Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A VARIETY post...

Variety's the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor”
 William Cowper quotes (English Poet One of the most widely read English poets of his day, 1731-1800)

First, Here are a VARIETY of old photos...each were taken during on or about our 3rd birthdays...

~Mr. B~ 
(he was born on Christmas day).
~Hilo, Hawaii~
(...looking like he was told a wonderful surprise! His mom and dad always had a special cake and gifts for his birthday, separate from Christmas gifts.)

~Manila, Philippines~
(...I'm surprised to see that there are no mosquito bites visible! Hm...maybe the photo was "touched up".  I was & still am allergic to mosquitoe bites and so they would & do swell up enormously!)

~Girly Twirly (aka theluckiestmrs.)~
~Ft. Rucker, Alabama~
(She wanted to have "Crystal Gayle" hair, aka long, long, straight hair, but it is curly, so it kept growing fuller until finally about when she was 6yrs old, it was heavier and "grew" down :o)

~Girly Whirly(aka LittleMiss)~
~Schofield Barracks, Hawaii~
(...when we were in Hawaii, she would love to watch the Korean or Japanese channels! We know some words and phrases in both, but don't speak either languages fluently :o)

~Ozark, Alabama~
(He had his 3rd party at Burger King...two of his absolute favorites are the two plastic watches! He wore them ALL the time!)


Here's  a VARIETY  of "thank yous"... 
...long overdue! so without further ado...

My most recent Award (aka Blog Hug) is from Dina-Marie from Dimes2Vines...thank you! (And I think that this is real fun, since this award (blog hug) is one that our daughter (theLuckiestMrs.) created on her 101st post. I have it on the side that links to her post where she started passing along a bit of this "Happy-ness".

The rules for me accepting this award are:
1. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
2. List who gave the award to you and use a link to her blog (or hyperlink).
3. List 10 things that make you happy.
4. Pass the award on to 10 bloggers that brighten your day and visit their blog to let them know!
My 10 things that make me Happy (since I have done this one before (you can go HERE to see my earlier Happy list), I will try to list some different happy things:
1. lovely, warm, sunny days
2. spending time with family & friends
3. learning how to do something creative
4. trying out a new recipe that turns out great
5. cute little puppies
6. unexpected, happy surprises
7. flowers
8. listening to stories of our family's and relative's stories when they were little
9. watching old home videos, especially hearing the voices of those dear ones that are no longer with us.
10. relaxing days to do whatever catches our "fancy"

    Here are 10 bloggers:

      Here are 10
      Thank you, Kathie!  from Just a Happy Housewife...

      Here are the rules:

      1. I have to list 10 interesting (perhaps, more random) facts about myself (hm...trying to think of different things that I have not already listed on another list.)

      the first two relate to each other & the last two relate to each other...
      1. I love languages, but don't speak any fluently, except English.
      2. ...having lived in various places growing up & then as a wife, I have learned some words and phrases from other languages. & because of my interest, we taught our three kids to count in German, Chinese, Tagalog, Spanish, Japanese when they were itty-bitty. We have videos of them.
      3. I used to have frequent dreams of leaping and jumping high into branches of huge trees.
      4. I truly love to draw the personalized artwork that I do!
      5. Kit kats and Lindor chocolate truffles are my favorite candies.
      6. I have lived in various states and countries, but never in Europe or the Mediterranean. 
      7. I love to know the origins and meanings behind words or phrases.
      8. Although my family is musically inclined,  amazing musicians and wonderful voices...I "make a Joyful noise". ;o)
      9. I would love to be a "stay-at-home" grandma (aka "granny/nanny")
      10. My hubby and I have already been tossing up names that we would like to be called, when we are grandparents~ maybe Voovoo (Portuguese for Grandpa is avô, but "voovoo" is what Mr. B's family called his Grandpa...) & Lola (Tagalog for mom was "Lola" to our kids).

      Thank you Ave!...from Made in Canarias...

      Ave passed this one to me on Jan 25, 2010...(I was not too late on posting this one.)
      The rules are to pass this award on to 7 blogs that ♥ . This was very difficult to limit to 7, since there are many, many more that ♥! 
      (These are not in any particular order.)

      This second one, Ave passed on to me back on Oct 12th 2009! (Goodness...this one, on the other hand, I am quite late in posting !)

