Friday, September 30, 2011

Yipee! Yay! Yahoo! Yesiree!

...the comment drawn for the $50 NOVICA gift certificate...

"I've been following your FB page for awhile! I've always admired your work!"

Thank you Jennifer for participating!
Please contact me in the next 48 hours, so that I can give you the special code.

I finally decided on what I would like to purchase with my $50 NOVICA certificate.
They truly have so many unique and beautiful items, from jewelry to home decor to clothing, I did take longer than I planned in placing my order.

I have a fine silver filigree necklace, (with *I think* Black Mother of Pearl insets), that belonged to my mom back in the 1960' was handcrafted and purchased in Bagiuo City, Philippines. 

It is beautiful; however, I have not worn it as often as I would have, since I didnt have any earrings that would go with it. 

So, I took it out of my jewelry box and looked at NOVICA's site to see if there might be something that would work well with it. 

The photo is of my mom's necklace. 
The inset on the bottom right shows a set of earrings that has the filligree and tiny silver ball details that are like those on the necklace. 

The name of the artisan that handcrafted these earrings is Giuliana Valz-Gen from the Andes. 

There was another pair that she created that was so identical with the details on the necklace! (But since I decided to share the gift certificate with one of my readers, I am very happy with this pair that was at a lower price.)

I also learned the difference between "fine silver" and "sterling silver".

"...Fine silver is 99.9% pure or more, but it is very soft..." So much more malleable with work like filigree details.

"Sterling silver is 92.5% to under 99.9%. The remaining 5 to 7.5% is usually copper, because this has been found to be the best metal to alloy with silver and not discolor it, while making it hard."  (source: Ted Mooney on google search)


Today, was my day off from work, so I wasn't polishing any pearly whites :o) 
Instead, I went to a retirement ceremony and lunch at my husband's work.

(Usually, I share our past family photos on my post, but I thought I would share these ones that show a bit of what we were doing today.) 

My handsome hubby has a wonderful speaking voice. (side note: I love to have him do his "radio announcer type voice for me! haha    ...& I tell him all the time that he should do voice overs or something with radio/tv, etc...)  Today, he was narrating the awards of appreciation given to three of their hard working men. Between the three of them, they have about 87 years of combined Department of the Army Civilian service! Thank you, to these men for that service!

& Thank you to all those that participated! As I have done in the past, I would like to extend to those for commenting to this giveaway, 10% off of one Personalized Sketches artwork.  (I do this because when I do have a giveaway, I wish that I was able to give each commenter the winning piece!  So, please feel free to contact me, if you are interested  
in ordering any image with the name of your choice with 10% off.)


The following two drawings were drawn for the University of Kentucky's 5th Annual Smile for Life event. Both our daughters, with other dental students, have and are very involved with making this event a success.

Our daughter chose a beautiful frame and mat for this one.

(sorry that this image came through the email a little fuzzy)

& this one also for the silent auction

I love this one that she picked out for the horse head too.

(Girly~Twirly has participated by modeling, organizing, and designing tshirts for this event... And Girly~Whirly also modeled, organized and actually is working tonight on more of the details for tomorrow's event).

"Smiles for Life event was begun by Dr. Erin Langfels in order to create a fund for victims of domestic violence so that they would be able to receive dental care for no cost to them at the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. In order to raise  money for this fund, she began Smiles for Life; a Fall Fashion Show, Brunch, and Silent Auction. 100% of the proceeds from this event go directly to the Bluegrass Domestic  Violence Center where the money is earmarked for individuals and families entering the center to be able to receive much needed dental care. Their needs stem from injury and neglect, as oral health often is not a priority when one is trying to survive in a violent situation.
As women in dentistry, the UK chapter of the American Association of Women Dentists has continued this event and is proud to say that over the past 4 years over $40,000 has been placed in this fund and we have helped many victims of domestic violence across the bluegrass.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

X marks the spot...

When I think of the phrase "X marks the spot", I think of pirates and treasures.

However, with that said...this verse is one to keep in mind...about "treasures"...

...a few of our family's "Pirates" & "treasures"...not of silver, gold or other physical properties...

In flight school, the classes are identified by colors. My husband was in Purple Flight and their nickname was the Purple Pirates.

