Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to Kentucky...

And as you can see from the photos of the teachers and friends we were able to see, he has grown a little. :o)

(photos by me or Mr. B)
(CLICK on image to see larger view)
counterclockwise from top:
1. at a Tennessee gas stop...just thought the tree growing right out of the rock was neat...a bit of nature next to a bit of modern conveniences...the light pole.

2. Heartbreaker crashed out in the back seat...(since Mr. B was driving, that meant I was the sneaky photographer...which is NOT the norm, since I am usually knocked out asleep on a road trip!)

3.-8. Heartbreaker (the Giant) and some of his favorite elementary folk

center pic: some Kentucky cornfields and blue was beautiful!

I was hoping to come across some old pics from when he was there, so that it would show just how much he had grown. ...but I did come across this:

(please do not click on this image to see a larger view! haha)

No, I don't typically push my way into every school photo our children are in...honest! But this 4th grade school picture day was on one of the days that I was volunteering (actually, besides being a crossing guard, I was at all their schools a LOT...I loved being there and it was fun getting to see our 3 in action). ...and so the school photographer had me jump in for this last picture. ...I am so glad that none of our kids minded me being around their schools. haha

...after seeing a couple of former teachers that were at the high school, we continued up to Lexington. We were able to visit, although "theLuckiestMrs." was in her friend's wedding that was out of town for part of the time we were there. But we enjoyed every moment we did have.

*Oh! if you are in the area...a little home-owned place called "GUMBO YA YA" is a must! The food was awesome (especially their bread pudding! ...the owner's mom owns a bakery and makes all his desserts), the setting is small, but cute (I'll have to remember to get some pics from one of our kids, since I didnt take any), great music (some oldies, jazz, Elvis, etc), the prices are so, so reasonable... and it's just fun saying "let's go to GUMBO YA YA!"*

(photos by me)
(CLICK on image to see a larger view)

counterclock-wise from top:
1. bricks in front of the high school that we bought for each of the girls...

2. "Senor T" (Heartbreaker learned so much from his Spanish I teacher when he was in 8th grade, that in his Spanish II class as a 9th grader, he was more than prepared); Heartbreaker; Frau L (both girls had her for German I, II, III and beyond :o)...they loved her!); and me.

Both of these teachers were and still are as energetic and enthusiastic as any person can possibly be!

3. Mr. B and I (Heartbreaker took this of us at a favorite Mexican restaurant right outside Fort Campbell's main gate: Pancho Villa). We had our "regular"...Mr. B: "Heuvos Rancherors con tortilla de maize, por favor." Me: "Chimichanga..."

4. Little Miss & her beau, when we ate at another Mexican restaurant, this time in Lexington... (this was the first time we were able to meet him. A very talented musician, amazing singing voice, and very easy to get to know. It was so good to finally meet him...

Mr. B had his "fatherly-over-coffee-get-to-meet-cha-one-on-one" time with him, while Little Miss and I went to Michael's and TJ Maxx. (That little tradition of Mr. B's will have to be told in a post all it's own :o)

5. Sunday, we left and headed back down to Fort Campbell area...we stayed at the military guesthouse. This eagle is HUGE! maybe about 5 or 6 feet tall.

6. Monday morning, when we went to get some continental breakfast off of the lobby area, we met some of Mr. B's battle brothers, military men... There is a kinship there, no matter what war or era served. These men were there during Ft Campbell's Week of the Eagle. Each year, time is dedicated through activities, events, remembrances of those that served with the 101st Airborne Division. It was an honor to meet these men that are a part of our military history.
Pictured are: Mr. B; Airborne Division Chaplain; "Johnny", 1961 Vietnam era vet; nephew to one of the original Band of Brothers; and "Vinnie".

Vinnie, was the aide to BG McAuliffe in Bastogne. BG McAuliff was surrounded and given a paper to surrender. To which (and Vinnie was witness to and said no matter what the rumors were) BG Mc Auliff did NOT curse at all, but simply stated in response "NUTS!". It was awesome to hear Vinnie's stories! He is 91 yrs young, fiesty and has a great sense of humor!

7. On the road again as we head back to Georgia, we pass one of the many old tobacco barns. These are where the tobacco is hung to dry.

8. Actually Sunday, (I didnt put the picture in the right sequence) in Clarksville, TN, we went to visit Coach L and K.
*side note* Part of Ft Campbell is in Kentucky and the other part in in Tennessee. When we lived on Ft Campbell, we had a KY zip (since the main post office was on the KY side) and TN area code (our home was on the TN side of Ft Campbell). (During the 6 years living there, we had to explain that over and over when it came to service repairs or shipping info. I'm sure some probably thought I was pulling their leg).

Mr. B, Coach L, and K. Coach L was both of our daughters' biology and/or anatomy teacher in high school. He is a great teacher, but a tough teacher! I always said that I would never take a class from him... well never, say never... I wanted to take an anatomy class; and he was also a professor at Austin Peay State University. His class worked with my schedule... I had the worst 1st exam ever! Cried, I tell ya! (and would ya believe that when we were visiting him and K, he remembered that grade!!!!) Anyways, thankfully I got it together, did well the rest of the term, really learned from him, and pulled a "real" A. I say "real" A, cuz at the girls' high school, you had to get a 93 for an A. And since they had him and got those A's, I couldn't break that streak!'s fun to say that Coach L taught all the Botelho girls... aw, the boys missed out. It was so good to see Coach L doing well. He's going through cancer treatments now, but is very positive and enjoys time cooking with K and seeing his two sets of twin grandbabies! So, we had a great time visiting them and eating some amazing pasta and dessert that K prepared for us.