      Rules: Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

      The Ahotaeiloa Family
      SewNso's Sewing Blog
      The Stylish House
      Muthering Heights
      The Snyder 5
      Grandma Becky Kathy
      His Unfailing Love
      I'm Not Sure What I Want to Be When I Grow Up...
      Peace Will Be With You
      oriGINAl imaGINAtion
      Suburb Sanity
      Bearly Sane (ok, I know you are not one of my most newly discovered, but you are one "beary, lovely blog"!)

      I am squeezing in at midnight to join in this week's Friday Follow with Midday Escapades. As you can see, I am still having issues with posting (thus the major, huge spaces that I don't know how to fix! and also I still can not seem to put the MckLinky on my post! So, please go to Midday Escapades to join in the fun!

        Here are 2 tribute to two special teens that will forever hold a special place in the lives of their families and friends.

        This drawing was an order, recently given by dear friends and co-workers of a family, here in Georgia. It was for a special remembrance of this family's loving son.

        This angel was drawn last June.  The drawing represents the sweet "joy" of a talented young lady that also is so deeply missed.  This was just one of the items that Catrina helped to gather for a benefit given in Lauren's honor. The drawing was drawn with the word "Joy" for the silent auction. Catrina writes a beautiful tribute to Lauren here.

        The drawings that I do, are drawn for a variety of reasons...I appreciate and am humbled by those that think of these drawings for the reasons, such as in remembrance, love, celebration, encouragement & more. 

        Blessings & Aloha!

        Friday, February 19, 2010

        Kimono Kids

        1971...Wakkanai, Japan

        Our family was stationed in Wakkanai when my dad was in the Air Force and I was in 2nd and 3rd grade.  You can go here to learn more about Wakkanai Air Station.

        This photo was taken before one of the local parades.  I was a Girl Scout Brownie (6 or 7 yrs old) and our troop learned a dance that we would do as we marched in the parade.  I loved dressing up in this kimono and the funny little Tabbies (socks with the separation between the big toe and the rest of the toes, so you wore them with the grass slippers).

        This photo brings back a few, but pretty vivid memories of this time:
        1. The first night, my mom and I were reunited with my dad. Several months earlier, he had gone ahead to Japan, while my mom and I stayed in West Allis, Wisconsin near my grandma's. 

        2. That night, I had fun bathing, playing and sitting in the funny tall, square tub that was the type of tubs in the Japanese rental that we lived in for a few months. (I remember also, getting upset and crying cuz I saw through the door into the living room- my parents on the couch sitting side by side and talking...I wanted to be done with my bath and be with them.)

        3. I remember having those itty, bitty, teeny, tiny turtles as pets (before they were banned for carrying salmonella) Red-eared sliders.

        4. Wakkanai is near a small fishing village and there was also a crematory, so sometimes the smells blowing around would be pretty strong.

        5. Learning how to make origami-paper folding-cranes, balls, cups, etc...

        6. Getting a little nesting doll family (Kokeshi nesting dolls)-mine had 6 people...the littlest ones were almost like tiny toothpicks without any real details.

        7. I remember having a little 45 record ( I thought it was the best record ever!) of Jimmy Osmond (and can a 6/7 year old have a heart-throb? haha) ...from my 2nd floor,  bedroom window of the base housing, opening it wide, I would belt out loud along with him!  

        (On one side it was Peg O' My Heart (he sang parts of it in English and in Japanese) and on the other side was a Japanese version of a song called "My Little Darling".
        I have told this story to my kids before, so it was amazing to me that I found this on You tube! Too funny to think that I remember singing the line "Isumo-isumo...")

        I'm enjoying Alicia's Friday Flashback Photo fun to find old photos that bring back great memories :o)  Go to More Than Words to see more fun fotos and join in :o)

        And here are three more to add to this Friday Flashback Photo...
        1991, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii
        20 years later! 

        (I just realized the year, when I looked for these photos this morning...this wasn't planned at the time, we took these photos in was a school "Around the World" day for Girly Whirly's kindergarten class and the night before, I had both girls try on my kimono...I still have it and the colors are just as vibrant as when I was little!)

        Girly Twirly (3rd grade-8 yrs old)
        (aka TheLuckiestMrs. ...take a look at her blog to get to know her. 
        and if you do, please leave a comment... I know she'd love a visit :o)

        Girly Whirly (kindergarten-4 1/2 yrs old)

        Girly Whirly and best friend (the next morning)

        I'm  also joining in with Midday Escapades for the Friday Follow to get more blog followers and to follow other interesting blogs.  It is all about sharing and having fun.  You can go to Midday Escapades to read more about it.