 Me with my handsome hubby.
..he was the flight commander for his class here.

The reward for these "Pirates" is the completion of flight school...

Purple Flight Class 88-05
My Handsome Hubby is on the farthest right in the 2nd row.

at the Graduation Ball he pins on "mini-wings" onto my gown.

and the treasures of a successful service in Army aviation are...the countless training and successful execution of various missions...the lives touched in many situations and locations...the service to their country...

I graduated from the Armstrong Atlantic State University's dental hygiene program...
...this university's mascot is the Pirates.

 24 girls in the 2009 Dental Hygiene degree program,
The week before graduation.
I am in the top row, 3rd from the left.

Graduation day.
On the far left, with half of my class.

...the treasures attained with my dental hygiene license has been the rapport that I have been able to establish with my patients and their successes in attaining or maintaining healthy dental health...seeing those that previously were not comfortable or had past bad experiences in a dental office...become at ease.

Our son was on the High School Varsity Soccer team, High School wrestling team, indoor and outdoor Lacrosse teams.  (We were very thankful and blessed that he regained his full physical strength and stamina after about a year since completing chemotherapy in 2005.)

The indoor Lacrosse team he was on, was called the Pirates. The treasures of that time, were not only game wins...but also the friendships and teamwork...the sense of completion and satisfaction of hard work, physical and mental skills...

Proud big sister Girly~Twirly and Heartbreaker 
before one of his indoor Lacrosse games.

Heartbreaker with his other proud and big sister Girly~Whirly
after the game.

Here are a few other recently completed art orders.
The stories behind each piece are treasures to me...

I truly love to hear who they are for...what the occasion...
why the particular images chosen to be drawn...the stories of those whose these were made for.

Thank you Pat (a friend through this wonderful world of blogging) for ordering this one for your husband. And thank you for your POST that shared the story behind the reason for these particular images that you chose to have drawn. & a big Thank you to your husband's military service as an Army aviator!

Thank you, Kimberly, for this order for your husband as he leaves this unit as their commander.  Thank you to your husband, so very much, for his military service and leadership of this Brigade Combat Team. (I first met Kimberly when our families were both stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky during 2002. She has been a repeat customer for Thank you and Farewell gifts to those in the various commands that her husband has had.)

This one was ordered by my "little" brother's group that graduated on September 23rd. I am so proud of his 17 years of service in the Navy and that he was one of the 50% that successfully completed this condensed and difficult course. Thank you to you and your classmates. This was presented to their 15 instructors as a thank you gift from their graduating class.

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*one last thing...
...don't forget to enter if you are interested in the $50 NOVICA gift certificate Giveaway mentioned on my earlier post. This ends Sept 29th*

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Friday, September 9, 2011

V is for VERY....

...very excited that after....

Our beautiful first born daughter, Girly~Twirly,...

(2008 - engagement photos taken by photographer Ben Keeling)

 ...and her handsome honey met in college...

(2008 - engagement photos taken by photographer Ben Keeling)
"Autumn Kiss"
...fell in love...

(2008 - engagement photos taken by photographer Ben Keeling)
"Old School"

...were engaged while in medical and dental school...

 (2008 - engagement photos taken by photographer Ben Keeling)
"A City Walk...together" 

 ...And after 2 and a half years of marriage...

...and a year of a very intense schedule as a dentist (she's the dentist) & one year of a very crazy medical residency (he's the dermatologist...with 3 more years of residency to go)...

 Spring the horse races...

 ...& a move to a new city and state and the purchase of their first home...

 (two of many photos I took when we were able to visit in July)

...we are so VERY excited to share the news of & first photo of...

 (taken on August 12, 2011).

...our first grandbaby!

Last Friday was her doctor's appt, and they were able to hear Baby B's heartbeat :o)

....Sharing only one drawing today (running behind on getting the artwork posted!) &  still working on more orders to be shipped.

This was sent to me by a very sweet friend, whom I met through this wonderful world of blogging...and has ordered many other drawings of the art I do for her family members.

Thank you LV for sending these photos of it matted/framed and displayed!

LV sent a sweet email with these photos:  
"...They really were proud of it.  Said several of their friends had commented as to where they got it.  They were impressed...."

