Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful... dad's surgeries are over.
5 heart bypasses.

Complications made the time in surgery so much more longer than expected.

But...Very thankful-he's resting in ICU til tomorrow afternoon. 

...Very thankful that Aunt Peggy & Uncle Barney are there 
& updated family. 

...Very thankful 4 the surgeon, nurses, anesthesiologists 
& those caring 4 him in ICU. 

& Thank You 4 ur love, prayers, thoughts, well wishes, support. 

Praise the Lord.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Eagle River...

(click on here to read about "the making of a community")

located in the Great North Woods...
(on the the pier of my parent's home...)

40 years is still as beautiful.
Spring 2009
(My Hubby and our Heartbreaker)

Snowmobile Capitol of the World...

Where Eagles fly...
(My dad's uncle's name-also Krueger...wonder if there is a relation?)

Where my dad's Uncle and Aunt made their home, before it was passed down to my dad.
(*Will post photos here later*)

Where my parents, brother and I moved to after my dad retired from the Air Force in 1981.
(*Will post photos here later*)

Where my hubby and I spend some time...
before leaving to be "baby newlyweds" in New Mexico in 1982.

Where my little sister was born a couple of years later.

Where my brother and sister graduated from high school...

Where our kids love to visit between our military moves.


There are many more photos throughout the years, but those are in storage boxes.

Where they have awesome Fish Fry dinners on Friday!

(Spring 2009)

Spring 2010

Here is one of my favorite photos of my parents...not sure when this was taken.
(maybe 2003?)
(I sure do miss you, mom!)

I think this is a great photo of my dad!
 (taken for his 2010 church directory).

So blessed to have a wonderful family.  
We have many great memories of times in Eagle River! 
And look forward to making more memories...

It will be so, so, so good to have my dad's surgeries for the multiple bypasses
 successfully completed next week...
surgeries are scheduled for Thursday, Oct 28th.
and have him back on the Road to Recovery!


"For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord.

“They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a HOPE.
Jeremiah 29:11

I'm so behind! but will come back to add some other photos and some drawing samples. And to the winners of my drawing giveaways, Thank you all so much for getting with me...I have some completed already and need to get to the post office and UPS store. I will be contacting you and also continue working on the other orders.

Here are a few Eagle drawings...

and another "E" with wings...Egret

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for this week's letter "E". 

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dental pics, Drawings, and Da Kine...

We are back in Georgia! Thank you for stopping by my past posts while we were visiting family in Hawaii. It may take a bit...but I will be sure to stop by and return your lovely visits!

Lots to share on this post. 

FIRST "D" topic- I do link up with some weekly meme's once a week...

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for this week's letter "D". 



I'm posting these "D" related in DENTAL Visits...
Here are some past photos taken at some of our children's dental visits when they were little...

Now, as some may know...our older daughter (aka Girly~Twirly aka theluckiestmrs.) is a dentist and our younger daughter (aka Girly~Whirly) is in her 3rd year of dental school...
Heartbreaker isn't looking into the dental field...although his sisters have teased him about joining them :o)

Girly~Twirly: 6 years old.

The next year in October...

...All 3 were seen at a Pediatric Dental Office...

Girly~Twirly: turned 8 years old
Girly~Whirly: 4.5 years old
Heartbreaker: 17 months old

Now...19 years brother's daughter and son had their first Dental visits. :o)

SECOND "D" topic- Drawing giveaways.
I really appreciate all of you that entered for my 100th post giveaways. And thank you for your patience. Here are the names of the winners. Please be sure to contact me by email, so that I know that you are still interested. I want to be sure, since some of you may have kindly commented without the intention of entering.  Any of the giveaways that are not claimed within 48 hours, I will draw again from the comments on those posts.

**edited note added Oct 15** Those of you, whose comments were drawn, Please at your convenience let me know when possible, if you are still interested...I know that some of those selected have or are going through some very serious issues, so I do understand that this is very trivial and pales in importance. Prayers go out to you and your families. 

Giveaway #1 8x10 Eagle: Kathie@Just a Happy Housewife's comment:
Maria, congratulations on 100 wonderful posts! I'm so glad that I found you and your blog :-)
I would love to have the monogram one with Joshua and Kathie plus our last name :-)
You are such a dear to have this giveaway, the bloggers who win these are very very lucky!

Giveaway #2 8x10 monogram: Mo's comment:
and i've visited the beautiful luckiest mrs

i hope she's doing well!

Giveaway #3 8x10 Military insignia: Miss Sweet Tea's comment:
Oh boy, so excited for this giveaway! I would love to win a piece of your art to give my parents for Mom would just die!

It's tough to choose, but I would go with either the eagle because my parents are very patriotic and this would fit in perfectly with their house, or the rank insignia for my Dad. But then again, my parents anniversary is December 7, and the monogrammed drawing would be a perfect gift for that occasion. So basically, I would pick any of them! Ha :)

Giveaway #4 8x10 Baby design (your choice): Teresa@Grammy Girlfriend's comment:
Congratulations on your blog journey...What great giveaways...I am a follower and a Blogerette...I am going to visit your daughter right now....and will post your good to hear from you

And for the additional 8x10 Giveaway of your choice for comments left on my Sept 22nd post: Michelle A'etonu's comment:
your drawings are simply amazing. and you gals are all so gorgeous!

For the 5-20% gift certificate Giveaways (to be used towards YOUR choice of image, with YOUR choice of name, in YOUR choice of size (8x10 or 11x14).
The following:
1. Mrs. G's comment: Hey Maria

What a wonderful give away for your 100th POST!!!
Congratulations my friend I LOVE your blog and your work!!!
I'll be back with my next comment!!!
Hugs Tracy

2. Angela's comment: I love your work! It is amazing! Congrats on 100 posts!!

I would love the monogram or the military insignia.

