Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring break, Sewing and Surprises...

I've been out of town and we will be in and out of town the next couple of weeks...but wanted to share a little and join in with Ms. Jenny's  Alphabe-thursday's "S" week.  (A big thank you to all those that stopped by and commented on my last post, I truly will get by to visit all of you).

1st...our Son's Spring Break... It was fun to hang out with Heartbreaker and Sweetie...

My hubby and I went with them to our town's celebration and walked the 3mile path in the park. one of the bridges, we watched two guys in their boat checking their "alligator traps"they set up.
One of my friends and I have seen an alligator sunning along those paths.

In Savannah's Market place, the day before St. Patrick's day...We stopped to eat some yummy pizza.  It was already crowded with those in the St. Patrick day spirit.

 The photo in the middle, is of my hubby and Heartbreaker replacing the headlights to his car.

Heading off to Savannah's St. Patrick's day parade. Heartbreaker is toasting with some healthy vegetable juice - Mean green! lol

 2nd...some sewing for our little grandbaby Bunny...

I Sewed and Sent them for Bunny's room...

The pillow with the multiple pie shaped fabrics was not stuffed yet. The other pillow that shows the solid pink Lilly Pulitzer matelasse' back was stuffed...this one is more like a drum shaped pillow. Both are on our bed, next to the valance and the different patterned fabric pennants.

This is the pie shaped pillow with the stuffing and the button sewn on. You can see that I sewed a little handle on the side of this one and the other one, so that when Caroline is big enough, she can carry it around to sit on...or just to carry around. :o)

This is three separate photos of the valance and the pennants, so you can see how it looks. The ends of the pennant ties have huge buttons sewn on each ric-rac.

Here is Bunny's nursery, with the valance hung. Girly~Twirly (aka Bunny's mommy) hung the pennants to the side of the crib.  (This post shows some of her nursery in progress...*Pretty Paintings*...)
I also sewed a "pouf" or little ottoman for Caroline, when she is older. When we are there, I'll stuff and finish sewing the decorative stitches on it.

If you haven't seen our little grandbaby ~ "Bunny", please take a peek at some photos of her, over at this post * Q~tie Pie * .

3rd...some surpises... 

...a Sweet gift sent by Sweet Ms. Jenny! (I love, love, love this sweet pillow and it will be in our extra bedroom~ that will be our "grandbabies" room for when any grandbabies come to visit ;o)

 Oh yes! This little sweet sign from our dear friends will be sure to find a special spot in our grandbabies room too. :o)

We have some other Surprises, but I will post about those later...


Here is another art order completed and sent to another sweet baby's nursery.

& her momma sent this photo of it matted and framed. Thank you Katie!

Thank you again for always taking the time to stop by and comment! I will catch up on my visits, but it may be a little bit...once we are not in and out of Georgia.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

♥ Q-t Pie...♥

I'm so excited to share a few photos of our little granddaughter...
...our Q-t pie!

This photo is one our daughter sent this morning (March 17th)!

And since we do not fly out until 3 weeks from today, I am sooooo happy that we have the technology of photos through our cell phones (although I do not have a "smart phone" and can't zoom in on my "simple phone" hubby has one, so on his, I love to zoom in on her sweet little face....and I love to play and replay and replay the video clips :o)

They have been wonderful to send us lots of photos and video clips since she was born, but I wanted to wait until she first officially shared any photos to other family and friends.*thinking*...
on my blog, I call our older daughter and her hubby ~ Girly~Twirly & Dr. Awesome or Awesome
our younger daughter and her hubby-to-be ~ Girly~Whirly & Dr. Amazing or Amazing
our son and his girlfriend ~ Heartbreaker & Sweetie blog name for our newest member of the family...will be...


 This was taken the day she was her chubby cheeks!

 Taken at home...this was the first baby blanket that her Auntie Girly~Whirly had ever crocheted :o) sweet slumber... Bunny has lots of hair, more than her mommy had when she was just born. and in another side photo they sent, you can see that she has blond streaks! Like one of the dentists in the office I work at said... "...looks like she went to get her highlights in a beauty shop in heaven before she was born."

I'm joining in with Ms. Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday 's  "Q" post...
& with Dandelion Wishes' Happy List...
Here are photos of our Q-t's at about Bunny's age...
They also had sweet chubby, chunky cheeks!
Top: Girly~Twirly was 8lbs 2oz  & 20 3/4 inches at birth.
Middle: Girly~Whirly was 9lbs 2oz & 21 inches at birth.
Bottom: Heartbreaker was 8 lbs (whew! thank goodness he did not follow the "1 pound more" trend! lol) & was 20 1/4 inches.

