Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pink Pretty Princess

Pink pretty princess posing in pink pajamas...

This weekend we will be meeting up with everyone to celebrate this little princess's 2nd birthday!!

So happy to spend time with all our kids, our son in law's family and this little pumpkin pie.

Here are a couple of other recent pics...

She loves to carry this plush puppies...and sat here and said "Cheese"!
(taken on Feb 4, 2014, she sat down and asked her mommy to take a picture!)

And then she posed the puppies perfectly propped up beside her for another pic...

And here this pretty pink posy is loving on one of her real puppies...
(This particular picture was a previous pic posted on Bunny, Books, and Best Buddies).


On this post, I am sharing the drawing that I created for our grandbaby for her first birthday.
(If you have not already had a chance to look at my Personalized Sketches facebook art page, I would love it, when you do look around at other art drawn in a person's name, if you leave any comments beneath is fun to know that you were by :o) And oh please, do "like" my page there too! 

In this one, you may notice the different flowers....of course, these all do not grow as shown, but rather represent each birth place of her mommy, daddy, Gigi & Bear (her other grandparents), Papa & Lolli (my hubby and I).   

Her mommy ~ born in New Mexico > NM's state flower  > the Yucca flower/plant
Her daddy ~ born in Kentucky > KY's state flower > the Goldenrod
Her Gigi ~ born in Kentucky > KY's state flower > the Goldenrod
Her "Bear" ~ born in Tennessee > TN's state flower > the Iris
Her Papa ~ born in Hawaii > HI's state flower > the Hibiscus
Her Lolli (me :o) ~ born in the Philippines > Philippine's national flower > the Sampaguita

Joining in with wonderful Jenny's Alphabe-thursday's P posts...

Oh my! I am so, so, so behind...with my blog visiting! (Working at the dental office as a temp hygienist, working on art orders, and sewing up a storm for our little sweet pea's limiting blog time, but I will catch up! Thank you all for stopping in and I will return each of your lovely visits!

...speaking of...I cannot find some of your blogs when I click onto your names, unless it goes directly through Blog connections, but not through google + connections.

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