Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Playing along with "THELUCKIESTMRS"

I thought *how fun!*

I read the list of 10 things you may not know about "THELUCKIESTMRS" and can totally confirm everything on her list...

especially-#3 (she's done this since she was teeny-tiny! sometimes I would try to get her to laugh hard just to see if she'd do this...(go here to see what she does! haha)

#4 (true, but it didn't seem quite reasonable or make sense... until I tried it!)

#5 (also true, I know, cuz I'm her mama :o)

#8 (she definitely is this! and it would be so annoying, when I'd be at my most quietest, tip-toey-ist... , not even going in her room, but just walking past her door, and she'd open her eyes and ask if I needed anything.)

#9 (amazing cuz she was the smallest of the crew, except for the coxswain...and I must add-she had never even been on a rowing machine, but decided to "try" out for the team! and she got "Oarswoman of the Year" on a college team!!.... oh and she built some muscles that I didnt know existed! another of her Dad's genes :o)

#10 (so true and so perfect :o)

Ok, so here goes my list:

1. I LOVE having the hiccups (maybe this is partly the reason for trying to get my daughter (THELUCKIESTMRS) to laugh hysterically)

2. When I was young and would get the hiccups, I would think it was so fun to try to say the abc's and see how far I would get before a hiccup.

3. Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Pizza (ok, not a food categories by country), um...I have to say, I love ALL kinds of food!

4. EXCEPT not raw fish, octopus (I havent tried any, but I think I wouldnt get past the texture), liver (texture again), any bug that is or isnt chocolate covered (and I love chocolate!)

5. Kit Kats and peanut M&Ms are my favorite candies... no, wait, I also like Lindor truffles... and also... and can't forget... ok I'll just include all chocolates.

6. I would dream of jumping or flying higher and higher through spread out limbs and branches of gigantic trees. (haven't had those in awhile... and never remembered getting down, just going up and up)

7. I am a wimp to pain...even the thought of popping a pimple! (only by the grace of God, did I give birth to 3 kids--and without any pain meds)

8. I love quilts, especially those made by my mom. and love old vintage quilts-I'd love to know about the person who sewed them.

9. I would love to travel. I grew up and married in a military family, so have been blessed to do some, But would love to do more!

10. I am so blessed, amazed, and inspired by my husband's and children's love and accomplishments! (I love you Mr. B, "theLuckiestMrs" (and you too Mr. to theLuckiestMrs.), "Little Miss", and "Heartbreaker" ! :o)

I'd like to tag the following 10:
Cpaphil Vintage Postcards Great vintage postcards and love what she says about them. If only I could read them all... I'll have to do that some time :o)

Tickled Pink and Green absolutely love seeing her photos from the past and reading her cute stories of her cute girls.

Molly's Country Memories Home Place also love her old photos, stories and she has great finds that she does amazing art on.

Staci's Heart very creative and if you want a blog makeover, etc... she is the perfect half of the blogalicious design team (after working on mine, I have to say she deserves the MOST patient award!)

Live, Laugh, Love love her humor and of course, part of the duo of the amazing blogalicious design team (also, so graciously answered EVERY one of my questions!)

Sweet Tea Diaries fun reads and full of giveaways! how does she do it??? only been blogging since Jan 2009 and about a gazillion followers :o)

Blue's Blog she says she's known as the Evil Queen from Snow White, but I can't imagine!! She is an amazing scrapbooker and our families met when her son and our son were representatives for Children's Miracle Network in 2007.

Forever n Ever n Always Always sweet stories of her family, especially love this post with one of her little ones and the power of prayer!

endless possibilities one of the first blogs I came across, after my daughter's, that I read from beginning to end! (she had a lot of posts, so you know that took me some time! haha) her humor is hysterical and her art is awesome.

