Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hope everyone had a Fabulous, Fantastic, Father's day on June 17th...

Here is a little slideshow with a few "F"otos...of the special Fathers in our Family's life...

Joining in with Miss Jenny for Alphabe-thursday's letter "F".

& Thank you for ordering these for the special Fathers in your lives...

I had talked about this one before and shown it on another post, but wanted to include this on this post along with the story behind it.

This customer had ordered this years ago. She wanted any steam engine for her dad. He had worked many, many years with the various railroad companies, and had been retired for a very long time from the RR.  She didnt have a photo of one, but left it to my discretion as to the image. 

This was long before google search or it was off to the library... I found a wonderful book filled with lots of neat steam engines.   ...completed the drawing and she loved it.

After she came back from seeing her family, she saw me again at another show.  It was so awesome to hear that her dad loved it as well...not only that, but that particular steam engine the "Alaskan" was the exact one that he started working with, as a young man!

I love to hear the stories behind the images that are chosen. 

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Friday, June 15, 2012


...of the wedding...

Here are some photos of Girly~Whirly & Dr. Amazing's wedding details. (So happy that these photos were taken by Kimberly, since I wished I took more than I did!)

Kimberly, her big sister Lauren and their mom & dad flew over from Hawaii....

We first met our dear friend, their dad, on Dec 6th, 1986, three days before Girly~Whirly was born!
...he was going through helicopter flight school...we were at an arts and crafts show with my Personalized Sketches...and he was my first customer of the day!)

These are of the back of Spindletop Hall, where the wedding ceremony took place.

Blue skies and white clouds filled the beautiful backdrop in the panoramic photo. 

I found this 52x46 inch window in our hometown during my lunch hour, the day before we left...and my handsome hubby was able to pick it up later that afternoon and carefully put in the back of his truck to bring to the wedding.

We used it as the table chart for the guests...Girly~Whirly wrote all the names on it with a white paint pen, and then Girly~Twirly helped her write all the table numbers next to each guest. 

It was placed on the beautiful bedspread that my mom had cross-stitched years ago. (So special to have something that she created with her hands).  

Also by the window, were seer sucker, blue and white pinstripe, clip on bow ties, that I sewed for the guests to pick up during cocktail hour, right after the ceremony and before wear for their hair or on their shirt...or any where....

The beautiful blue and white hydrangeas were used to decorate the sign-in table and the aisle.

The programs were printed on the fans that each guest was able to use.

Dr. Amazing's mom is an amazing wedding/event planner and she and her lovely ladies worked very hard and the details were perfect!

The groomsmen in place...
The Matron of Honor leads the way...
Sweet Bunny, the flower girl (baby), carried in by her daddy...


Dad & beautiful bride with big smiles...

"Her mother and I give our daughter's hand in marriage".


First kiss as husband and wife...

Presenting... Mr & Mrs....

The guys in their khaki colored suits and navy blue bow ties...
The girls in their seer-sucker blue and white, pin stripe dresses 
(same fabric, different cuts of dresses)...


Soooo happy that my handsome dad was able to drive down from Wisconsin to be there...

After the ceremony, guests were able to get cocktails before dinner, while waiters offered hors' devours and a blue grass band played music.

Inside Spindletop you first enter the front door...
...sweeping double staircase...with original architectural details....
I photo-shopped together, two of Kimberly's panoramic photos of the staircase.

The table on the left holds the initials and details for the gift & card table.

The center table holds wedding photos of the bride and groom's parents, grandparents, great-grandparents. ....and large book of photos on horse racing that the guests signed in, instead of a traditional guest book.

(Our other daughter, Girly~Twirly and son in law, Dr. Awesome, had done this at their beautiful wedding 3 and a half years ago...they had a large book of photos of New York City for guests to sign at their wedding, since they took their "mini-moon" in New York City...their actual honeymoon was spent later that summer after their New Year's Eve wedding).

Next to the center table, is a framed board, covered in seer-sucker, blue and white, pin-stripe fabric...guests were able to write well wishes, advice or anything they would like for the couple and then pin them on to the board.

The table on the right was the candy table, where guests could fill monogramed candy bags throughout the night...

Closer look at the center table and candy bar.

After family photos and before dinner is announced...
announcing...Mr & Mrs...

One of the three areas where the dinner tables were located...this was in the library.
If you have seen the movie "Secretariat", someone on staff said this is where the scene for the coin toss was taken.

Our daughter wanted the theme for the bow ties to be carried to the place she thought of the napkins to be folded like bow ties and our son in law's mom thought of the seersucker band to hold the napkin in place. (The napkin shown here actually has one of the "fun" bow ties that Kimberly placed on top of it).

All the place settings, menu, table centerpieces were created by his mom and her ladies, as well!
More tables in the main dining area... All the rooms were easily accessible and flowed so nicely from one area to another.
The linens and chairs were also put together by his mom's ladies.
Each table also held two or three framed, engagement photos of the two.

Wedding cake...on the table runner crossed stitched by my mom. ...all the candles and lace were set up by our son in law's mom's ladies that worked so hard.

Sweet, emotion-filled toasts by the Maid of Honor...Matron of Honor (Girly~Whirly's big sister, aka Girly~Twirly)...the best man...and father of the Bride (aka my hubby :o)

The couples first Etta James' A Sunday Kind of Love.

The Father/daughter dance...our son, Heartbreaker, did an awesome job playing the ukelele and singing the Hawaiian version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow....some thought it was a recording...(He said he shouldn't have looked at them dancing, cuz he got emotional, especially when he began...  :o)

The Mother/son sweet!

A beautiful and blessed occasion...the beginning to a beautiful and blessed life together...