(if the other comment I just tried to leave worked please delete one. I got an error when I posted it)

3. Bacardi mama's comment: I'd follow you anywhere and I have been for quite awhile now.

4. Debbie's comment: Aloha! I already have your button on my sidebar on Heart Choices.

Congratulations on your 100th blog post. I'm so glad you joined our blogging community. 
Love you, Debbie

5. Kel's comment: I just visited your sweet daughter's blog. She looks so happy in the top picture! :) Isn't love grand!

It's exciting to me when I learn that my name has been chosen for a giveaway that I have entered. And I was so happy to find such an overwhelming number of comments on those two posts, so I also picked 5 more names from out of the comments that did not get selected (from both posts combined), for 5 more 20% gift certificates.  

These are the additional comments:
1. xinexThe newspaper picture is precious. You all look so pretty and the recent pictures are even more precious. How wonderful to be all together. Enjoy your trip to Hawaii!...Christine

2. LVYou know how I feel about your work and family. Tell "Heartbreaker" he did a super job on that rainbow scene. That is an awesome sight. That would have made a perfect feature for Sky Watch Friday. You and family have such strong ties and love, I do not blame you for sharing them with us. We need more families like yours. I am not sure about doing some of the things to enter your giveaway. At least, count me in as I will take anything I can get from you. It took awhile, but you finally made that 100 mark. When you have so many irons in the fire, you cannot do post everyday. You have done very well in all the things you are involved in. Thank you for being such a good friend.

3. KristinThose are some good genes lady. All three of you are just gorgeous!

4. JennyI always think you look like a sister, rather than a mother to your kids!

You are very talented and I did not realize the picture was made with the name. Really neat talent! These would be great for a new baby. Now I just need someone I know to have one!
Thanks for the happy link to Alphabe-Thursday.
I always smile when I come here.
Have a wonderful and safe trip.

5. SueWhat a beautiful family you have! Thanks for sharing them with us.

I think I need to get myself in gear and order these for my grandchildren. I need to think about what the pictures should be and then I will be in touch.  =)

& last of all...IF you had left a comment on either of those posts and your name was not selected for the previously mentioned giveaways...I do want to extend to you in appreciation-10% off the regular price of any one order. IF you are interested, please contact me, so that I may best give you a time frame as to when an order may be completed. especially if you are interested in these for Christmas gifts. 

I did put a deadline on the 20% certificates as to when these need to be placed, since this is the time that I do get very busy with orders for Christmas. But please contact me, and we can discuss the details.

Again...I cannot express enough how much I appreciate all your comments. 


THIRD "D" topic- Da kine......which I added, along with a short video clip of the first photos taken on our way to visit family...

da kine
(duh kai-n)

Definition: much like the word Aloha, da kine has multiple definitions, meanings and uses. Mostly, it is used when trying to explain something when you can’t think of the words.

"Da kine" is a word in Hawaiian Pidgin, derived from "the kind", that usually functions as a placeholder name (compare to "whatsit" and "whatchamacallit"), but can also take the role of a verb, adjective, or adverb. Unlike other placeholder names in English, however, which usually refer specifically to a device (e.g. "gizmo"), person (e.g. "so-and-so"), or place (e.g. "Anytown, USA"), "da kine" is general in usage and could refer to anything from a person to an abstract concept. It can be used to refer to something nonspecific, or given enough context (especially when used in conversation between native speakers of the dialect) to something very specific. As such, it appears to be unique among English dialects, at least in its centrality to everyday speech.
(source: wikipedia)

DA KINE (da KINE) Da kine is the keystone of pidgin. You can use it anywhere, anytime, anyhow. 
(source: Pidgin to Da Max)

Trever Cralle's Surfin'Ary lists da kine as "the word you use when you don't use the word."

"da kine" is an example of a very common Pidgin word/phrase...
As is quoted from "Pidgin is a beautiful, expressive language. It was originally created so that the immigrants, the Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese and Filipinos as well as the Hawaiians and the Americans could do business. What evolved is a true language. Almost all people who live here weave some pidgin into their daily conversation, education and upbringing notwithstanding."
Example: da kine. The kind. The ultimate pidgin phrase. Can mean virtually anything. 1)Eh, you get any da kine? 2)Ho, brah, dat's da kine. 3) She wen da kine foa get da kine foa da kine.

"da kine" can also be a descriptive word like "great/awesome"...

"DA KINE wen broke in DA KINE and den we wen miss DA hea, DA KINE pictures on DA KINE...some at DA KINE..."
(ok...yes, I admit that I really exaggerated the use of "Da kine" in that sentence :o)

translation: "Our airplane was grounded due to hydraulic malfunctions in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We missed our connecting flight from Oahu to here are some great pictures taken on our start of our vacation...some at the Hale Koa Hotel..."

LAST "D" topic... some "D" drawings:
I have shared this one on an older post, but think these Dachshunds are just so aDorable!
These are the Darlings of Colorado Lady.

These Doves were for a 25th Anniversary gift.

This Dinosaur was done in 1989 for a customer's son
and then another one for this customer,
for her son's son in 2008!

This one was for a gentleman that worked for Du Pont.

This Daisy was for a baby gift.

This was given as a gift from Dr. Jones' office staff.

(Hawaiian for Thank you!)
( should I say...Danke!...Deutsch for Thank you!)

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