Oh, one more thing...

(photo of Personalized Sketches original framed)
(CLICK on image to see a larger view)

I was able to leave a little thank you drawing for our daughter's friend's mom (who graciously opened their home and prepared the most outstanding, incredible multi-course dinner and dessert!) This wedding shower was in December (this thank you was way over-due!) and was hosted by 3 of our daughter's dear friends (also dental classmates). I'm so thankful that I was able to fly up and surprise her. Especially, since we live out of state, I was going to school and wasn't able to get to her other showers or help as much as I would have wanted with her wedding planning.

(close-up photo of a Personalized Sketches original)
(click on image to see a larger view)

Their home is gorgeous! And they put up over 50 Christmas trees throughout their home. Each tree has a different theme. It truly is so beautifully and elegantly done.

(CLICK on image to see a larger view)

counterclockwise, from the top:
1. one view of the beautiful table and food; Mrs. T prepared each course herself! starting around the table is "C" (theluckiestmrs' mom-in-law (and I must say...she really is a wonderful MIL), me, theluckiestmrs, littlemiss...

2. opening up a gift ( I love her expression)

3. another view of us at around the feast. you can see a couple of trees in this room.

4. more gifts

5. in front of the foyer-entry way-tree

6. part of the shower invitation (I took sections of it, in the attempt to crop out names and addresses... the poem is so cute. and the RSVP that says Please say "I do" was too cute also.

7. a group photo next to another full size tree. (I wish that I had taken more of their amazing trees!)

8. our daughter, aka theluckiestmrs, and her 3 sweet friends that helped make this shower possible.


Blessings & Aloha!

Thank you for stopping by... please leave a comment, cuz I love to see who was here and appreciate what you have to say :o)


Anonymous said...

You are so pretty!!!! and I think that you look good in that picture with your son :-) I'm in awe of your drawing! wow is all I can say. what a great post :-)

Anonymous said...

and you do not look old enough to have children the age they are!!!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Kathie! You are really too sweet! I will think of your comment the next time I see those unruly white hairs that just won't behave and stay hidden :o{

Tina said...

Thanks for sharing and I love you drawings...

You do look so young to have a child in college...lucky you!


momstheword said...

Such a nice picture of you and your son, you're so pretty!

Glad you got to see some of your old stomping grounds, how fun!

Unknown said...

101st airborne - I learned this year where they got the eagle logo. The idea came from the state of Wisconsin. During the civil war, a state troop traveled with a "pet" eagle. He had traveled to many battles. Hooah!!

Your Wisconsin cousin,

Maggi said...

Wow, what a trip! How neat for Heartbreaker to get a blast from his past before starting school once more! He seems like such a well rounded (and very loved!) guy!

50 Christmas trees?! Wow, that takes some major holiday stamina! lol Your drawing is beautiful!

The Teacup Cottage said...

What a great adventure. A a milspouse I know the joys of being able to visit some of the old stomping grounds (and there are a few!). Your collages were great as was the beautiful drawing!

Bacardi Mama said...

I agree with Katie. You look amazingly young. I love your drawings. One of these days, I'm going to have to get one for my husband. Have a great weekend.

momstheword said...

I know. Don't you cherish those old pictures of when the kids were little! So precious and such awesome memories.

xinex said...

You are right, your son really grew but you look the same, you never age! Great pics! Love seeing them...Christine

Barb said...

Honey, thanks so much for displaying the Rooster button and joining the party. See you on the 28th....I can't wait!

Hugs, Barb

ceb said...

That pic of you and bro is so cute! that would've been funny if they put it in the yearbook. haha anyway, i'm so glad you guys were able to come visit! and meet the boyfried finally :) glad the coffee trip was a success-whew! lol anyway love you!

2003beachbunch said...

Love the trip down memory lane! isn't that neat to do? the thank-you sketches you did were beautiful!

Connie said...

What a handsome boy (young man)your son is! How fun that he could go back to his school. Love the pictures of your travels and of your sketches. Absolutely beautiful!
What is it about bread pudding? I think if a retaurant has good bread pudding, it must be a good restaurant!
Have a good day!

Family American Style. said...

Your drawings are really beautiful. I know your children are grown but I'm sure they still make you laugh. This is a friendly reminder about tomorrow, it’s “What would your children say?” Wednesday. It would be wonderful to hear the silly and funny things your children say and do. I hope you will participate in the linky party.

PropellerHeadMom said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Great pictures...your son is so tall. You look fantastic - I can't believe you have a son in college! I love your sketches!

THE Stephanie said...

Looks like a great trip. And how fun to see former teachers like that! Great memories...

momstheword said...

Thank you, lol! It is pretty easy to post about simple every day stuff that happens!

HeatherOz said...

Wow! Looks like a fun trip. I hope I get the chance to visit that part of the US some day! Not a big fan of flying!! I can't even imagine decorating 50 christmas trees. I would LOVE it, but I don't think I have the space or time! I'll be back tomorrow!

MaricrisG said...

Kumusta?! Thank you for visiting my blog. It's always a welcome treat for me when I get connected to fellow Filipina/nos. I live in a City that doesn't have a lot so I appreciate it that you found me. You've got lovely kids and I'm just blown away by your sketches. Was that learned in art school or you were born with it? :)

Rhonda said...

I am delighted that you came to visit.
You have so many great photographs of your beautiful family in this post.
You are a very talented girl.

Witchcrafted Life said...

What a beautiful drawing, those ornaments remind me of a intricately patterned Ukraine Easter eggs.

Thank you so sweetly for all of your wonderful comments, dear soul! I hope you're having a splendid weekend!
♥ Jessica

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