth $20 towards a purchase of an 8x10 single figure drawing (regularly priced @ $65 /B&W or $70/color; matting & framing are not included)
...done in ANY name you choose & of ANY subject matter...a rooster or ANY thing you can think of... (I had to put an expiration date, since Christmas time for me gets very busy with orders.)

(certificate designed by Personalized Sketches)

PLEASE leave a comment for each possible entry.
Here are the possible entries:
1. one comment left on this post telling me what type of drawing you might be interested in
or like to see in a future post. or just let me know what you think about this rooster party :o)
2. if you are a follower (or become a follower)
3. grab one of my buttons & have it on your blog

I will draw the names and notify you in a post and also by email (so please leave your email information).

Since Bella Vista is leaving this party up for a week...the drawing will be done on the following Saturday, September 5th, 2009.

If you'd like to see some Radiant, Red, Refined, Rustic, Rowdy or maybe even Real Roosters, come with me to Bella Vista, she has the Rooster Roster all lined up.

Bênçãos! Até que nós nos encontrarmos outra vez!
(Portuguese for "Blessings! Until we meet again!"

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

P.S. Georgia and Hawaiian Beaches! Part 2

Aloha! (Greetings! and Welcome to some more sunny skies and salty surf!)

If you are here for the first time, I hope you enjoy your visit... and do check out yesterday's Beach Party. Thank you to Gina@theShabbyChicCottage for being such a gracious host!

If you were there yesterday, I'm so glad you came back... Can you imagine if I left all these parties on one post!

This lighthouse beckons you to relax with us on more beautiful beaches.

(Personalized Sketches copy of original)
*Click on image to see the last name used: TEVAR*

2004, our assignment has brought us to as far away east from Hawaii that we can be and still be in the United States. Savannah is gorgeous and has so many wonderful sites to see. Tybee Island is one of the many beaches near here.

...these were taken in Jan 2005! no snow here... this was right before LittleMiss had to fly back to college... and the luckiestmrs. was coming back from her dental missions trip in Honduras...and before we realized we would be faced with the challenges our 14 year old son's intense 5 months of chemo.

(Personalized Sketches copy of original)
*Click on image to see the name used: JESSIE*

In the next set, the top photos at Tybee were taken during the girls spring break in 2005. Their sorority sister (& who is like family :o) came down with them. Heartbreaker just had the biopsy done and we were waiting for the results, around when these were taken.

The bottom Tybee Island beach photo was taken of two of the Hawaiian cousins that came with family to spend time with us. Heartbreaker had one more round of chemo after they flew back to Hawaii, so was sporting the bald head.

Another summer full of sandy scenes, carefree crab catches, and happy hearts!

This was for Heartbreaker's Make a Wish trip to Hawaii. It had been just under 16 years since he had been back to Hawaii... It was the perfect trip, except his sisters were in the midst of classes so weren't able to come. Mr. B and I went with him, with much excitement!

Heartbreaker got surf lessons...and was quite a natural...thanks to his athletic genes from his father :o) ...he got to snorkel with his dad...I relaxed underneath the palms. ...we had breakfast right out the entrance of our hotel and onto right on Waikiki Beach. ...& went to a great Luau. ...the final 3 days of the week long trip, we were able to fly to the Big Island and stay and see family. It was truly a Paradise vacation :o)

& How blessed, blessed, blessed we are that he is strong, healthy and a wonderful witness to what the Lord has brought him through!

(Personalized Sketches copy of original)
*Click on image to see the name used: SPENCER*

...this fish was an order for a cute little boy for his bedroom-and was similar to the fish seen while snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, Oahu.

Before I bid Aloha to a wonderful time spent with you, I must not forget some exciting news.

I was contacted by Jennifer@TheToyBoxYears about receiving a lovely book titled "The Friends We Keep" (this link will go to her hilarious view about alternate grandparent names! and you can see her cutie patooties in her slide show on her sidebar).

and also by Katie@Katie'sNestingSpot about winning the free Roxio upgrade. (this link is all about her little designing darling creating a fantabulous fairy house & fairy!) Thank you girls for having such wonderful giveaways. You have to go visit these bloggers with their absolutely adorable, beautiful babies!

*added note: since I have been asked this question a number of times...I thought I would mention here as well: Yes, every drawing that I do is drawn entirely using ANY name and it can be of ANY thing. Thank you for asking and feel free to contact me with any other questions :o)

(photo by our daughter, aka theluckiestmrs)

Hope you had a relaxing visit to all the beaches here...feel free to kick off your sandals and have a seat, like our daughter here on the Ft. Lauderdale sand...
or if you want more, be sure to go to Gina's@theShabbyChicCottage.