The Company She Keeps a sweet blogger that I found through my daughter's. Love the stories of her and her family, like her mom and her running a 5K... very awesome!
My hubby runs, our son will run continuously up and down the soccer and lacrosse fields and our girls run regularly (little Miss ran cross country (19:02 for one of her 5K meets), but since they are in Kentucky and we are in Georgia, I can use that as my excuse for not running after (I mean, with) the girls (I use to run, years ago, but now? maybe a one mile "jog" without stopping.)

Please leave a comment if you do a list, cuz I want to be sure to read about your 10! And I only mentioned 10 on this post, but I'd love to read about all of you all! (I just had to stop tagging for now and I really have to step away from the computer and get to some drawings!!)

And I know some of you have done this already, so as always... no pressure :o)

That was fun!

Blessings & Aloha!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Getting the numbers right...

...1982 is what I had thought. But I thought wrong. The first drawing that I did was in 1985.
 *hmm, I guess that doesn't mean I can knock 3 years off my current age...   What about 23 years off and to be 22 again?* (if that were possible...I'd have 16 years of my mom still... to call and ask her a question about her amazing recipes, crafts, garden...and just to talk and hear her voice.)

...back to the drawings.  It was a drawing done in pencil for my brother, for his 10th birthday in February of 1985.

Well, I came across that drawing from parent's house at one of our visits.  Since I knew my brother had moved on to different interests, I asked my mom if I could have it. (My brother at the time was out of the house and stationed on the east coast with the Navy.)

Thank goodness for Mr. B. He really is the all-time best "finder" in the world! We still have quite a few boxes that are stacked up in our garage.
Well, it was "safely" stored away, in a box... which box??? Cue into the scene... my hero...Mr.B.
He was getting rid of some stuff that we (ok, ok, I... have been hanging on to.)
It's super hot! about 95 degrees! I offered my assistance, but he said it's better when I 'm not around, so he can actually get rid of stuff. (cuz I can't help but think...you never know when that watch-a-ma-call-it would come in handy... or else it's "awww, but that's baby so-and-so's favorite stuffed... or "that belonged to great-great aunt what's her name's cousin's sister's uncle's~an heirloom!")

Well, before long...in comes Mr. B with a box of old photos and a thick cardboard tube. In the tube was, my brother's drawing! (I had mentioned wanting to find that, some time ago!) I didn't even think to ask him to keep a look out for it.

When I went to get it matted and framed in San Antonio, TX, what a surprise and a blessing when those at the store thought it was interesting. They asked if I drew other things and with any name. I said, sure! I left the store with my frame, mat, drawing and my first custom orders!  :o)

(Personalized Sketches photo of original)

In the bottom right corner, along with the year '85, I signed it "Bing Botelho"   "Bing" is my family's nickname for me as a kid. I'm still "Bing" to my Dad's and Mom's side of the family.

(I am so glad I date every drawing! I also love photos with the dates stamped on it....those dates are so helpful in remembering when the events were taken or ages of those in the photos, etc.)

(Personalized Sketches photo of original)

This newspaper clipping's from Enterprise, AL. (Wednesday, January 20, 1988).  Our little girly-whirlies, "theluckiestmrs" was 4 and 1/2, "little miss" was 13 months.  Dave was still a WOC (warrant officer candidate) in flight school. The drawing is a copy of one done for Dave's Uncle P & Auntie Mema. (They are like our kids' third set of grandparents :o)... She had quite a wonderful clown collection.)

(photo of original newspaper clipping)

It was and is a blessing to be able to do these at home.  And my hubby and kids were the best when it came to helping me at the shows.
so... that's the facts and figures... first drawing. for my little bro. 1985.

I'll close this post with some drawings just completed and sent on their way:
1. eagle on left, custom order for L.H.'s brother-in-law, retiring from the Army. Thank you L. for your interest and ordering this for his gift!

2. eagle on right, for Staci, who won the giveaway for her Pipaw, who is retired Air Force and a world history, world geography teacher. Yay! And thank you again for participating.

(Personalized Sketches photo of originals)

Blessings & Aloha!

Thanks for stopping and please feel free to leave a comment...
Come back any time :o)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

No matter how you say, hear, read or see it...

