Friday, June 25, 2010

Wings for flying...

Wings....angel wings....fragile, translucent dragonfly wings...vibrant patterned butterfly wings...
These ones on this post are about the silver wings that my hubby received in 1988. It's a symbol of something he had dreamed of accomplishing...

Even way back when he was only 2yrs old...
(photo taken on his 2nd bday - Dec 25)

He would hold his hands and "make" them "fly". He remembers doing this when he was little.  & in this photo of him and his brother, his hand was caught in action :o)

Fast forward from 1963 to 1988...
(2nd row...he's my handsome hunk...the last one that you can see on the right).

Here's a closeup:

This slideshow has some past photos during flight school and during our first assignment at Schofield Barracks/Wheeler Airfield, Hawaii.

This photo was one I found after I made the slideshow.
It is another one of Mr. B pinning on my little wings :o) 

Each of the spouses received mini wings too :o)
(I think it is so cute :o)
I took this by a penny dated 1988-the year he completed and graduated from flight school.
I meant to ask him where his wings are... so I could take a picture of his next to mine.

Here's Mr. B, in Iraq, after flying his Apache helicopter (aka AH-64).
...cooling off in his tent with a little photo album we sent to him in a care package.


A wee bit late (ok...pretty late!) ...but I am hurrying to get my "W" post in at
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Another blogger mentioned to me to link up with
the ABC Wednesday Team's ABC Wednesday Rounds,
so I'm joining with this one too.
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Here are some drawing orders inspired by a variety of "wings".

This first was actually the Solo Flight certificate that I designed for each of those in my husband's flight class to be given after their Solo Flight was taken in the little TH-55.

(The TH-55 was enitrely drawn using the words PURPLE PIRATES)

**In trying to get these posted more quickly, I have combined the drawings on Photoshop** 
You can click on each, if you wish to see a bigger view. 

The following are three separate drawings...

1. The butterfly was drawn with the name KYLA.
(This was an order that was done in memory of a beautiful young teen).

2. The dragonfly was drawn for my sweet little niece with her name BRECKEN.

3. And the hummingbird & flower were drawn with the name LORI.

These three are also separate orders.

1.The shuttle was drawn with the name JIM.

2. The two little darlings are of a brother CALVIN and his little sister JULIETTE.
(Their mom and dad wanted little angel wings on their little angels :o)

3.The flying Tigger was for a wedding gift done with John & Anmy's last name SCHRADER.

Thank you for stopping by and please do leave a comment :o) I love to hear from you and will get by to visit too :o)

Blessings & Aloha!

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...cuz on my 100th post, 
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Veterans & "Vaters"...

"VATER" is German for "Father"... I thought I would add that in, since we are working on the letter "V" fits perfectly! So...with Father's day coming up this weekend...

"Glucklicher Vatertag!"...Happy Father's day!

& to continue with the letter "V"...Veterans.

The following are some past photos of some of our family who have served in the military...

First are some of my Mr. B aka Hubby aka Honey, Sweetie, Hubba-bubba (I really don't call him this, but thought it's a cute nick name :o)

These were taken when we first were married.
He was in the Air Force, 
as a Space Shuttle/Crash Rescue/EMT fireman.

And this was during flight school:

And this was taken of my mom, hubby, me and my dad 
at the Flight School Graduation Ball:
Since I could not find the photo of Dave's dad in uniform, I am posting this one.

Mr. B's dad served in the U.S. Army.  During the Korean war, an explosion occurred and he was blinded for 2 weeks and also told that with injuries from shrapnel, he would not have kids. he is with Mr. B's mom right after they came home with their second of four children. This was  Mr. B as a baby.
I am sooo thankful that the docs were wrong! :o)

 Mr. B was born about 14 months after his older brother, followed by their sister - 13 months later and then 6 years after came their younger sister.

This Mr. B's Uncle Delbert.
(his mother's older brother)
He has such a sweet, loving way about him.
(late 1940's/early 1950's)

This is Mr. B's cousin Bobby.
He was very tall! Mr. B's dad was 6'1".
(Uncle Bobby was also much older than Mr. B and his siblings, so out of respect, 
the kids called him Uncle Bobby):
Uncle Bobby, Mr. B's Dad, Mr. B
brother Joey

This one is a photo of Mr. B's Uncle Peter.
Uncle Peter and his wife, Aunt Darlene, were the first of Mr. B's family 
that I met when we first started dating in New Mexico.
(Sept 1966)
at the Hilo, Hawaii airport.
Voovoo, Uncle Bobby, Uncle Peter, Mr. B's mom
Mr. B, brother Joey, sister Sandy


One of Mr. B's Dad's brother-Uncle George-retired Army colonel, 
gave General Westmoreland daily briefings during Vietnam.
(Nov 1966)
Aunt Patty and Uncle George
Mr. B and brother Joey


My dad is retired Air Force.
We traveled & lived mainly in the United States and the Pacific...
moving about every 2 years.


My Lolo served in the Philippine Army: 
He helped take care of me when I was really little :o)
 I remember him being fit and strong. 
I have more family on my mom's side that served in the Philippine Army.


This was taken when Mr. B and I were married. 
My dad and Mr. B were wearing their uniforms.
Dad, me, Mr. B, my brother Leonard, Mom


This is my brother Leo, who is currently in the Navy.
My SIL. their cutie, & their baby doll
welcoming him home from sea duty!

And if you  have been to my blog before, you have seen this photo of Mr. B.
It is one of my favorites. :o)
I asked him to "Please" take this photo.
***Isn't it great what our loved ones do for us? :o)***

It was taken after his last official flight.
Now he says he "flies a desk."

