Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This n that...Burlap, mason jars, pickets & home made signs...

"This n That" for Heart~throb (our son) & Sweetie (our daughter-in-law's) wedding...

The cross was built by a family friend of our daughter-in-law.  There were beautiful fresh cut flowers that hung from the cross, which were like the beautiful, colorful variety of flowers that the bride and bridesmaids carried.
~ ~ ~

 At the guestbook table, I used one of our old 6 paned windows that we had and painted the greeting to the guests.

There was a book, "Sweetie" had printed of their engagement photos for guests to sign their names and any thing they would like to add for the bride and groom.  I love that they also had their family bible for guests to highlight a favorite scripture and sign their name by.

  (Here is my go at a little rhyme :o) that I wrote on the window)

"With your name, feel free to add..

Words of Wisdom or of Wit,
lots to write or just a bit.
Hints you share
or sage advice,
or heartfelt quotes are nice.
Memories shared,
we do teasure.
Sweet or silly
times together.
~ ~ ~
At this table, they also had their programs they thought about and put together themselves. It included with the ceremony details, a sweet thank you for being a part of this special day...and our son and daughter in law also wrote something about each of the 16 in their wedding party. Aas well as the moms and dads and grandparents attending, which was a sweet surprise to the parents and grandparents :o)

Such sweet, kind words that I hope to live up to! And I whole-heartedly agree with our son's words about his dad (my husband). The Lord has blessed our family with a man who loves the Lord with all his heart.

 (***I have lined through some names throughout the photos, since I have tried not to use any families' first names. ...I just posted these written to my hubby and me, but each written for/about those in the program was very special.)
~ ~ ~
Here is my hubby cutting & creating signs from some of the extra pickets from our fence. The fence was made by the local Amish from wood taken from one of their 100 year old barns.

Our daughter, Girly~Whirly, was able to fly in a few days earlier and helped with painting and sewing bowties for the groomsmen. 

 ~ ~ ~

 Here is one of the picket signs to show the path to the ceremony in one courtyard and pointing towards where the reception would be in the opposite direction. (The lettering I painted was one of those used on other signs called American Typewriter.)

Along the both paths, hung  twine with childhood photos of bride and groom clothes-pinned to the twine.
~ ~ ~
A beautiful, blue sky day! Perfect! And when it got dark, there were many strings of lights underneath the tent cover.

This is where the reception was held... The HUGE screen window was one our son found to be discarded while in college.  The American Typewritter lettering was what I used again, where the guests would find their printed tags with their name and number to their table.  The tags were pinned to the screen with a little clothespin.
The tags were palm-sized and some guests pinned their tags on them.

~ ~ ~
More details... I created their wedding logo that they used for their layered wedding invitations... There was three layers, a textured, heavy white paper...then kraft paper, then the printed invite on white paper...  All three layers were tied together with twine and a tag with their wedding site.
(Again, the squiggly lines are just to cover the names and addresses :o)

 Brown tags like the seating tags...

...and I also drew the scroll design on various other signs at the wedding. The water, tea, lemonade signs, was with white paint pen onto black cardstock.  I went to our local grocery store florist to buy some clear floral picks, but she just gave them to me.  The signs were secure in mason jars filled with small river rocks. These were placed by the beverage dispensers.
~ ~ ~
A sign drawn for the Cookie Bar and another to direct guests to the bathrooms.

I used black construction paper and a paint pen to write the signs so as to make it look chalk on chalkboard. The frames were also from old barn wood, that their friend loaned them for the wedding.

~ ~ ~

The Cookie Bar created by two of the bride's family friends had tons and tons of cookies for guests to put in white paper sacks.

Our friend's cute18 inch tall wood barrel was used for any guests to drop wedding cards brought to the wedding.
~ ~ ~

Here are some photos of the Menu Signs and center tables. 

Again, I wrote on black poster board with a white paint pen. 

Each table was covered with a white tablecloth...
topped with burlap runners...
a round of cedar (that as cut by the bride's family and friends)...
and mason jars filled full with a variety of blooms...
lanterns or mason jars with candles were also included...
twine-wrapped wine bottles...
And each table had the tops of picket fence that the table numbers were painted onto.

At the head table, it was the same, except there were large mason jars ready to hold the bridesmaids' and the bride's bouquets after the ceremony.
~ ~ ~ ~

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This week's featured artwork... a couple of recent art orders...completed and shipped.
For those new to my blog and the art that I do...each image is drawn entirely with a name.

This was drawn from a photo taken of this newly married couple at their wedding. The bride was drawn with her nick name ALLIE and the groom was drawn with is nick name DREW. Beneath their image is their names and wedding date written in a lettering style called Edwardian script.

The monogram was ordered for a couple who had a beach wedding, so the little starfish was requested somewhere on the monogram art.  The bride's name HALEY was drawn throughout the H. The S was drawn with their last name SMITH. and the groom's name CHRISTOPHER was drawn throughout the letter C.  Additional calligraphy of their names in the upper left border and their wedding date in the lower right border, as well as the monogram itself were in the lettering style called Alys.

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