...and no matter what language...

In Russian зубоврачебная лицензия гигиены
in Dutch tand hygiënevergunning
in Greek οδοντική άδεια υγιεινής
in Arabic أسنانيّة حالة حفظ صحّة رخصة
in Japanese 歯科衛生学免許証
in Korean 치과 위생 면허
in Chinese 牙齒衛生學執照
in Tagalog (Filipino) dental kalinisan ng lisensya
in Portuguese licença dental da hygiene
in German zahnmedizinische Hygienelizenz
in Spanish Licencia dental de la higiene
in French permis dentaire d'hygiène
in Italian autorizzazione dentale dell'igiene
(ok, ok, I'll stop...)

..it's music to my ears.

Thank you Lord for family and friends that have believed in me and encouraged me. (Boy, there were many times that I was whiney, with a capital "WH"... Sorry hon!) To you girls that went through the program- congratulations!!! (they helped me many times) and time and time again, I have been told what a tough but thorough dental hygiene program we graduate from at Armstrong Atlantic State University. Thank you to the faculty and staff who have prepared us to be hygienists. (I really strive to do my best, cuz the reputation of equipping their students well, preceeds us).

I am excited about being a Registered Dental Hygienist. :o) Our girls (theluckiestmrs. in her 4th year and little miss in her 2nd year at UK's School of Dentistry) have inspired and amazed me. Whew! this past two years were plenty tough for me!

After getting a letter stating one application fee was not received ...and the wrong transcript (didnt show the degree) ...and resending a check and transcript (certified this time) ...and almost daily calls ...and constantly checking the internet for notification... (I had just checked in yesterday morning and it still said "pending").

But TA DA! last night, real late, last night. There it was-the electronic notification.

"Don't have my actual official hard copy of the license yet, but it's... "in the mail!"

*Oh! I have had my class photo to post with all the gals in their tidy-white uniforms... but now where did I put it?*

One more thing! Molly thank you for giving me my very first, numero uno award :o) Such fun! I appreciate The Encouragement from my Heart award. It is great to meet other bloggers!

It is supposed to be passed on to some favorite blogging friends. (and I like what Molly posted "you do not have to pass it on or even post it, I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog.") With that thought, I also want to let you know that your blog blesses me! Thank you for your encouragements and here's a heartfelt encouragement award sent to you:
*my darling daughter "theluckiestmrs." you always inspire me... although this says "sistah's for Life award"... I want to pass this sweet ward to you for always encouraging me (through some of my whiney moments during school!)
*Kim your posts are full of messages of faith and encouragement! Thank you!
*Tracey love that you took a need and turned it into a great and successful craft that allows you to be with your little ones. I would love to take one of your classes.
*Denise wow! how do stay so organized! Seeing and reading about your work shop, has really encouraged me to get my "act together"!

It was hard to pick just a few, cuz I love reading about and am encouraged by all those that I follow.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Steamy night in Georgia...First official... then dinner with dear friends

Steamy night in Georgia! (actually, this steaminess was in our camera and our glasses from coming out of the air-conditioned restaurant and into the Georgia heat.) Father's day dinner that Heartbreaker treated us to at Love's Seafood. (One of the scenes from Forrest Gump was filmed here).

..so Monday was "heartbreaker's" (I decided to use the nick names that my daughter "theluckiestmrs." bestowed upon her siblings. "heartbreaker" aka her little brother aka our son. To which, when he first heard that, said, "heartbreaker, me??? nah, I'm the heartbreak-ee!")

back to... so Monday was "heartbreaker's" first official day of work. He had been waiting for a couple of weeks to hear back from Kroger after a very promising interview-but summer jobs arent that plentiful-they want long term employers.

So, Heartbreaker volunteered for 5 days as a camp counselor for the church elementary sumer camp about an hour and a half away. He did this last year and was blessed. Prior to the camp, he was offered a great position doing records for a very prominent and sought after gastro-intestinal doctor. Dr. C told him that he would also have him observe, which he is looking forward to. (He's interested in med school and Dr. C is great, long time friends with the dean of UK's Med school. How awesome God is for putting the perfect person in our paths and the perfect timing!)