        Here a couple of Asian-inspired  orders...
        (I think I posted this one not, here's a bit about it. This one was ordered by a sweet customer when we were stationed in Hawaii. She was a cousin to Pat Morita (actor from Karate Kid).

        This is the symbol for a military unit that was given as a gift for this Colonel's time as their commander.

        Thank you for stopping by and I really enjoy your comments :o)

        Blessings & Aloha!

        Friday, February 12, 2010

        The Unexpected!

        ...the most recent "Unexpected" is...
        "A SNOWY night in Georgia!" 

        The last time it snowed here in Savannah was 20 years ago!

        Here are a few other pictures taken by my hubby.

        Snow covered bushes in the front of our home.

        Snow covered car of our son, Heartbreaker.

        Snow covered back of Mr. B's truck.

        So...looking back at our wedding day ~Feb 12, 1982...there was beautiful snow.  & tonight...28 years later...a dusting of the gorgeous snow.

        I txt'd our kids and family that it really did snow! & called my dad, who lives in northern Wisconsin.  He offered to overnight a snow shovel. haha

        Other "UNEXPECTED" snowfall...
        Alamogordo, New Mexico 1982 
        (just 2 hours north of El Paso, Texas and Mexico...)

        It still amazes me to think this was a photo taken of our back yard.

        Mr. B in the snow...

        San Antonio, Texas 1984

        Mr. B and Girly-Twirly 
        (aka our daughter - theLuckiestMrs.)

        not to sure about this white snow...


        Tulsa, Oklahoma 1994

        Girly Twirly, Girly Whirly & Heartbreaker

        Sweet Katie Rose (I babysat) & Handsome lil' Heartbreaker


        Continuing on this theme of the "UNEXPECTED", I am joining Mama M's part 5 of her 

        This is one is about Romantic Mess-ups.
        Hm...this should be catagorized just as a "Mess-up", rather than something I would call "Romantic".
        What: An "UNEXPECTED" little note from me
        Where: In Mr. B's car in New Mexico
        When: Wednesday, April 1981
        Who: Mr. B & me
        Why: you'll find out when you read this story...

        We had been seeing each other for almost 5 months, since we first met in November 1980. Mr. B had picked me up from school, I think. (some of the details are a little fuzzy...after all, it was 29 yrs ago).  We were driving back from my high school, in town to the base, where I lived. I told him, I had a note for him (yep, wrote that note during class...most likely one of my classes where we had a documentary movie playing).

        So, before we drove to my house, I asked him if he could stop and read my note.  The note was long enough to where, the last sentence was on the back side of the page.  I just sat still, looking at him from the corner of my eye... He wasn't looking too happy at all.

        I wrote about how we were so young, I wanted to apply for the Air Force Academy, we should try to not see each other so much, and maybe we need to step back....

        Well, it looked like he barely started it, before he was about to crumple it up and throw it out the window of the Scout.  Oh, No! I told him he just HAD to finish the note!  Thank goodness he did, cuz the last line on the back said..."April Fool's!"

        I know! That was horrible of me! But when I was writing it, I thought it was a great idea, since I knew a "Dear John" type letter would truly not be something I would be giving him, in reality.  ...and I definitely was "head-over-heels" over him!

        And if you know me, I am so not an"April Fool's" kinda girl...I either can't keep a straight face or normally make up anything like that! (Although, I am famous for being easily pulled into a they say: "hook, line and sinker!")

        Poor guy! One of the few times, I try something like an April Fool's joke.
        Whew! I'm so glad he read the last line, cuz he might have tossed it out the window, unfinished... & I would have been out the car, chasing a crumpled piece of paper blowing away with the tumbleweeds! 

        Blessings & Aloha!
        I haven't done any April Fool's drawings (that I know of). But since I did share some of our "unexpected snowfall" pics taken in several states, here a few "state-related" drawings.