I'm joining in with Ms. Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday's letter "D"....


Brandy, thank you so much for your order of this wedding monogram.

& here is the monogram that I put drew for their "Save the Date" postcard....

And the back, I designed it to look like a vintage postcard...

Thank you taking the time to stop by and for your comments!

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

C is for Celebrations!

Whew! We've had a wonderful time of family celebrations!  

I look forward to joining in with Jenny's 5th round of Alphabe-Thursday and the letter "C"...
If you have been by to read my past posts, you will see that I usually manage to get only one post up a week...and Alphabe-thursdays have really helped to keep me on track!  I have tried to post a little about our family and what happens around here in our neck of the woods...

And, with each post, I had always tried to also share recently completed art orders...

For this letter "C", I will "C"atch up first on some of our "Celebrations"!

1. Our visit to our daughter (Dr. Girly~Twirly), son in law (Dr. Awesome), and our Cute, Cuddley granddaughter (Bunny).

#1...Girly~Whirly took this shot of "Papa" & "Lolli" with Baby Bunny and "Mommy" (aka Girly~Twirly
#2 & #3...Papa immediately gets some Caroline holding time.
#4 Girly~Twirly takes a pic of Papa holding Caroline...on Day 2.
#5 Group photo before Girly~Whirly has to fly back to school. (Her fiance, Dr. Amazing, had to work so he wasn't there for this photo).

First Easter!
#1 Lolli, Papa and Bunny (she is wearing her first Lilly Pullitzer dress... 
#2 Mommy (aka Girly~Twirly), Daddy (aka Dr. Awesome) & Baby Bunny...
#3 Sweetie (aka Heartbreaker's girlfriend), Uncle Heartbreaker & Bunny...

2. Girly~Whirly & Dr. Amazing's wedding showers. 

Wonderful shower #1 hosted and put together by Dr. Amazing's sweet mom (who is also a wedding and event planner)...
#1 A beautiful and delicious cake created like a beautiful hat fit for a Derby princess (and as some of you may know, Girly~Whirly was a Derby princess :o)
#2 This is also an amazing cake to look like hat boxes and a bridal shoe...
#4 And a third cake to look like a top hat fit for a dashing young groom such as Dr. Amazing :o)
#5 Girly~Whirly & Dr. Amazing stand by the cake table.
#6 Another view of the beautiful cake.
#7 The creative woman who created these cakes and Dr. Amazing's mom.

#1 We surprised Girly~Whirly...she had no idea that we were driving up to be at this shower.
#2 Girly~Whirly & Dr. Amazing start serving up a delicious array of food!
#3 Opening some gifts...these fabric boxes hold past Christmas ornaments...some hand made from both my hubby's mom and my mom.
#4 Holding up a fabric baby ornament that I embroidered "____ First Christmas"  and that has a photo of her in her first Christmas dress. She was born Dec 9th, so was only 16 days old.

Wonderful Shower #2 was hosted by two of her Sorority sisters at the beautiful home of Girly~Whirly's Maid of Honor's parents. 

#1 Sitting out in the backyard patio...under beautiful blue skies.
#2 With some of the girls from her Sorority and also dental classmates.
#3 Heartbreaker, Sweetie, Dr. Amazing, Girly~Whirly, me, and dad...Girly~Twirly, Dr. Awesome & Bunny were not able to fly out due to work schedules.
#4 Girly~Whirly & Dr. Amazing toasting marshmallows for smores on a cute mini table top "campfire".

3. Our daughter (Girly~Whirly) graduated from dental school...she is officially "Dr. Girly~Whirly" :o) So now we have two Doctor Daughters! (hm...this post could cover the letter "D" too!) 

#1 Arrived right before the ceremony line up to go in...before putting on the gowns and caps.
#2 It is official! Presenting 2012 University of Kentucky Doctors of Dentistry...
#3 Dad, Dr. Amazing, Dr. Girly~Whirly, me, Heartbreaker... (Dr. Awesome, Dr. Girly~Twirly, Bunny although unable to attend, were all there in heart).
#4 Sweetie & Heartbreaker relaxing with the new graduate before we head off to a celebration dinner.

4. The wedding of Girly~Whirly & Dr. Amazing!
Their wedding was held in the back of Spindletop Hall. (in a future post, I will share more about this gorgeous place and more details of the wedding).
 These great photos were taken by our dear friends' daughter. They were unable to attend our older daughter's (Girly~Twirly) wedding 3 years ago, but this time were able to fly from Hawaii.

Inside Spindletop Hall...
These photos were also taken by this young photographer!  I know that the photographers will have beautiful photos, but it will be a while before we get, I am soooo happy that our young friend took so many beautiful candid shots! I love her panoramic ones too! I photoshopped together, two of the panoramic shots you see here of the inside. (I will share more in a future post, since there are so many details that our son-in-law's mom and her 3 ladies, that are part of her business, created).

#1 Both dad and daughter are beaming as they walk down the aisle flanked by huge blue hydrangeas.
#2 First Kiss as Mr. & Mrs.
#3 First dance (to Etta James' A Sunday Kind of Love)
#5 The couple with Grandpa (aka my dad)
#6 "Papa", flower girl "Bunny" & "Daddy"
#7 "Sweetie", groomsman "Heartbreaker", flower girl "Bunny" & Matron of Honor "Girly~Twirly"


Here are a few past art orders that also relate to celebrations:
Celebrating a birth! Thank you Laura for thinking of this one for your niece.

Celebrating a wedding! Thank you Brandy for thinking of this for a wedding gift.

Thank you again for your visits and kind comments! It was a wonderful, wonderful, busy time spent with family and friends throughout the many Celebrations these past few months. I look forward to catching up with fun blog visits!
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