Dr. C was very flexible with the camp commitment and said to come in the Monday after & to work as much hours as he wants! Heartbreaker thought *Awesome! I'll be there from open to close!*

Here's a few texts from Heartbreaker sent to me: Im on my first official lunch break.
First official work sandwich...
First official day of work-done...

Here, I made him stand still for his first official return from his first official day of work:
(I did this with the kids on their first day of school). haha thankyou, son for humoring your mama.

When Mr. B got home, we all left to meet up with dear friends that we have known for 8 or more years! First at Ft Campbell, KY. both our girls babysat their two girls then and also here. We didnt know it intially, but we ended up living in the same neighborhood here in Georgia!
This time only M and their youngest, but it was, as always, fun. Their little one is full of surprises and we have told them they need to blog about a day in the life of this little princess! She keeps us cracking up.

so it was a great day :o)

Tuesday: Heartbreaker had to go to a doctor's appt at Urgent Care (the military clinic was full, so we were referred to this great clinic-everyone there was wonderful... one of the nurses shared her stash of chocolate mmm)

....2 breathing tx, one steroid shot in his backside, antibiotics, and cough medicine. He did not get to go to work. ended up resting.

Ever since he came back last June from a mission trip to Nicaragua, he has had cough, congestion, something going on. While in college, it was 3 separate issues of bronchitis, walking pneumonia...

He arrived from Nicaragua with a cough, so had an appt with chest xrays and a TB test. All came back normal- thank the Lord.

He had a annual check with full CBC with his doctors' from Backus Children's Medical (even though he is 19 and bigger than the nurses, they have said they would love to continue to see him). All that was good. So, it is just this past year of new episodes of coughs, colds, infections, etc.

I know that our trust and Faith in the Lord is what we draw our strength from. And I know his healing is a done deal! I do have to say I understand what was said by someone we met on staff at today's clinic. (Her son, 16 yrs old, is also a cancer survivor. He had been treated from age 5 to 9.) Well, she mentioned that after having gone through those 4 years, she doesnt like when her son comes down with a fever or cough, etc.

I said I understand. And again, I do know with my heart, mind and spirit that our son is healed, strong and continues to be a walking testimony of God's healing and grace. His story has blessed many in many ways. But I understand her comments, because prior to his diagnosis and treatments, coughs and sniffles weren't anything to even think a second about. After the diagnosis and treatments, if ever there is cough, sniffle, aches or pains... from any of our children, I have in my heart to want to just say "ENOUGH!" "There is no room in our lives for any of that!" I can not stand any of that!

So, yes, I understand.


Thought I would also post the 6 drawings that were ordered by a wonderful unit up at Ft Campbell. They always write a thank you to me for my support to their Soldiers. I am humbled and honored to do these drawings that they have purchased over the years.

Thank YOU!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!! (my Mr. B and our three)

Praying that all have a blessed Father's Day! this day and every day!
Here are some photos of our "Daddies" (hmmm, that doesnt look right spelled that way, but it is. Funny, how that sometimes happens with other words too...does that happen to you?)
I would have loved to have done a slide show of photos, but havent conquered that yet! so did this on Photoshop all day and night, yesterday... I know for some, it might have taken two snaps :o)
Mr. B was and is the most handsomest daddy :o) He was an Air Force fireman when we met. We lived in Holloman AFB, NM, where "theluckiestmrs" was born. He loves the Lord with all his heart and he loves our three to pieces!!! I am so thankful for having such a loving, strong, handsome, caring, Godly man for a husband and father of our "babies".

He has always provided for us. He has an amazing voice and is musically talented (our kids were abel to get those genes from him :o) He was a postal worker, weight trainer, back to postal work and then went into the Army to fly helicopters.

