Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beautiful Beaches...

Beautiful Beaches...

Ah yes...I've been to beaches in the Philippines(don't remember the times when I was a baby...but do remember the times when we went back to visit...I was about 12yrs old, as well as when we were stationed back there again in was on the beaches by an area called 1000 Islands and also by my mom's home  town of Gubat in the province of Sorsogon). 

Japan (about 1970-ish...actually...only vaguely remember this one...kinda rocky and pretty cold...we were stationed on the northern most island of Hokkaido).

Texas (another dusty memory... Corpus Christi...with my mom when she would go with some of her girlfriends for a Girl's weekend trip...about 1973-ish...we were stationed in Kelly AFB, near San Antonio, TX).

California (also memories of a California beach by San Diego is kinda stuck in the recesses of my mind...we were leaving from my family's second assignment in the Philippines to get stationed in New Mexico...1979-ish). ...Oh! boy...lots of cobwebs on these surely do help...and I can't find any of these particular beach adventures right now.

Since my hubby and I will be heading to visit his family in Hawaii...

Here are some photos when I first went to meet my hubby's family on the Big Island. We were married only a couple of months. 1982
(This was at the Hilo airport...when I first met my hubby's sweet parents. 
They welcomed me into the family...with lots of love!
I do miss them!)

(And here are his sisters and brother...I felt like I had known them for forever...)

& I thought I would share some of the Hawaii beach photos that I don't think I have already posted.

Handsome Coconut Island.

On a rock wall also by the beach of Coconut Island.

at another Beach park...

By the huge Banyon trees near the beaches of Kona 
(on the other side of the Big Island).

Back in Hilo...going to...yep...the Beach!

(Don't ya love those short, short military P.T. shorts?)


Here are 2 other past posts with more beach photos... 

Since on those previous posts, there are a number of "BEACH-inspired" art... I thought to share a few past samples of art that start with the letter "B"...

This Ballerina was drawn for a very talented young lady.

 This little Ballerina was drawn in memory of a sweet baby girl.

This was drawn for a financier....all about the Bulls and Bears...stocks exchange.

These two cuddley Bears were for a newly wed couple.

This Big Barn was family owned for a very long time, but finally with time, it had to be torn down.
So, one of the members of this family sent me a photo of it back in the "good ol' days".


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Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday meme 
now on to the letter B.



My hubby and I are on our way to the Big Island of Hawaii...
Thank you for stopping by! 
I will reply to any comments when I have a chance :o) 

***I haven't forgotten about the giveaways! ...I will be posting the winners after we return!***
Thank you all so much for entering and all your sweet comments!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A is...All About the Art...

...that I do...
"that's All about You!"

Some of you may know about Personalized Sketches Artwork. this is nothing new.

But there may be some readers that are new to my blog.

And sometimes, even after someone, initially looks at one of the drawings that I do...

some may not realize that each of the Personalized Sketches is drawn entirely with a name.

Here is a photo from a local newspaper article in Alabama.
Girly Whirly is in my lap, while Girly Twirly helps hold a drawing.

Our last name was spelled incorrectly... 
which has happened often.
...lots of people like to put that "H" by the "T" :o)

I did one back in 1985 for a gift for my brother.
...and after others saw that one, I began taking orders.
This was drawn in pencil. 
All the ones I do for orders are in a fade-proof ink on medium/heavy weight art paper.

... I have been blessed and thankful for those interested in the Art that I do.

Here are some examples...drawn throughout the years:

A is for:


Army Airborne crest:


Arc de Triomphe:

Apache helicopter:



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starting back again with the letter A.



And ending this post with a few recent photos of when we were able to drive up to visit 
with our Awesome kiddoes on Labor Day weekend.

Our older daughter aka Dr. B
aka Girly~Twirly  
aka The Luckiest Mrs. & her Mister (also Dr. B) ;o)
and my hubby and I at a Pizza King!