So, again I close with Blessings & Aloha! ('til we meet again).
I love finding your comments, so please don't forget to let me know that you were here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

P.S. Hawaiian & Florida Beaches

ALOHA! (has so many meanings...this "aloha" greets you, my friend!)

I'd like to share some of our family's past pictures of some beautiful beaches and sandy shores... and also share some beach-inspired artwork.

(after finding so many old beach photos...I realized that it might be beach overload! I thought I better cut this Beach Party into at least 2 separate posts! If you like what you see...please save my site, so that you can come back and continue partying...I really don't want to wear you out in one visit!)

*Honest, this is not a some scheme to get you to come back! But, like I mentioned to a great blogger in an email...I get long winded and just don't want anyone to pass out or check out!

(Personalized Sketches copy of original)
*Click on images of drawings to see the name used: RAMON
& click on photo collages to see a closer view*

...have some fun in the sun! And please let me know what you think of the scenes and finds at this beach-side bash :o)'re welcome to stay as long as you'd like (don't be shy...take a peek in my other sunny spots... aka previous posts ;o) ...and when you are ready for more, be sure to check out the other beach parties listed Gina@the Shabby Chic Cottage! ...I can't wait to visit the other parties :o)

I did write in the photo collages, but will add a few tidbits of info.

*click on collage to see a better view*

1982...City of Refuge is on the Kona side of the Big Island where Mr. B was born (while we are in Hawaii, I'll be calling him the "Big Kahuna" :o) (...well, he wasn't born IN the City of Refuge!..but he was born on that side in a town called Kealakekua-Kona.)

Big Kahuna's parents...sadly though, this black sand beach is now covered over with the lava...I can't find the beautiful pics that Big Kahuna and I took on our honeymoon... but it was gorgeous!

1984...Keiki Wahine (aka theluckiestmrs) and I in a handcarved vessel in the Puuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park (City of Refuge)...I love the long Hawaiian words; can't pronounce some of 'em, but it's fun to try.

Keiki Wahine #1 (pronounced like "Kay-kee Wah-he-nee", means little girl, keiki is "child") and I across the water from CPT Cook's monument. Cpt James Cook was the first westerner to set foot on the islands on Jan 18, 1778 and died near that spot on the island of Kawaii, on Feb 14, 1779.

Hapuna Beach is where Big Kahuna got a little too much sun! Afterwards, I was able to peel a huge section of peeling skin off his back! Kinda gross...but peeling it was kinda fun! ( & I have that "saved" somewhere!)

Onekahaha Beach is a beach that is great for little ones, since it has little protected "pools" that are separated.

(Personalized Sketches copy of original)
*Click on image to see the name used: CINDY*

When Mr. B was in flight school and whenever we were stationed in Alabama, we were blessed to have family that lived a few minutes from the Destin Beaches, so we were able to enjoy the beautiful, "barking" sandy beaches when we would visit family.

*click on collage to see a bigger view*

After flight school, Big Kahuna's first duty station was at Schoffield Barracks, Hawaii! Both our girls became frequent Beach Bunnies and our Keiki Kane (pronounced like: "Kay-kee Kah-nee" means little boy) was born there... our 5th generation baby boy born in Hawaii on Mr. B's side.

Hickam AFB Beach and the beaches of the North Shore are both on Oahu. The North Shore waves are amazing! "Da Kine" Hawaiian-style, is a laid-back kinda pace. North Shore, with its cute little store fronts and casual, surfer atmosphere is a fun experience. We went to some church services there where slippahs (slippers), shorts & tank tops were not a problem :o)

(Personalized Sketches copy of original)
*Click on image to see the words used: KAPPA DELTA*
(I prefer to do each in an individual's name, but did use KAPPA DELTA for a sorority fund raiser)

On Oahu, we went to about every beach that was accessible ;o)... The Oahu Military Rec Center Beach was one of the easiest and our keikis enjoyed watching military aircraft taking off and landing.

Back on the Big Island, camping in tents on Kawaihae Beach is one of Big Kahuna's family traditions. We were able to do this last camping trip before being reassigned to the guessed it...back to Ft Rucker, Alabama...Home of Army Aviation.

