Friday, December 16, 2011

Festive fun!

Wishing all a very merry & blessed Christmas...

Hauoli Makahiki Hou! 
Happy New Year!

(We will be traveling and spending Christmas with all our children at my dad's in the beautiful winterwonerland in northern Wisconsin. When we reutrn...I will post some photos from there and also post about my wonderful Secret Santa gift that arrived from the Secret Santa gift exchange...Thank you soooo much for the wonderful surprise package :o)


Here are some photos taken during my visit this past weekend. It was so good to see & spend time with all the kids, be there for our daughter, Girly~Whirly's birthday & see her, so beautiful, try on some wedding gowns (we weren't allowed to take photos, but she was stunning :o)

...and to be at our daughter, Girly~Twirly's baby shower hosted by Girly~Whirly and 5 of her dear friends.  They did such an amazing job with planning, organizing, decorating, catering!  They did it all and each living in different towns.

Come along and join in. 
It was held at the beautiful home of the girls' sorority sister M's parent's home.
(Girly~Twirly and Girly~Whirly are Kappa Deltas).  Their gorgeous home had plenty of room for all the guests and was so inviting.

This adorable baby rattle with the burlap ribbon, created by J, welcomes you at the front door.

Step inside and the festive pom-poms created by M.B. hang from the entry's chandelier. On the table is a framed invitation created by J.E., a polaroid camera to take your photo and a little book created by J.E. You can pick any page to put your photo in and write a little note.

This is the room off to the right, where some guests can sit, eat and visit. The pom-poms in here were created by M.B. too. And the three sweet ribbon topiaries were created by J. Little frames filled with sweet sayings were placed in the center by J.E.

Here is another view from the other entrance to this room, where you can see the entry hall and door to the office across the hall.

Here are a couple of the areas that the guests could sit, eat and visit in. In the sunroom, J and her hubby and baby girl visit with three of the other hostesses - M.B., J, and L.

Girly~Twirly enjoy the company of her hubby's parents, and a few of the guests.

Here is the mantel with the fabric covered letters announcing "It's a Girl" created by M.B. and her sisters.

Our son in law, Dr. Awesome, and Girly~Twirly are here!
Love her little baby bump!

They also welcome our son Heartbreaker and his girlfriend Sweetie to the shower.

Here are two of the 6 hostesses, Girly~Whirly, L and her little cutie D in the kitchen setting up.

M.B. prepared the Arnold Palmer tea and the fruity cocktail. And M.B.'s hubby and a fraternity brother brewed a special beer for our son in law and the guys.  Couples were invited to the shower.

M's brother-in-law's sister baked this yummy cake! & L baked these lovely cake pops!

L also baked these lovely onsie cookies! Sweet in yummy flavor and sweet teal icing with the details like the KD for Kappa Delta and the little pearl buttons.

Girly~Twirly holding the little Kappa Delta onsie.

By the full table of yummy treats and sweets prepared by M.B. Girly~Whirly, L, and me. M also made a delicious Chicken Stew...perfect for the chilly day.

 Standing by some of the beautifully wrapped gifts and the diaper cake.

The little bow and hair ribbon holder I made by adding a some green fabric and tutu to a little dress form.  I made the bows to match the little dresses, my hubby and I had fun buying :o) More hair clips can be clipped on the tutu.   (I didnt take a photo of them opening the finished baby quilt I had made.)

Girly~Twirly with the six lovely hostesses.  In order, from left to right:

M is a dear friend and Kappa Delta sorority sister. This is her parent's beautiful home.

J with her adorable little girl. J is specializing to be a Pediatric dentist and graduated with Girly~Twirly.

M.B. is a dentist, who graduated with Girly~Twirly. Her hubby also graduated as a dentist with the girls.


L is a dear friend and Kappa Delta sister with a beautiful little girl and cute little boy.

J is a dentist who also graduated with Girly~Twirly. (I love the written wishes sheet that she created for all the guests to fill out.  There were sentences left unfinished and to be written by the guests to the little one... Some were very sweet and some were funny...and all fun to read.  A great keepsake for our grandbaby to look back on and read.)

& of course, our sweet daughter Girly~Whirly. Our girls are like two peas in a blessed that all they and their brother are close.  I am in awe of all that she has had to do, especially this time of year with all the exams for dental school,  the clinical work, preparing & creating this beautiful shower, etc...

