Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nursery time...

Not too much longer and our little grandbaby will be born!

Our daughter has been busy getting her sweet nursery ready in their beautiful home...

Come along up the stairs...
 (taken after they first moved in, during our visit... you can see one of their sweet dogs by the entrance to the dining room. The kitchen is in the back and the living room is opposite that.)

Here is the "BEFORE" 
(this was a guest room).
(This is Girly~Twirly's antique iron bed that we had bought when she was little).

And here is the "AFTER"
 (The left side of the room, where the iron bed used to be).

1. Girly~Twirly and her hubby "Awesome" painted walls.
2. Girly~Twirly sewed the crib skirt.
3. Girly~Twirly lined the inside of the bookshelf.
4. Girly~Twirly painted the painting by the crib.
5. Girly~Twirly made the paper lanterns (I think they are sooo cute!)
 that Awesome hung over the crib.

The right side of the room.
I love the watercolor painting that Girly~Twirly painted above the dresser/changing table. It reminds me of a Central Park scene...and she chose the bright colors to go with the nursery.

She is still adding some finishing touches, with another great makeover that Girly~Twirly did, but I will share that in another post. And I finally finished some things I'd sewn for the nursery, so had my handsome hubby mail those to them. (I'll share those on another post too :o)  (I am trying to do shorter posts :o) If you are new to my blog...whew! most of my past posts prior to this year, have been mini novels!)

I'm joining in with Ms. Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday 's  "N"post...
& with Susan's Metamorphasis Monday
& with At the Picket Fence for Inspiration Friday
& with Shine your light's Before & After party

And as usual, I'd like to share some past orders with you. These three will be in the nurseries of three little sweeties :o)

This first one was the lily image chosen by her mommy, who won the recent giveaway that was hosted by So Easy Being Green (This sweet blog mom of two beautiful little girls has lots of amazing product giveaways, so I was tickled pink to be a part of one of them) .  Thank you Monica for your interest and for entering into the giveaway.

This sweetie's nickname is "Cubby" and has bears and butterflies for her theme.

This shows it in black and white and also after the color was added. The one is color was from a photo, so the lighting may be a little dark.

This one was drawn for another little cutie bear...whose nursery has stars included.

Also shown in black and white and then after color was added. Thank you so much for thinking of this one for your little girl's room.

If you would like to look at some other baby themed art, please take a look at them in my "All about Baby Themes" album.
...and I'd love if you haven't already, please become a "fan" of my fb art page by "liking" it. :o)

Edited note added: I keep reading how google friend connect will be, I put on "my big girl pants" to learn something new. (I do not easily get the gist to computer/tech stuff...oh yes, I find myself all thumbs even with my hubby's smart phone!)...& so I am happy that Brent has created Linky followers!

Please be sure to follow along on my left sidebar, so that I don't lose any of you, who have been such wonderful blog buddies!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Marvelous weekend Moments!

Hope everyone had a sweet Valentine's day!
Joining in with Ms. Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday 's "M" posts...

Like I mentioned in my last post, this past Sunday, Feb 12th, was our 30th Anniversary.  With all the upcoming and exciting family celebrations we have (Girly~Twirly's baby's (aka our grandbaby;'s) due date is March 13th...Girly-Whirly's graduation from dental school in May and then her wedding two weeks later, my hubby and I didnt go on a trip to celebrate this anniversary.

But we did have a Marvelous weekend when our dear friends from Virginia drove down to visit with us.  So much the time spent laughing and catching up with each other!

We've been family friends since 1989, when the guys flew helicopters out of Hawaii.

Saturday, we all went to a Matinee and stopped by my hubby's office... and then, they treated us to eat out in Savannah. This was at the Crystal Beer Garden...operated since all the old photos on the wall, the Big Band era music playing, and the good food and awesome fellowship.

I took a very quick picture of my selection of a Greek "taco" (Gyro style meat with Tzakziki sauce, feta cheese, tomatoes, lettuce) and sweet potato fries...

They had to leave the next morning...their visit seemed to pass too quickly, but we were so happy that they were able to drive down our way.

But the Marvelous Moments didn't end...

My handsome hubby surprised me when we got home with an unexpected surprise! He had a gift for me... (My eyes are closed in the first photo, cuz I didnt like the photo with my eyes open! haha ...Oh, and don't mind all my white hair...I have never colored my hair and want to see what I look like "au naturale" :o)

My gift to him was a card with some money to go towards passports for the two us, so I felt a little bad that my gift to him was not an exclusively "his" gift.  

They are sooo beautiful! The diamond earrings are set in a "Martini setting".  I have always admired diamond studs, but never expected these.  (usually, I have some clue, but nope, not even a hint!)


Here are some other orders completed, sent and received. (I try to wait until I am sure that they have been given, before posting).

This Monogram celebrates a Marriage ~

This email was sent: ...I am in need of sketch for my best friend.  We will be heading back home to Alabama after Christmas and was hoping to give here this sketch as a present.  Please let me know if there is enough time!!!

I would like to have their wedding information sketched.  I just love the one you did for my cousin Kara in Texas.  

Thank you Clare for yet another order!

This celebrates a Military service.
Thank you Jenn for your order and your comments:
"This was just amazing! I had seen a fellow milspouse order one for her husband's retirement ceremony and knew I wanted one for my husband. He loved it and it was such an easy process to get the image I wanted. Thank you!!"

This one celebrates a Marriage and a Military commitment.
 Thank you Melanie for your request:
"Hi Maria. I've purchased several wonderful artworks from you and I have another request. I would like a Basic EOD badge with the name LAWTON, A Panther with the name ERIN and a heart in the middle with the name DRAKE. On the bottom Id like is to read September 24, 2011."

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

L is for Lovin'...

Lots of Lovin'...

This coming Sunday, celebrates 30 years of marriage completed. I am so blessed and it is amazing to me to think that my hubby and I have been married more years together than not! :o)

 Our wedding photo was taken in West Allis, Wisconsin...and the one of our 29th Anniversary dinner was when my hubby and I used the gift card from our younger daughter Girly~Whirly for a dinner at the Melting Pot in Savannah, Georgia.

& Lovin' our 2011 family Christmas up at my dad's in Eagle River, Wisconsin...
My handsome hubby, me, my terrific dad, Girly~Twirly, her hubby Awesome, Girly~Whirly's future hubby Amazing, and Heartbreaker

Joining in with Ms. Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday 's "L" posts... 

(If you are familiar with my "M.O.D." aka mode of operation, when it comes to my blog know how "log-winded" I can get.... SO, after my lo-o-o-o-ng blog break, I am turning over a new leaf...I am going to try to put up shorter least, I will give it a try!_

Lovin' all the blessings during this new year ahead...
...our daughter Girly~Twirly's first baby's (aka our first grandbaby's) birth in March!
...our daughter Girly~Whirly's graduation from dental school!
...her wedding two weeks later!

Lovin' and blessed with all the art orders that I have completed and working is one of those... (I appreciate all of you, dear blogger friends and appreciate your interest in the art I do).

Thank you so very much for stopping by and leaving your kind comments....they are a sweet surprise to me.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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