Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Royal Chronicles...from BK to beyond!

...presenting...in the year of our Lord~nineteen hundred and eighty seven...far, far away...in the land of BK (Burger King)...riding on their royal steed...two little precious princess sisters...

(photos by their mama-queen (to be referenced in this post as MQ))

...next chapter in our royal tot tales... in 2006...

How fun to see those little BK princesses become the University of Louisville's Homecoming Queens. (theluckiestmrs, aka our Girly-whirly #1, was UofL's 2003 homecoming queen & LittleMiss, aka our Girly-whirly#2, was UofL's 2006 homecoming queen).

(photos by MQ, 2006 after being crowned)

...& other royal tales....

Fall 2003, His Royal Highness, Mr. Aviator/Safety Man, aka Mr. B, aka Daddy-o, was in Iraq fulfilling his "royal" military flying duties... so he wasn't there when theluckiestmrs was announced at half-time as UofL Homecoming Queen. No one knew until that announcement was made! I'm so glad I actually completed our mission to drive that 3.5 hours from our home (I have been known to get very, very sleepy on car rides, and just because I'm the one driving, doesn't seem to make a difference!)

(photos by MQ)

*from left to right:
~prior to Homecoming week and after finding out she was on court...
~the 5 on court from which one would be selected
~looking for us in the vast sea of faces
~2003 Queen & King & court
~one final pose

...theluckiestmrs is on court for the 75th Anniversary of a very elegant pageant, the oldest of its kind. ...full of old traditions. (events in which the girls were constantly watched & assessed. Families weren't, thank goodness, but I did get the urge to curl my pinky whenever I picked up a spot of tea). You can read about the Mountain Laurel Festival here.

~& theluckiestmrs' royal daddy-o was back from Iraq (Yay! and the reason was not only because I was really, really hoping he would be home so that he could have the car driving duties back... it was definitely a blessing to have him home safe and sound ;o)

(photos by TLM's (theluckiestmrs') RD (Royal Daddy-o)

*from L to R:
~with LittleMiss, getting ready for the ball
~but first, the beautiful pesentation of all the lovely girls
~at the ball, doing one of the traditional interweaving dance numbers
~another photo at the gorgeous "reflection ponds" after the selection of the queen.


...QUEEN RETURNS... Fall 2004...
Although Royal Daddy-o missed her coronation, it was still very exciting to see her on the field crowning the new queen.

(photos from one of our “royal” family)
LittleMiss said just being selected on court was amazing. Royal Daddy-o, Prince Heartbreaker and I drove the 12+ (remember, Royal Daddy-o is aka Mr Safety), some royal children, that will remain un-named have made this trip in quite a number of hours less!)
It was exciting before and it was exciting again!!! When they announced LittleMiss, I am sure everyone could hear her “royal” family cheering!

(photos by MQ)


(newspaper clipping from Louisville and Bryan County Newspapers)

There's also a long interview process in selecting the top 5 reigning princesses. After that, it is the spin of the Wheel! that selects the New Queen. It would have been a great journal to follow if LittleMiss had a Blog during this Derby Reign! She met so many people & there were soooo many events. You can read about the Kentucky Derby Festival here.

Being a 12+ hour drive away, we weren't able to attend the festivites, except the night of the Ball, when the wheel would be spun... It was absolutely gorgeous! and since it was the 50th, it was even more decorated than ever before!


OUR BK PRINCE...1992 (the crowns were all out that day...but this worked...see how into time he is? He's sporting two plastic watches :o)

(photo by MQ)

(photos by family and freind NG)

1. these boys do NOT make pretty ladies-in-waiting! (Hawaiian cousin when we went to DisneyWorld...Heartbreaker still had one more chemo treatment after that trip).

2. a much better look...the perfect Roman curls too. When his hair first came back, it came back super soft and curly.

3. & 4. Handsome, High school, HomecomingCourt Heartbreaker

...OUR DELIVERER (the King of Kings)...his image was used for advertisements of this production.
...JOSEPH (I think he looks pretty royal :o)

(posters by Savannah Christian Church)
1. Heartbreaker on all the flyers, posters, bulletins, etc for this presentation...
2. lead performer (An awesome singing Joseph...not just cuz the royal mama says so.)

A royal Crown...(made for the Kentucky Derby Princessess...this one drawn with the name Christin throughout it.)

(Personalized Sketches photo of original)

...and now finally... the end of the Royal Chronicles! (I applaud you, if you made it through all of that!)

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Jennifer said...

Wow! You sure have a LOT to be proud of! Your girls are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

~ Jennifer

2003beachbunch said...

Your daughters are so beautiful! I loved your explanations of everything esp. the BK part :-) Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Everyone is so good looking! :-)

MadeInCanarias said...

Great photos!

Katie said...

Wow how wonderful that both girls got to be Queens of the same "court" what a special thing for them to share.

PS: Wanted to let you know I added your button today! Love it!

Maggi said...

How neat to see the younger and older pictures of your girls together!

HeatherOz said...

That was SO fun! Not too long! It is so fun and interesting to see different traditions from around the country! Balls? Not in the West! Your kids are definitely the stars!

Connie said...

What beautiful royal daughters you have! How fun to see the pictures and read your fun explanations!
Again, creative picture of the Kentucky Derby Princess. You're so talented!

Love the 2 plastic watches!

Unknown said...

Hi there! No need to sign up for the beach party, just show up on the 26th and put your link into MckLinky. Hope to see ya there!

heather@it'stwinsanity said...

Your daughters are absolutely beautiful! You really do have a royal family.

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