Another photo of the hostesses, Girly~Twirly and our son in law, Dr. Awesome. :o)

I realized once I got back from my trip, that I didnt take photos of all the guests.  ...& didnt get a photo of our future son-in-law, Dr. Amazing, who was also there, but had to come a little later after some training for placement of mini dental implants.

Most of these photos were taken before the guests arrived...afterwards, I was enjoying the moment and failed my photo-taking duties! :o)

Our son in law..."modeling" over his shoulders...the beautiful crocheted blanket that Girly~Whirly created for her little between all the studying for the dental boards, other exams, and clinic!

I love that they had an impromptu kiss...but I missed it, so had them kiss again for this photo :o)

We are looking forward to meeting and holding our sweet little grandbaby girl in March. They still are deciding on names :o)

We will be traveling up to my dad's for a white Christmas, so although my hubby was not able to go to this past weekend, he will be able to see Girly~Twirly before she has the baby.

Joining in with Ms. Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday fun...

& here is one of the recent orders that is not a Christmas gift, so am able to post this one now.

 (if you are new to my blog...ALL the artwork I do is completely drawn entirely with a person's name.  This little firetruck is drawn with ETHAN....the entire image...the wheels, etc...)

This is one is for a baby gift.
Thank you Kerri for thinking of this one for your friend's little newborn boy.

Thank you all for visiting and commenting!   After being away from home, getting back in the routine at work and finishing on more art orders for Christmas, I hope to return all the visits from my last post! Thank you again!

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GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Such a wonderful celebration as you all wait for the arrival of this precious little one! So excited for you all! :)

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

What a lovely party! A beautifully decorated home and great friends.

anitamombanita said...

What a lovely shower, lovely girls and joyous occasion. I love that they didn't ket the baby's gender dictate the color...I'm not a pink lover. ;) Family is great. Grandkids are great great great!! Yay for you!

21 Wits said...

These are the precious parts of sharing our lives with our children as they begin to make their own little was certainly in the air for all of you....!

Pat said...

What a beautiful day for all of you...such an exciting time for your family!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi There, Just stopping by to say Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Congrats on the upcoming birth in March of your granddaughter... There's nothing better than being a Grammy!!!!!!


Pondside said...

What a lovely shower! Those girls did a beautiful job of it! I'm so happy for you - first grandchild - it's just the nicest time of life.

Leslee said...

Maria!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful event with us!! Your daughters friends/"sisters" put together an amazing shower for her and your baby granddaughter :-)

I am SO looking forward to love that you will feel when you finally meet that little one... Beyond words!

More Than Words said...

What a gorgeous baby shower!!!!!!! What a blessing to have friends like that!! Everything looked perfect!!!!!

Bearly Sane said...

Merry Christmas Maria ... loved all the photos of the celebrations ... have a great one Christmas day!!

Warmest hugs,

Vicki/Jake said...

How awesome! And how blessed you are to have such sweet kids:) I won't be surprised if the name Maria is included in the grandbabygirl's name...

Have a Merry Christmas Maria!!

Veronica Lee said...

WOW!!! Such beautiful photos! I gasped at every single pic!

Selamat Hari Krismas dan Tahun Bahru!

(Merry Christmas and Happy New Year)

xinex said...

Hi Maria! I saw these pics on FB and I was in awe at all the beauty of the event and preparations. I know how excited you are to meet your very first grandbaby. I just met my latest one last Monday, 12-26. I hope you get to meet her on my blog too. You daughter looks so cute with her little bump.Have a happy new year and enjoy your vacation...Christine

Jenny said...

They did a Fabulous job putting this Fun-Filled party together!

Thanks for linking to the letter "F"!

Fond wishes For a Fantastic 2012!


Birgit said...

Hi there,

First of all, thanks so much for leaving comments on my blog. That certainly makes blogging extra special! :)

Oh, that baby shower was extra special -- I love all the photos!

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What about having a look at my Advent and Christmas and getting an impression of Munich's Christmas market ? Moreover, you can see some frosty weather photos and pictures from a walk around my neighborhood on January 1st. Finally, there are photos of New Year's Eve . Of course, comments are welcome -- it's always great to hear what you think!

Have a wonderful 2012,
your blog friend from Munich, Germany,

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