*click on collage to see a bigger view*

Come back any time and this adirondack chair will be here for you... I'm so glad you stopped by.

(Personalized Sketches photo of original)
*Click on image to see the name used: SANDY*

My beach party ends with a beautiful sunset between the palms. This was taken by our daughter "LittleMiss", when she was on Roatan for a dental missions trip during her 2009 Spring Break. She said she took this while they were just walking to dinner on the "west end" of the island. I think that it is breath-taking!

Blessings & Aloha!
*"aloha" here means love & 'til we meet again!*

*Please be sure to leave a comment...I love to read what you have to say*
*and if you're not tuckered out & sunburnt...& you want to see more...for"the rest of the story" mean, more beach fun...please go HERE.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to Kentucky...

And as you can see from the photos of the teachers and friends we were able to see, he has grown a little. :o)

(photos by me or Mr. B)
(CLICK on image to see larger view)
counterclockwise from top:
1. at a Tennessee gas stop...just thought the tree growing right out of the rock was neat...a bit of nature next to a bit of modern conveniences...the light pole.

2. Heartbreaker crashed out in the back seat...(since Mr. B was driving, that meant I was the sneaky photographer...which is NOT the norm, since I am usually knocked out asleep on a road trip!)

3.-8. Heartbreaker (the Giant) and some of his favorite elementary folk

center pic: some Kentucky cornfields and blue was beautiful!

I was hoping to come across some old pics from when he was there, so that it would show just how much he had grown. ...but I did come across this:

(please do not click on this image to see a larger view! haha)

No, I don't typically push my way into every school photo our children are in...honest! But this 4th grade school picture day was on one of the days that I was volunteering (actually, besides being a crossing guard, I was at all their schools a LOT...I loved being there and it was fun getting to see our 3 in action). ...and so the school photographer had me jump in for this last picture. ...I am so glad that none of our kids minded me being around their schools. haha

...after seeing a couple of former teachers that were at the high school, we continued up to Lexington. We were able to visit, although "theLuckiestMrs." was in her friend's wedding that was out of town for part of the time we were there. But we enjoyed every moment we did have.

*Oh! if you are in the area...a little home-owned place called "GUMBO YA YA" is a must! The food was awesome (especially their bread pudding! ...the owner's mom owns a bakery and makes all his desserts), the setting is small, but cute (I'll have to remember to get some pics from one of our kids, since I didnt take any), great music (some oldies, jazz, Elvis, etc), the prices are so, so reasonable... and it's just fun saying "let's go to GUMBO YA YA!"*

(photos by me)
(CLICK on image to see a larger view)

counterclock-wise from top:
1. bricks in front of the high school that we bought for each of the girls...

2. "Senor T" (Heartbreaker learned so much from his Spanish I teacher when he was in 8th grade, that in his Spanish II class as a 9th grader, he was more than prepared); Heartbreaker; Frau L (both girls had her for German I, II, III and beyond :o)...they loved her!); and me.

Both of these teachers were and still are as energetic and enthusiastic as any person can possibly be!

3. Mr. B and I (Heartbreaker took this of us at a favorite Mexican restaurant right outside Fort Campbell's main gate: Pancho Villa). We had our "regular"...Mr. B: "Heuvos Rancherors con tortilla de maize, por favor." Me: "Chimichanga..."

4. Little Miss & her beau, when we ate at another Mexican restaurant, this time in Lexington... (this was the first time we were able to meet him. A very talented musician, amazing singing voice, and very easy to get to know. It was so good to finally meet him...

Mr. B had his "fatherly-over-coffee-get-to-meet-cha-one-on-one" time with him, while Little Miss and I went to Michael's and TJ Maxx. (That little tradition of Mr. B's will have to be told in a post all it's own :o)

5. Sunday, we left and headed back down to Fort Campbell area...we stayed at the military guesthouse. This eagle is HUGE! maybe about 5 or 6 feet tall.

6. Monday morning, when we went to get some continental breakfast off of the lobby area, we met some of Mr. B's battle brothers, military men... There is a kinship there, no matter what war or era served. These men were there during Ft Campbell's Week of the Eagle. Each year, time is dedicated through activities, events, remembrances of those that served with the 101st Airborne Division. It was an honor to meet these men that are a part of our military history.
Pictured are: Mr. B; Airborne Division Chaplain; "Johnny", 1961 Vietnam era vet; nephew to one of the original Band of Brothers; and "Vinnie".