Top: Girly~Twirly (Bunny's mommy) is coming home from the hospital...first ride at 3 days old.
Middle: Girly~Whirly (Bunny's auntie) is coming home from the hospital...first ride at 2 days old.
Bottom: Heartbreaker  (Bunny's uncle) just got home & his sister's wanted to compare their baby dolls next to him...3 days old.

And here are some of our Q-t pies when they were 7 months. I thought I would share these, since I also have the art that I drew (as some of you may know, as with every piece I draw, each was drawn entirely with their own name) from these photos...and will share more completed art orders next time.


& this week, my hubby and I are enjoying Heartbreaker and Sweetie's company, since they were able to drive down for their spring break.
I will need to catch up with my blog visits! Thank you so much for stopping by and all your sweet comments on this most blessed and amazing addition to our family.
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pretty paintings...

...only 5 days until our grandbaby's due date!!!

*****EDITED UPDATE!*****
   `•.¸.•´ ♥
  ¸.•´¸.•¨) ¸.•¨) ♥
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`♥`*•.¸♥
Our sweet, beautiful granddaughter!!!♥   is born!
March 10th, 2012....@ 6:19am... 8lbs.6oz. 

Our daughter (Girly~Twirly aka theluckiestmrs), as some of you may already know, is a dentist...she had a full day of work yesterday, Friday March 9th!  So, what a blessed and wonderful surprise it was when she had to go to the hospital late Friday night :o)

We live in a different state, so we made our flight reservations in the first part of April, thinking that there is the possibility of being overdue... looking forward to flying up to spend 8 days with them.


A couple of weeks ago, I had shared some of the progress our daughter had made in their baby nursery. She has done so much by herself...from the paper lanterns to the crib skirt to the painting shown in this post.
 (You can read and see the photos here: Nursery time...)

Today, I'm posting some of the closeups of the painting that our daughter (Girly~Twirly aka theluckiestmrs) has done for their baby nursery. Her inspiration for the nursery room colors are from her love of the colors and designs of Lilly Pulitzer clothes

(She painted this cute sign in acrylics....she is great at jumping in free hand and just doing!!!)

The following are pictures of the progression of her sweet city park scene in watercolors.

1. She used a paint brush marker to paint the details before and after the watercolor.
2. a little more color...
3. all done! & placed in a frame that she spraypainted white.
She painted the images of "a mama" and a "little girl" to represent her and their little one when she is older :o) Both of them are "wearing" Lilly Pulitzer skirts :o)
& her dashing hubby picking them up for a ride in the horse drawn carriage.
There is their little black cockerspaniel and brown and white Cavalier King Charles spaniel.
The scene is like NY's central park...(they did their mini-moon in NYC).
There is a little ittty bitty cardinal (to represent their undergrad college years).
& a little itty bitty bunny (to represent a term of endearment to each other).

Then there is also this little nightstand/end table. She had this old nightstand while in dental school 3 years ago.
Last summer when we were visiting them in their new home, she had a bucket of black paint and brushes for my hubby, our son, our daughter, herself and me to paint whatever we wanted on it :o) 

Lots of fun! I think it turned out pretty neat and that it reminded me of aboriginal or native Hawaiian tattoos/art. She had it in one of their guest rooms.
 Here is the "after" with fresh coats of white paint and again her awesome free hand painting with a bright yellow design.

Just thought I would include another of her paintings. 
This is a black and white of it  & a color picture of it. They have it hanging in their downstairs bathroom.
 This was her first attempt at painting on canvas with acrylic paint! She decided one day to go to the craft store and by a canvas and paint. :o)
It is a large piece. She painted this one in 2006.

All three are blessed with artistic and creative gifts. My hubby is a wonderful artist too!  I love to see what they create...

I'm joining in with Ms. Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday 's  "P" post...
&My entry to At The Picket Fence's  Inspiration Friday sponsored by Appliances Online and the Beko Fridge Freezers”. 
& Kate's Flaunt it Friday.

Here is another art order completed:
The K is with the mom's name, the A with the dad's name, and the ampersand "&" is with the children's names.

I usually wait until I know for sure that an order has been received...
However, since this order is one from a customer to her dear friend who has never seen a Personalized Sketch piece before, and since the one receiving this gift does not yet know about my blog...and since it is almost March 10th...I went ahead and shared this one today. I have others to share, but will save them for future posts.

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