Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bunny, Books and Best Buddies

As mentioned in my previous post, I had almost a whole wonderful month to visit with our grandbaby girl, Bunny.

(outside...looking at a Bird).

...(and of course that includes this little one's mommy, daddy and her two "dog-dogs". ("Dog-dog" was one of her first words! She has always said it, just like that "Dog-dog"...maybe since they have two real dogs, she thought she should be sure to call out to both :o)

We were about to go inside...these are her "dog-dogs". The older one is a cocker spaniel, whom we have always referred to as older beyond his years...even as a puppy, he was an old man. He is Bunny's guardian.

And the younger one is a King Charles Spaniel, such a sweetie! More often than not, wherever Bunny is, she is there too.

...and  in that photo, she has a hold of her two favorite stuffed "dog-dogs".

Here she is again with her stuffed "dog-dogs".

Now, she is with another of her favorites...books...small book, medium book, big book...ANY book!  She loves to "read" aloud and be read to.

Two more photos of her with one of her Best Buddies...


Joining in with Jenny's Alphabe-thursday's letter B.

Here are a few B related artwork

This was a photo taken at Bunny's 1st birthday back in March. I drew the bunny and the flowers with her name. Each different flower represented her birth state, and each parent and grandparent's state that they were born well as the Sampaguita, the Philippine national flower, where I was born.

I have a close up saved somewhere of it, but will have to look where I put it...

so I am also sharing this one, so that you can see a close up view with the names...

This is a different bunny that was ordered for the birth of another little sweetie.

(The top shows it in black and white and the bottom shows it after some color was added).

This was an order for a parent volunteer, who volunteered at her children's school library from 1998 to 2004 before moving with her husband's retirement.

And this is one that I may have posted before (I try to post ones that have not already been shown), but it is perfect when talking about "Buddies".

This was for a son and his dog of many years...they had their son's name in the dog's image and then his dog's name in his image.


Have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving! And that you build wonderful memories...each and every day you are able to spend with your loved ones.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A is for Adorable Angel


After almost a month, I am back from  an Amazing, Awesome visit with our grandbaby girl...a sweet little Angel.
(...who I call "Bunny", on my blog.)

...first a little peek-a-boo.
... then most likely talking about the birds or the airplanes she sees.
...posing in her little house, she LOVES to go in and out of.
...very interested in the flowers in front of her "school".

...sitting on the front porch...
watching out for passing Automobiles And Airplanes!
(She has an eagle eye and sharp hearing, since she usually spots the Airplanes first!)


Joining in with Ms. Jenny's Alphabe-thursdays...and I will include some past art work that starts with each letter that is featured for the week.  As some may already know...each is drawn with the name of an individual.Thank you all so much for continued interest, and thinking of these for gifts and for keeping me busy with the art requests!

A is for Airplane!

These two military aircraft was drawn in honor of this veterans military service.

This civilian Cessna was drawn to celebrate attaining a pilot's license.

The little biplane was drawn for this little fellow's birth. It was drawn with his first name GAVIN and the birth info added in the border around the image.  First shown in black and white and then shown after color was added.

Also to mark the birth of another little one...this is a style I call my "Calligraphics". The biplane is drawn using of all his birth info.

Also joining in with Kim's Blog Hop Social!

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