Vinnie, was the aide to BG McAuliffe in Bastogne. BG McAuliff was surrounded and given a paper to surrender. To which (and Vinnie was witness to and said no matter what the rumors were) BG Mc Auliff did NOT curse at all, but simply stated in response "NUTS!". It was awesome to hear Vinnie's stories! He is 91 yrs young, fiesty and has a great sense of humor!

7. On the road again as we head back to Georgia, we pass one of the many old tobacco barns. These are where the tobacco is hung to dry.

8. Actually Sunday, (I didnt put the picture in the right sequence) in Clarksville, TN, we went to visit Coach L and K.
*side note* Part of Ft Campbell is in Kentucky and the other part in in Tennessee. When we lived on Ft Campbell, we had a KY zip (since the main post office was on the KY side) and TN area code (our home was on the TN side of Ft Campbell). (During the 6 years living there, we had to explain that over and over when it came to service repairs or shipping info. I'm sure some probably thought I was pulling their leg).

Mr. B, Coach L, and K. Coach L was both of our daughters' biology and/or anatomy teacher in high school. He is a great teacher, but a tough teacher! I always said that I would never take a class from him... well never, say never... I wanted to take an anatomy class; and he was also a professor at Austin Peay State University. His class worked with my schedule... I had the worst 1st exam ever! Cried, I tell ya! (and would ya believe that when we were visiting him and K, he remembered that grade!!!!) Anyways, thankfully I got it together, did well the rest of the term, really learned from him, and pulled a "real" A. I say "real" A, cuz at the girls' high school, you had to get a 93 for an A. And since they had him and got those A's, I couldn't break that streak!'s fun to say that Coach L taught all the Botelho girls... aw, the boys missed out. It was so good to see Coach L doing well. He's going through cancer treatments now, but is very positive and enjoys time cooking with K and seeing his two sets of twin grandbabies! So, we had a great time visiting them and eating some amazing pasta and dessert that K prepared for us.

Oh, one more thing...

(photo of Personalized Sketches original framed)
(CLICK on image to see a larger view)

I was able to leave a little thank you drawing for our daughter's friend's mom (who graciously opened their home and prepared the most outstanding, incredible multi-course dinner and dessert!) This wedding shower was in December (this thank you was way over-due!) and was hosted by 3 of our daughter's dear friends (also dental classmates). I'm so thankful that I was able to fly up and surprise her. Especially, since we live out of state, I was going to school and wasn't able to get to her other showers or help as much as I would have wanted with her wedding planning.

(close-up photo of a Personalized Sketches original)
(click on image to see a larger view)

Their home is gorgeous! And they put up over 50 Christmas trees throughout their home. Each tree has a different theme. It truly is so beautifully and elegantly done.

(CLICK on image to see a larger view)

counterclockwise, from the top:
1. one view of the beautiful table and food; Mrs. T prepared each course herself! starting around the table is "C" (theluckiestmrs' mom-in-law (and I must say...she really is a wonderful MIL), me, theluckiestmrs, littlemiss...

2. opening up a gift ( I love her expression)

3. another view of us at around the feast. you can see a couple of trees in this room.

4. more gifts

5. in front of the foyer-entry way-tree

6. part of the shower invitation (I took sections of it, in the attempt to crop out names and addresses... the poem is so cute. and the RSVP that says Please say "I do" was too cute also.

7. a group photo next to another full size tree. (I wish that I had taken more of their amazing trees!)

8. our daughter, aka theluckiestmrs, and her 3 sweet friends that helped make this shower possible.


Blessings & Aloha!

Thank you for stopping by... please leave a comment, cuz I love to see who was here and appreciate what you have to say :o)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Heartbreaker's Last Work Day...Fabulous Award...Prize Winnings

Wednesday, was our son's (aka Heartbreaker, his big sister's name for him...but he says he is the heartbreak-ee) last work day before we drive him back to the University of Kentucky.

So...while in Savannah, after dropping a couple of my resumes off, I thought I'd take a couple of pictures of him at his work...proof that he wasnt goofing off all summer. (He was blessed with getting hired at Dr. C's highly regarded medical offices. And he was also able to be a camp counselor to two week-long church camps.)

(photo by mom)

I'm so glad it doesn't bother him that I run around taking pictures.... and everyone there has been so great to work with. He really enjoyed working in the medical records room.

(photo by mom)

Working at Dr. C's office was the best summer job, since the working atmosphere was very positive, he learned a lot, and he was encouraged and motivated about his long-range goal...he's interested in the medical field. Perfect timing and circumstances.