We both have more family that have served in the military, but these are the photos that I was able to find.  Thank  you to all those who have served or are currently serving in the military.  And also to all the families of military men and women.

These are past orders representing:

the ARMY





this one was just ordered last week and
sent out this past Monday for a Father's day gift from Kate.
Her dad owns his own catering business.

Kate is serving overseas. 
Thank you for your order and prayers for your safety.

Thank you, Jenny for another:
Jenny Matlock
Thank you, Alicia for
Friday Photo Flashback!

& joining in with:


Please be sure to check back for my 100th post and giveaways.  I really try to post at least one each it will be several weeks til my 100th. :o)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

"...a more perfect union..."

This is part of a quote from the Preamble of the United States Constitution...a brief introduction to the Constitution.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence,[1] promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

I am not going to talk about this Preamble, but am actually "borrowing" this phrase to post about what Mr. B and I have together...

(at his family's Hawaiian wedding luau...his mom sewed his shirt and my blouse.)
This was the first time that I was able to meet many of his family and friends.

We are definitely not perfect by any means! Even when circumstances are not perfect or when our actions, words, thoughts are not perfect...

But by the grace and love of God, we have a "perfect union".

(taken on our honeymoon, when he was showing me around his island)

Through many Ups and downs, I am so blessed to know that Mr. B will listen to me whine, I mean- listen to my concerns.  There are times of disagreements and times of irritations, but I love the many more times when we find ourselves think, feel or say something in the "exact moment"!  (There are times that I make a mistake ...forget, misplace or lose something, and of course, Mr. B just happens to be there!  <*That does drive me nuts!* 
But he loves me, in spite of my imperfection :o)

We were mere babes when we met and got married! You can read about how we met HERE. And on this post,you can read just how quick he was to ask me to marry him. After 28 years of marriage, we have grown together... and continue to grow together. 

"What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. " 
Mark 10:9

Here is our most recent picture.
...I got him right when he came home from work!  
& before he was able to change to mow the lawn...
(this is after the 4th deleted photo! haha)

When I look at him, I feel that I am blessed! And even though, it is great to feel comfortable with each other like a favorite blanket, it is also exciting to still have the feelings of "first love" for each other too!

Thank you for allowing me to stretch it a bit by using this "U" post to share a bit more about Us, Using the "U" word Union :o)
 Jenny Matlock
(...I had another U post started, but am waiting for a few photos, so will finish that post another time)
Friday Photo Flashback

Blessings & Aloha!
More drawings drawn for other couples' wedding or anniversaries:
Each are drawn using their names. 

"I would like to order another wedding picture for the following..."
Thank you for another order from a long time, repeat customer...
...who has ordered these for friends since 1994!

This is another recent order, it is of a Lladro figurine. 
Thank you for your email:
"Just want the thank you and tell you the picture is beautiful and I am excited about giving it to them for the wedding."

This wedding monogram is the 2nd one from a wonderful customer.
"... I ordered an original print from you back in November for my parent's anniversary. They LOVED it and everyone has been so impressed by the work that you do...I would like to order another print from you, this time as a wedding gift..."

..This is the first one that was for her parent's anniversary.


This monogram is the most recent order from Kim.
 "...I'm back....and hoping to place another order!..."

(Remember to check back on my future 100th post...for giveaways of a couple of drawings and I also will be picking from the comments left a number of % off certificates towards drawing orders.)

...I also am joining in for the first time with Heather, Evonne, and Steph in their 2nd week of: 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Travels full of Treasures...

These Travel adventures are Treasured experiences.
Serving others...
" love serve one another." 
~Galations 5:13~

I have said this before, that it usually takes me a week to get a post together and up, since I do it a little at a time because of my work schedule and wanting to spend time on the weekends with Mr. B, family or friends.  I was already started on this post about our kids' mission trips, so that helped a bit. :o)

So, I am linking up with Jenny's amazing
& Alicia's fantastic 

Thank you to all those on the missions' field all around the world, as well as, serving those in their hometowns.

The time was spent helping others, and yet, Girly~Twirly, Girly~Whirly, Heartbreaker & Mr. B's agree that much was given back into their lives during their trips.

Here are video slideshows of These Treasured Trips in the order of years that they were taken:

2007: Girly~Twirly in Honduras

2008: Heartbreaker in Nicaragua

2009: Girly~Whirly on Roatan Island

~& here is a past video slideshow (I had posted on a previous post) 
of my hubby serving on various Army relief and training missions.
& the little ones he loved meeting.

Thank you to all the military and their service!

"...Inasmuch as you have done it onto the least of my brethern, you have done it unto me."   ~Matthew25:40~ matter where we are and what we do, may we do it unto the Lord.

Blessings & Aloha! always, I do enjoy your comments and get over to reply to them, but it may take a while...
Thank you for taking a look around my little corner of the blogger world. :o)

& soon it will be my 100th post and I will have a giveaway for an 8x10 drawing and also giveaways of some gift certificates to be used towards a drawing order.

The following drawing orders were given as thank you gifts for service and support.
(Again...if you are new to my blog (with every post, I try to share some samples of past orders) and the artwork that I do...each drawing is drawn entirely with an individual's name).

This was a thank you ordered by one of her friends.

This one was ordered for this individual who loves lighthouses, by family members.

This was for a firefighter. It was taken from the photo taken in New York after 9/11.

This military one was for a thank you for the unit's commander.

This was drawn for Mrs. Patty Shinseki, when her husband was the Chief of Staff of the Army.

This was for a thank you gift for a special instructor ...of her sweet little pup.

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