While in Alabama, where "little miss" was born, he graduated from the Army helicopter flight school as a warrant officer, to fly Blackhawk helicopters. Our first assignment was to Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, where our son "heartbreaker" was born (he would be the 5th generation born in Hawaii...I thought that was pretty neat). While there, he was deployed to fly training missions and real-world missions like relief in Bangladesh when so many perished from a major typhoon.

After Hawaii, it was back to Ft Rucker, Alabama. Then two years in Oklahoma, where he went to bible school. And then it was back to Alabama, where he went back in the Army cuz they were short pilots. This time he trained to fly the Apache. He was assigned to Fort Campbell, KY-home of the 101st Airborne - whoo ah (supposed to sound like how the Army soldiers yell).

In 2004, after 6 years at Ft Campbell, we were brought to where we are now, in coastal Georgia. Mr. B has been such an anchor and support for me and our whole family. A month after moving here, my mom passed away suddenly. It was so hard and seemed more so with living so far away from our families. And then in Feb of 2005, our son was diagnosed with Burkitt's-like B Cell lymphoma, as a 14yr old high school freshman. (In one photo, you can see Mr. B shaved his hair when our son lost his. Both "boys" actually loved the feel of their bald heads haha. ...although, as you can see in the other photo, after treatments were done, "heartbreaker" grew out the most beautiful curly hair! He was growing it to donate to Locks of Love.) *Our son is healed and doing great-he is a Sophomore now in college*

Mr. B retired 3 years ago from the Army, but oversees safety at the airfields here... definitely the right position...he is always aware of every.thing. and is Mr. Safety!

So, in whatever situation or challenges, I can not say enough how blessed, blessed, blessed our family is to have Mr. B as my husband and as our kids' daddy!

Happy Father's Day!!! (my daddy & grandpa & lolo)

My dad's first career was in the US Air Force. And after serving over 26 years in the military, he retired in Oct 1981 and my mom, brother, and I went to live in Wisconsin, where he is from. I got married in Feb 1982. My little sister was born in 1984. After retiring, my dad went to learn and acquired the skills of a clock master. It is simply amazing at the knowledge he has and still is in demand for repairing and restoring clocks of all makes and models.

My dad's dad (Grandpa Sambs) is one of 9 children! And my most vivid memories of him are that he would call me "chum", sit me on his knee and give me tootsie rolls, dentyne gum or rye crackers :o)

My mom's dad (Lolo-Philippino for Grandpa) was a very fit man. I remember him having lots of energy. I was told that he helped take care of me when I was a very little baby. We left the Philippines, when my dad got an assignment to Massachusetts - and I was 3yrs old. It wasnt until we got an assignment back to Clark AFB, Philippines when I was 14yrs old, that I got to see him again.

Happy Father's Day!!! (Mr. B's dad & voovoo)

Mr. B is the 4th generation born in Hawaii of Portuguese descent. His dad was a career police officer in Hilo, Hawaii. He was an amazing carpenter and was such a softie at heart. My husband and his brother and sisters have so many stories to tell. :o) I'll have to have him write some of them down. His mom was a seamstress and made their matching outfits... I love it!

His mom's dad (Voovoo~Portuguese for Grandpa) is one of 22 children! None of them were multiple births! He lived many years in Hawaii, but eventually moved to San Luis Obispo, California. I met him right after Mr. B and I got married and stopped to visit him and Grandma Florence on our way to Hawaii. He was an amazing gardener. I remember him smoking his pipes and making us a pot roast. (oh another thing I found amazing-even as he got older, his hair stayed dark, with just a little gray in his moustache.)

These were taken after the youngest was born in 1969. She was born on July 4th... Mr. B was born on December 25th! Celebration babies :o)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Peachy Deals!

Quick note! As part of the Georgia Etsy Team, I would love to invite you to see what Peachy Deals are all about. Stop by Deuce Goods and check out the great deals that these shops are offering.
*At my Etsy shop, there will be 10% off the regular listing price. Just email or convo me and I will list a custom reserve on what you want to order.