(photo by mom)

It was great that Dr. C stopped to take this photo with H. Dr. C is so very busy! Heartbreaker truly admires Dr. C. Their family has been a blessing and H has built a wonderful friendship with them.


Something FABULOUS that happened in the last couple of days...

"Ahem...I want to thank...Mama M...and...

This FABULOUS Blog Award is so chic and totally fab.u.lous!
Mama M, I love your blog, your cute kid photos, your humor, your help..."

It requires a list of up to 5 current obsessions and that I re-award it to 5 bloggers.

OBSESSIONS: (I'm not too good about thinking outside the box, so my list is inspired by Mama M's):
1. Our family...I wish that we were closer to our 3 chick-a-dees...the 12+ hour drive does not make getting lunch or having a quick visit possible. And then with other family in Wisconsin, Hawaii, California, Minnesota, Alabama... gee whiz!

2. My hubby...he is my greatest fan and companion! Now that we are empty-nesters and he isnt deployed and flying helicopters all over the world, we get to spend time together...often doing nothing but just being together...and that's just fine with me. (Although a Caribbean or Mediterranean or Alaskan cruise would be awesome).

3. Getting my Etsy shop going... and letting more people know about it. I get orders locally, but am excited that I can direct people interested in the artwork I do, to view the samples on the Etsy shop. I used to get questions asked all the "Are your drawings on-line?" or "When will you be doing that, so I can show so-and-so,,,". And I am so happy that I finallly got my new business cards printed, so that I wouldn't have to write my crazy-long url address down! I use to have to do that and I would practically have to write in a spiral all the way around the back of my cards! (another thing NOT make your URL address ridiculously long-I was clueless and thought it had to be the same as what my title of my blog was going to be.)

4. Kit kats, peanut m&ms, cake, soft serve icecream, pizza, chinese food, mexican food, aw, I think I like just about any food from any country...the sky's the limit! And to think that I was such a picky, picky eater as a kid! I wish that I had a bit of that"pickiness" as an issue now, cuz then I might not have to think about exercising to lose and maintain my weight. (exercising should be on my list here, but... oh, well),

5. blog reading, blog writing, blog learning, blog hopping, blog "what-am-I doing?"...etc...
Mama M had blogging on her list and boy oh boy...I do agree! but it really is a lot of fun... I love meeting and getting to know about other bloggers.

Now, next to receive this FAB Award~

1. Molly's Country Memories Home Place: Molly has been with me from my earliest days...oh so long ago! (well, not really long ago, cuz I haven't been blogging long...but still, she is one of the first FABULOUS bloggers that I have met). Molly is a talented artist, crafter and sweet commenter.

2. Just Add Glitter & Stir: Maggi had hosted a FABULOUS Christmas Party back in July. She has lots of creative ideas and was the host with the most-ess...she made sure to stop and visit everyone's parties. & of course, we can't forget her cute little Toot!

3. Sweet Tea Diaries: Angela is amazing! What I love about this blogger friend is that from the beginning, she has been such a help and she was wonderful to leave a comment or email. Even though she has so many blog followers, she made me feel like I have known her for forever :o) ...full of fun finds, great giveaways, & stories of past and present that are always FABULOUS to read.

4. The Company She Keeps: BLC's FABULOUS blog is one of the first blogs that I have followed since I began blogging. ...a sweet blogger that shares her sweet family stories full of family love.

5. A Little Loveliness: Melissa's FABULOUS posts are full of great information, stories, and especially her beautiful photos of her beautiful children.

...& one more thing...
When? Tuesday!
Why? Cuz my entry was selected!
Who? Denise from Lauren Nicole Gifts!
Where? from her my my bathroom!
What? 6 of her ingenious, creative towel markers! You can read how these came to be, here.

Denise, does such great work and the details and packaging is so amazing! How cute are these?

(photo by me)

I had to get them on some towels immediately...even though at this moment it is only Heartbreaker using this bathroom (*edited since I first started this actually with heartbreaker back at college...there definitely won't be any towel mix ups!*) hehe but they will be handy when everyone is home for Christmas :o)

and I wouldn't put them where I have them shown on the towel...that was just so I had a semi-interesting view of the towels in that bathroom. They would be great on one of the corners.