        State-shaped U.S. flag with the lyrics to 
        "GEORGIA on My Mind"

        The state Palmetto logo

        State-shaped U.S. flag with lyrics to
        "My Old KENTUCKY Home"
        (This was drawn for Senator McConnell)

        TENNESSEE state flower-the Iris

        State-shaped TEXAS flag logo
        (Ordered by a fellow blogger. Their sweet baby boy was just born! 
        You can go here to see her past post about her hubby's drawing framed.)

        from a little logo design sent by the customer. PHILADELPHIA 

        (I have drawn many different designs, images, subject matter over the approximately 25 yrs, using first names, last names, nick names, etc...)

        Goodness Gracious! This has been a fun, but crazy week of posting for me! I am whipped! I've been behind by a day each time, but so glad that I was able to be a part of some of Mama M's great blog hop idea!  Today, Mr. B and I are going to continue with some anniversary celebrating...maybe eat at Carraba's for lunch...  & just spend the weekend off the computer and with my honey., I will do some catch-up on my blog reading next week too. 

        After this week long post-fest, it may be a bit before another post goes up...(Next week, our dental office is closed on Thurs and Fri, so I hope to post some long, long, long overdue thank yous for some sweet awards (aka blgo hugs).  And those of you that have left your sweet comments, I will definitely be by to say hello during my blog reading catch-up next week Thurs and Fri!. ...& last of all, Thank you for hanging in here on this very long post of mine!

        Thursday, February 11, 2010

        Our Winter Wedding Day...

        Here's one of our wedding photos...(I dont know where some of the others that were taken by the photographer are, nor an album of candid photos from Feb 1982 to Dec 1983! but was able to find a few loose copies...)

        My dad retired in October 1981 from the Air Force.  It was then, before we left that he allowed Mr. B to give me back the ring.

        ..with my ring on my finger, and a date set (February 12, 1982)... I left Mr. B in New Mexico, to go north to Wisconsin with my family...

        We had 4 months to get the church: St. Aloysius in Milwaukee,
        reception hall: Tyrolean House,
        flowers: silk roses,
        dress, photographer, cake, music, etc.

        Mr. B's family live in Hawaii and were not able to come ( a few months after we were married, Mr B. and I would go to Hawaii for our Honeymoon and for me to meet his family for the first time :o)

        Since Mr. B's brother was not able to be the best man, Mr. B's cousin in Texas was going to stand in. He was also in the Air Force, so all three (my dad, Mr. B and Bobby would be wearing their uniforms).  At the last minute, Bobby was not able to fly up either, so my cousin Mike stepped in. And my oldest cousin Jackie was my Maid of Honor.

        All of my mom's side of the family live in the Philippines, and none of them were able to attend.  But we  had all of my dad's side of the family there to celebrate our special day. It was a beautiful snowy day! Cold, but definitely beautiful!

        Here is a video of the photos that I was able to find.

        Here are a couple of drawings celebrating "two lives joined in marriage":

        This past Christmas, this was ordered for a gift. The couple's wedding was at the Pentagon.  How unique!

        Monogram for another sweet couple! Sonya's blog is A Day in the Life...
        Thank you for stopping by! I look forward and enjoy your comments!  
        For more great wedding stories, hop over to 
        Mama M's Valentine's Day Extravaganza Blog Hop...
         & I'm joining in at 
        More than Words, for Friday Photo Flashback! Go and see all the fun flashback fotos!

        *** Oh! I have to add this little bit and some photos here:
        I came home from work after Mr. B had already left for our bible study group.  He was leading the lesson tonight and I had hoped to get home in time.

        It was too late, after my shower.  So, I decided to try to get this post together before the link closed. As I was working, (like I said, it takes me a while!) Mr. B was coming through the door!

        He had brought home some early Anniversary surprises!
        (I put some pictures on this short little video clip :o) (It's after midnight!...I'm off to bed!)

        Blessings & Aloha!

        Wednesday, February 10, 2010

        Engagement..."to be or not to be?"

        ...I mentioned a little bit about this
        on my very first blogging post "A little Bit about Me"...

        Let's see...the thing that you have to catch in this story, is what a fast worker Mr. B is!

        ~engagement photo~

        We met in November 1980.  I was 16, he was 18. (I was a Senior in High School. Both our birthdays are in December).  We would go out on the Friday or Saturday nights that he wasn't on shift. And he was at our house during the school nights that he wasn't on shift. (He was an Air Force firefighter-and they worked every other day and on his 6th day off, they had a 3 day break..)

        December 1980, he flew home to spend Christmas with family in Hawaii.