***And also, for those that have the 10% Blue ticket, that will be added to my Peachy Deal sale this week... so you will be able to order a drawing for 20%.

Thank you so much for checking out the Peachy Deals :o)

Email me, if you have any questions.

Blessings & Aloha!

(Thank you to FluffyFlowers for being a great resource on questions pertaining to Etsy and for inviting me to be part of the GA Etsy Street Team.)

The winning entry is....


I am very excited to do the eagle drawing for you. Please email me with what name you would like me to use for your eagle. As soon as I get that information, I will be sure to get started and let you know when it is ready for shipping. I would also need to have your mailing address.

Thank you all so much for being apart of this giveaway marking the beginning of my blogging and Etsy shop adventure!

I love giveaways and I would have loved to have done a drawing for everyone that participated! So after thinking about how fun it is to be surprised, I am giving a little something to those that commented on the June 5th entry, as well as, those that became a follower or mentioned my blog on their site. With great appreciation, here is one "blue ticket" for each of you to use during the month of June and July. (Think about someone that you would like to order a Personalized Sketches artwork for. an upcoming birthday? or a Christmas gift?)

These are the following names:
~Kate B~Sarabeth~Spanish Princess~Stephanie~Kristen~LauraNicole~Marjorie~Linda~
~Miss Sweet Tea~the Smiths~

Some of you do not list a point of contact, so please email me with your ideas (I can draw any thing and with any name). I will be able to post a reserve custom listing for you that will reflect the 10% off.

Blessings & Aloha!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Giveaway: Last day to comment for a chance to win...

Click HERE to leave comment on Giveaway post.
*that is my pre-posting announcement to the following "actual" post* :o)

Now, I'd like to share some photos of two drawings that I've done. Two skeletons and a dainty teacup & saucer??? At least for now, the two relate (if only by my Etsy shop section):
This section will show examples of drawings related to work (job, career-related), play (hobbies, activites), etc (other things until I open up a new section). (I will also post close-up photos of the skeleton and teacup at my shop).

The skeleton drawings are two that I just completed for Rebecca S. She ordered these for gifts to her Radiology instructors. And Congratulations, Rebecca for your up-coming graduation!

The teacup & saucer drawing was ordered in 2008 by a fellow blogger (heehee, fun to say "fellow blogger", since I'm a blogger now) ~ SpanishPrincess. She has been wonderful at letting people know about Personalized Sketches even before I started etsy or blogging. Thank you!

Some have heard me grumble a bit about this--> I was not able to use Printshop on our Mac (we have used Printshop on our old PC for.ever), so Mr. B bought Photoshop. (well, I was not grumbling for getting Photoshop. For the program and his thoughtfulness, I was very thankful) It was the Photoshop unknown that I was not liking. (I know that people create crazy, amazing things with Photoshop, but up to this point... I didn't want to create crazy, amazing things, I just wanted to get some photos that could be seen clearly on my etsy shop).

It really took about 5-6 hrs to get one photo and I didnt know how I did it, cuz I couldnt do it again! Mr. B had to figure it out for me... (which we came to realize, it is best to leave him alone while he's figuring and THEN ask questions later :o)

I tend to ask a lot of questions! (like while watching a movie- I am asking what's happening, where's it happening, when's it happening, who's it happening to, why's it happening, etc.
...but whoever I am asking is watching it for the first time too!)

...anyways... I really think I finally got the hang of it... at least for now... to do what I want do. I was so excited that immediately after I hit "publish post" I called my daughters to have them look at what I was able to put together a crazy, amazing thing (at least for me and computers-it's crazy, amazing.) It's on the previous post. Yay! for the "note written on the typewriter" creation & the tv announcement & label thingies on this post :o)

I'm liking Photoshop.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blessed , blessed, blessed!

Blessed that I love to do these drawings and that people are interested in them too. (I love seeing how something will turn out as I write a name over and over and over... someone asked me if I ever felt like it was like that punishment in school... you know, write 500 times "I will not talk".