(photo by me)

So...this has been a "last-summer-work-day", FABULOUS, prize-winning couple of days :o)

Blessings & Aloha!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Royal Chronicles...from BK to beyond! the year of our Lord~nineteen hundred and eighty seven...far, far the land of BK (Burger King)...riding on their royal steed...two little precious princess sisters...

(photos by their mama-queen (to be referenced in this post as MQ))
Alabama chapter in our royal tot tales... in 2006...

How fun to see those little BK princesses become the University of Louisville's Homecoming Queens. (theluckiestmrs, aka our Girly-whirly #1, was UofL's 2003 homecoming queen & LittleMiss, aka our Girly-whirly#2, was UofL's 2006 homecoming queen).

(photos by MQ, 2006 after being crowned)

...& other royal tales....

Fall 2003, His Royal Highness, Mr. Aviator/Safety Man, aka Mr. B, aka Daddy-o, was in Iraq fulfilling his "royal" military flying duties... so he wasn't there when theluckiestmrs was announced at half-time as UofL Homecoming Queen. No one knew until that announcement was made! I'm so glad I actually completed our mission to drive that 3.5 hours from our home (I have been known to get very, very sleepy on car rides, and just because I'm the one driving, doesn't seem to make a difference!)

(photos by MQ)

*from left to right:
~prior to Homecoming week and after finding out she was on court...
~the 5 on court from which one would be selected
~looking for us in the vast sea of faces
~2003 Queen & King & court
~one final pose

...theluckiestmrs is on court for the 75th Anniversary of a very elegant pageant, the oldest of its kind. ...full of old traditions. (events in which the girls were constantly watched & assessed. Families weren't, thank goodness, but I did get the urge to curl my pinky whenever I picked up a spot of tea). You can read about the Mountain Laurel Festival here.

~& theluckiestmrs' royal daddy-o was back from Iraq (Yay! and the reason was not only because I was really, really hoping he would be home so that he could have the car driving duties back... it was definitely a blessing to have him home safe and sound ;o)

(photos by TLM's (theluckiestmrs') RD (Royal Daddy-o)

*from L to R:
~with LittleMiss, getting ready for the ball
~but first, the beautiful pesentation of all the lovely girls
~at the ball, doing one of the traditional interweaving dance numbers
~another photo at the gorgeous "reflection ponds" after the selection of the queen.


...QUEEN RETURNS... Fall 2004...
Although Royal Daddy-o missed her coronation, it was still very exciting to see her on the field crowning the new queen.

(photos from one of our “royal” family)
LittleMiss said just being selected on court was amazing. Royal Daddy-o, Prince Heartbreaker and I drove the 12+ (remember, Royal Daddy-o is aka Mr Safety), some royal children, that will remain un-named have made this trip in quite a number of hours less!)
It was exciting before and it was exciting again!!! When they announced LittleMiss, I am sure everyone could hear her “royal” family cheering!

(photos by MQ)


(newspaper clipping from Louisville and Bryan County Newspapers)

There's also a long interview process in selecting the top 5 reigning princesses. After that, it is the spin of the Wheel! that selects the New Queen. It would have been a great journal to follow if LittleMiss had a Blog during this Derby Reign! She met so many people & there were soooo many events. You can read about the Kentucky Derby Festival here.

Being a 12+ hour drive away, we weren't able to attend the festivites, except the night of the Ball, when the wheel would be spun... It was absolutely gorgeous! and since it was the 50th, it was even more decorated than ever before!


OUR BK PRINCE...1992 (the crowns were all out that day...but this worked...see how into time he is? He's sporting two plastic watches :o)

(photo by MQ)

(photos by family and freind NG)

1. these boys do NOT make pretty ladies-in-waiting! (Hawaiian cousin when we went to DisneyWorld...Heartbreaker still had one more chemo treatment after that trip).

2. a much better look...the perfect Roman curls too. When his hair first came back, it came back super soft and curly.

3. & 4. Handsome, High school, HomecomingCourt Heartbreaker

...OUR DELIVERER (the King of Kings)...his image was used for advertisements of this production.
...JOSEPH (I think he looks pretty royal :o)

(posters by Savannah Christian Church)
1. Heartbreaker on all the flyers, posters, bulletins, etc for this presentation...
2. lead performer (An awesome singing Joseph...not just cuz the royal mama says so.)

A royal Crown...(made for the Kentucky Derby Princessess...this one drawn with the name Christin throughout it.)

(Personalized Sketches photo of original)

...and now finally... the end of the Royal Chronicles! (I applaud you, if you made it through all of that!)

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