        After he came back to New Mexico, he had a ring! I was a wee bit surprised! I mean, I really, really, really liked him, but wow! :o)

        Let me *pause* to give you Mr. B's story to how this came about so quickly... he says he definitely knew I was the one.  Before he met me, he had gone to listen to a Christian body builder  (Bob Birdsong) speak.  During Mr. Birdsong's testimony, he spoke about how he prayed for a wife-"...blond, blue-eyed...etc."

        Well, that made an impact on Mr. B, so when he went back to his barracks, he prayed for a wife-"...blond, blue-eyed...   (Yeah! I am not blond nor blue-eyed!)  ...but then Mr. B says he immediately stopped, cuz he felt that the Lord knew and had the one picked out for him. (Good thing!)

        Shortly after that prayer, we met... Mr. B was very fast at declaring and saying "I love you"!

        I wrote "to be or not to be?", cuz my dad promptly had me return the ring back. (Um...Mr. B and I thought we were so grown up and ready! ...and  thought "how unreasonable Dad was!")  Now, of course, both of us see Dad was very reasonable! For goodness sakes, we were so, so young and we knew each other less than a month!

        So...I gave the ring back and it wasnt until Oct 1981, when my dad was retiring and we all were moving to Wisconsin that he allowed me to accept the ring.

        ~engagement photo~

        Thanks for stopping by! 

        & go on over to 
        for some great engagement stories :o)

        Blessings & Aloha!

        I am so thankful for the power of prayer!
        Steve, thank you for your order of this image of Jesus.
        This was a gift for his wife.

        This was drawn as a special "thank you" for a special person. 

        Tuesday, February 9, 2010

        First Date...Remembered? I mentioned at the end of my last post of how we met, Mr. B called me up after being "shy" when he saw me at the commissary.  He really is "Mr. Social man", so I thought that was so not "cool" when he basically passed me by as I was bagging groceries. Later, he tells me that he went to to pick up a couple of groceries knowing that I was working, but when he came by my line, he got cold feet. (Too cute!)  Thankfully, he got up the nerve and gave me a call.

        Here's a picture of me "back in the day" my house phone...that I was "patiently" waiting to ring. (this photo was not actually taken on THE night that he had called me, but it is the phone and when I found this photo, I thought how neat that you can see the phone I was talking about...haha, that magical phone).

        Participating in Mama M's Valentine's Extravaganza!  
        This is Day 2: Favorite Date Story

                    , our first date was to go to the theater on base.  My title to this post is "First Date...Remembered?" because, all that we both remember was:  
        1. He walked to my house from his barracks...
        2. He met my parents and brother... 
        3. We walked to the theater...
        4. We sat in the theater (I do not even remember what movie was playing! I was too focused on Mr. B!  Since he has an awesome memory, I asked Mr. B tonight, if he was sure that he absolutely could not remember the movie...he couldn't... so that must mean that he was too focused on me. :o)
        5.  After the movie, we walked back to my house.  

        (When we first started dating, Mr. B did not own any "wheels", so we walked.  Living on a base or any military installation is pretty convenient. They are like little towns, with a grocery store, shopping store, fast food places, theater, bowling, gym, swimming pools, etc...) And like I mentioned, my dad was pretty strict... there were not too many places that I had permission to go.  We got to be pretty good bowlers :o)

        ***so as far as first dates go...not too much was remembered, except the "excited-to-be-near-him", butterfly-in-the-belly, "can't-believe-he-asked-me-out" feelings.  It definitely was the beginning to an amazing journey :o)*** 

        Here are a few photos taken when we were dating:

        Mr. B and my little brother. (I have no clue why they are pinching each other's cheeks!) haha

        at my house, before my high school prom

        close up of the "official" school prom photo

        a classic 1981 prom pic!

        Mr. B did buy a Scout from one of my dad's friends, so we didnt have to walk to every date ;o) 
        It was a gas guzzler! 

        I found this photo of Mr. B (in his tshirt and white corderoy shorts) washing his old Scout.

        And here is a picture of Mr. B riding one of his friend's Harleys.  

        Thanks for stopping by...check out more Dating Stories on

        I do try to post some drawings with each post.  This one isnt a Harley or a Scout, but it's an El Camino that was given as a gift from a lovely customer to her hubby this past Christmas.

        Blessings & Aloha!
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