If I remember correctly, I actually had that punishment in
elementary. But I've always loved to doodle and see the many ways I could write my name or letters, so no, it didnt feel like punishment!)

Blessed with a family that forgives my mess whenever I bring out my artpaper, pens, and everything else! (I have started to move all my arts and crafts into one bedroom *sorry girls, but I will have to get that in order for when you come home for visits!*)

(I dont leave that mess like that) ...but even with the plan to have a separate room for my *studio*, I can't help but drag it out when I am actually drawing, cuz I do like being where everyone's at... (maybe in our next home, I can request an open loft that overlooks the living room, so that I can be where the action is, without my action being all over the place!)

Blessed when those that have ordered send back notes, cards, or emails about their piece. I appreciate what you have to say. So, I would love to share some of them with you. (not to toot my horn, honest!) but hopefully to give someone who is interested in Personalized Sketches, an idea of what I hope are the results: a very happy giver and receiver. So with my most sincere intentions:

Here are a few more:

Are you still making the pictures w/ people's names? You did a print for me back in 2004 for my sister's graduation from college. She'll graduate from Medical School in 2008. And she's requested another of your portraits. So I'm just asking in advance. I have to do a little research into what to use for an image this time.
Stephanie W.

My friend LOVED the drawing…she is a true aggie!

It looks GREAT! You do amazing work.

Thank you so much!

Shelley R. (Tennessee)

I will certainly keep this for future gift events. Many thanks again.

Gabriella C.

Thank you so much for creating this picture for me!! I love the idea you had regarding the standard poodle (with Bijou on the dog and Bergles on the collar and Rose on the Rose).

Thanks again!
M.J. (Colorado)

...in reference to the Eagle. I consider my husband very hard to buy
for. When I gave him your drawing of the Eagle, he said he loved it
and said that in all the time he'd been at Fort Campbell it was the
first Eagle he'd ever received. I got big kudos for picking out the
perfect gift! Also, the Strike Col's wife and SGM's wife were both
choked up when they received their gifts. Your talent is amazing and
your drawings make such unique gifts and I'm so happy to share your
info with others. We are currently in Stuttgart, Germany (as of last
Tuesday). If you don't mind I will share your info with my new
friends, too.
Darla K. (Germany)

I just wanted to let you
know that I absolutely love the picture. You are so very talented. I
really appreciate you doing it for my son. It will be something we treasure
for a long long time. Good luck with your website. I'll probably talk to
you again, because there are a few Christmas gifts I would love for you to
do. Thanks again!!!
Shanna G. (South Carolina 6/09/09)

‘Your drawings allow me to give a very personalized gift to people who are very special in my life. It has become a tradition for me to give wedding couples a personalized picture of the Precious Moments Bride and Groom done in the bride and grooms names. I have also done this for several couples wedding anniversary. Those who received them have commented (even years later) how they treasure them and the personal touch that it represents.’

D. Miller (Austin, TX)

Monday, June 15, 2009

a Bit About Me... (cont'd)

I thought I would continue to where I left off... from this entry and my dad's quote "You think because you have a tattoo of my daughter's name on your arm that you'll marry her???..."

6. Next scene: Milwaukee, WI. February 12, 1982. Family (Dad's side only...Mom's side all in the Philippines, and my soon-to-be hubby's family unable to come from Hawaii) gathered at St. Al's (aka St. Aloysius) for the wedding of Mr. & Mrs. D. B. :o) (This is not to say the tattoo had anything to do with it... but rather his love, perseverance, willing to wait and follow me up north).

(Oh my! we were so young!)

After the wedding we drive further north to my parent's home in the woods of Eagle River.

*Hawaii boy finds himself in the midst of a very cold, snowy Wisconsin landscape.*

(will post some pictures, when I find them... meanwhile I was able to find some of my "baby" pics. and I did add them to my "A Bit About Me..." entry.

Blessings & Aloha!

*stay tuned for another episode of "A Bit About Me"... in a future post.*
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