This is a collage of her piece drawn entirely with the last name MORGAN and the family members throughout the tree in their own leaf. Thanks LV for your neat idea for a family tree. I had shared this on an earlier post, but thought to show it again with the photos that LV sent.

 ...VERY excited to the upcoming addition to our family tree!

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I also was invited by our daughter to join in the fun with Pinterest!
Oh my! Learning more about that now too!

*one last thing...don't forget to enter if you are interested in the $50 NOVICA gift certificate Giveaway mentioned on my previous post. This ends Sept 29th*

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Unique company, opportunity & $50 gift certificate giveaway

I am thankful for the many things that I have collected as a military child and military spouse from the many countries that we have lived ....or for the gifts from my dad, husband and brother whenever they had deployed with the military ...or for the gifts our children have picked up on their travels.

Places such as Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, Germany, Poland, Turkey, China, Honduras, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Egypt, Iraq...


This week, I was introduced to & would like to share with you:

 a Unique website. 

After Ricky from NOVICA contacted me with information of "one of the leading fair trade artisans websites", I wanted to take a look first to see what it was all about.  

This collage I made are of just a few of the many amazing pieces I really liked on NOVICA.

batik scarf created by Mayda of Bali ~ Sterling silver pearl earrings created by Buana of Bali ~ 3 colorful woven boxes created by Wayan Genep of Bali

Hand blown glasses by Javier & Efren of Mexico ~ Kashmiri chainstitched rug by Sajad of India ~ Cotton Hammock, "Manaus Majesty by the women pf Ceara, Brazil

Ceramic vase, "Sowing Fields" by the Huaman Paucar family of the Andes ~ watercolor painting "Girl with Bucket" created by Carlos Morales of the Andes ~ Sterling silver cuff bracelt created by Ploy Intha of Thailand

Unique Fair Trade Artisan website:

So many beautiful handcrafted items created by artisans from various countries 
around the world.

(image taken from NOVICA website)  

& I loved reading the stories of the artisans that are featured. Some of them are the sole bread winners for their families.


& for any of you interested...
a Unique opportunity:
Be a Consultant!

(image taken from NOVICA website)

As a consultant, "...getting in early is a big opportunity in direct sales. ..a lot of promotions going on for...early consultants, including anyone that becomes a 
Director this year will go to Bali next year."

For more information on how to be a consultant, please go here: Novica Live
And if you become a consultant, please be sure to let them know you heard about NOVICA from my blog. Thank you so much!


& a Unique Giveaway:
$50 gift certificate

NOVICA also gave me $100 to use as I choose on NOVICA's great website. So I am looking forward to using $50 and also give away a $50 gift certificate for one of my blog readers to shop and use towards any of their many beautiful items on their website.

Giveaway ends midnight September 29, 2011. And winner will be announced on September 30th.

Here are the ways to enter:

Mandatory entry & in one comment for Entry #1: 
Please go to at least three of the following 5 sites and let me know an item from each of the three that strikes your fancy :o) 

Novica has items from jewelry to home decor, so be sure to peek around at all they have to offer.

 & for more chances to win...These are additional entries (if you choose to enter with these additional entries, please leave separate comments for each and your email address):

Entry #2  Follow my blog
Entry #3  Follow my facebook art page, by "liking" it :o)
Entry #4  Post about this on your blog and let me know which post, so I can visit.

Thank you for stopping by and entering. I've only done a couple of reviews before, and I really have been so pleased with those, as well as the opportunity to share this Unique company today.

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One last thing, I usually post something about my family or the things in my neck of the woods, so that you can get a glimpse behind the art that I do...this week, I am not, but as always, I try to share some past art orders on every post. If you are new to my blog, every drawing that I do is drawn entirely with an individual's name.

These are a few landmarks from various countries.

This is the Arc de Triomphe. An order for a customer's daughter-in-law who loved this structure when she visited France.

This was from a windmill in the Netherlands. This was drawn for a customer for someone that became a dear friend of theirs while stationed in the Netherlands.

This is the Neuschwanstein castle in  Schwangau, Germany.  This was ordered for a son who also was intrigued by this beautiful castle when visiting it years ago.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop and comment. All the best to those that wish to participate in this Unique giveaway :o)

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