Saturday, July 27, 2013


Just a very short visit...but one filled with tons of JOY!

 This weekend, our future daughter-in-law has one of her bridal showers that is hosted by one of her aunts.

So, our daughter (Girly-Twirly), her hubby and their baby (aka our grandbaby girl).... our daughter (Girly-Whirly...but her hubby had to work...wish he was able to be here too!)... and our son and his fiance were able to be here in our home late last night.

 ...which means...some time filled with lots of JOY with our children and this little bunny!

I'm joining in with Jenny's Alphabe-thursday's "J"! With family here, I am a little behind on my blog Alphabe-Thursday "I" visits too, but will catch up after they have to leave.

Here are a couple of drawing orders that were drawn with "J" names:


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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Interior Spaces

Just a peek into the Interior of our home..
...before we moved our things in.  (Now, we do have all our things and have the main floor set up, but still soooo much to do in the finished basement...especially my future art/sewing/quiliting/crafting/grandbaby room :o)

...we were blessed with a beautiful Home in Georgia.

And the Lord blessed us with this home that was just built. We didn't have to wait getting a home built, but had more than we could have Imagined in our new Kentucky home...full of so many amazing details! The builder did an awesome job!

I'm joining in with Jenny's Alphabe-thursday's I.

& here is recent artwork of a monogram IPT, ordered for a wedding anniversary gift from a daughter to her parents. (I usually try to wait until the gift has been given, but her parents don't have my blog address).

This one starts with the letter "I".

Thank you again for coming by! I will be sure to return your lovely visit and comments.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Sharing some photos of our new Home Here...

First a little up date of what has been Happening with our family since my last post in November of last year!

We had sold our Home in Georgia and were temporarily in a beautiful all-inclusive apartment until we got the final word on my Hubby's new position in Kentucky.

We were very blessed to stay in our dear friends' new Home while we were looking for our place to call Home.

And I was able to stay a while with our daughter (Girly-Twirly) and Help with our sweet grandbaby girl...  We were able to all be there for her first birthday!! Whew! Time surely flies!

Our son graduated from college and is interning about an Hour from where we live. So, it has been wonderful to be able to spend time with him and his fiance', without having to drive 10 or so Hours from Georgia.

We have been busy with settling into our new Home. And I have been busy with sewing curtains, a little flower girl dress for Bunny (our grandbaby) for her uncle's wedding in September, addressing the wedding invitations, a wee bit of Hand quilting, passing out my resumes, working some temp work as a dental hygienist, and keeping busy with art orders.

Thank you to everyone who is keeping me busy with the artwork! I love doing them!

I'm joining in with Jenny's Alphabe-thursday's "H"!

...if I can get some photos of the interior of our Home, next week I will share some of those.

& as always, I like to share some past art orders.
Here are some artwork that are "H" - related.

Love this classy high heel. This order requested for a customer whose dear friend was moving away. She is a military wife who loves her high heels :o) And the little red tori is her husband's unit emblem. (the Rakassans)

This was drawn with her first name: DEVRA

 This was for a wedding anniversary. The hear was drawn with their last name and the flowers with her first name and the leaves with the husband's first name.

Although this next one is not an image that begins with "H", the UK championship banner was drawn with the last name that begins with an "H"... HOOK. 

 I appreciate all those that stop by and I will be sure to come by and return your visit! I look forward to posting more regularly again.

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