Being together "is good"! 
Our son-Heartbreaker, 
younger daughter-Girly~Whirly, 
& older daughter-Girly~Twirly

Blessed to spend time with our
Girly~Twirly and Girly~Whirly.
They surely have grown up
and although not our little bitty, sweethearts from that newspaper article.
...We are so thankful and blessed that they are beautiful, loving Godly women.


I am still hosting the giveaways for my 100th post, so please feel free to go to THIS POST 
and enter if you would like.   

Because of the response, I will add one more 8x10 to be picked from the comments left on this post.

It will be for an 8x10 of your choice of image, in your choice of name. 
(Shipping, tube and insurance cost will not be included. I will let you know what the cost is outside the continental United States. Otherwise, the cost for UPS shipping, tube and insurance of the 8x10 is $12).

Thank you so much for stopping by! 
If you are not interested in these little giveaways, please still feel free to leave a comment.
I appreciate all that you have to say :o)

We'll be in an Airplane headed to Hawaii next week!
I will try to do a post before we leave, but if not, I will when we come back.

Giveaways will be open for entries until Sept 29th at midnight EST.  My hubby and I will be leaving to visit his family in Hawaii on September 30th and returning on October 9th, so winners will be announced on the following week's post on Oct 14th.

***Also, please leave a contact email, if you are not a blogger or to be sure that I can notify you if you are one of those picked.***

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Friday, September 17, 2010

At the end of my blog rainbow... a pot of in all the amazing blogger friends I have met since I started blogging...
...and all the new blog friends still to meet!

*Heartbreaker's Hawaiian rainbow* 
~he took this photo when he was there this past summer~ 

Here's a little family trivia...
Our son was born on the island of Oahu.
My hubby was born on the Big Island of Hawaii.
His Mom and Dad were born on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Their parents were born on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Their parents came over from the Azores Island. seems as if there is always a rainbow to be seen somewhere on the islands!
So throughout the many years, 
throughout these 5 generations
...there have been countless, beautiful rainbows that have been observed!

Also celebrating (believe it or not...finally...) 100th post!

And so to thank all of you who have taken the time to take a peek at my corner of the blog world 
to celebrate my 100th post, here are some giveaways relating to the art that I do.

I am truly blessed and thankful for His grace, love and mercies and for family, friends & that the Lord has given me the ability to do the art that I do...

For those of you that are new to the artwork I do...
EACH drawing is drawn ENTIRELY with the name of an individual.  Look closely at the samples shown here...Also, ANY image using ANY name can be drawn.

Giveaway #1: an 8x10 eagle with verse (this is one of the first images that I have drawn back when I started taking orders...way back when :o)

Giveaway #2: an 8x10 monogram 

Giveaway #3: an 8x10 drawing of a military insignia
This sample is of the General's star. The winner would have their choice of rank or insignia.

Giveaway #4: an 8x10 drawing with baby info

This baby one, shown here, is just a sample...the winner would let me know what they want drawn.

& Each of the ones that are chosen will pick their choice of name to be used within the drawing. 

(This does not include cost of shipping. I will let you know what the cost of shipping will be if you live outside the continental United States. Otherwise, the cost for UPS shipping of the 8x10 will be $12)

I am also including 5 giveaways for gift certificates to be used towards YOUR choice of image, with YOUR choice of name, in YOUR choice of size (8x10 or 11x14).

(***This has an expiration date only because as it gets closer to Christmas, I get a lot of orders to complete. So in order to be sure to get your order completed and shipped out before I get swamped with the Christmas orders, I needed to set that date.***)

These are for the drawing only~ matting and framing are not included. Artwork is carefully shipped in a sturdy mailing tube.
Now here's how to enter (Please leave an comment for each entry):

1. Leave me a comment on this blog post. & if you'd like, I'd love to hear about what you would like drawn (you don't need to have a blog to enter, but be sure to leave your email so that I can contact you)....1 entry.

2. Follow my blog...1 entry.

3.  Write about this giveaway in YOUR blog (post...a link back to me, please)...2 entries.

4.  If you grab my button and post it on your sidebar with a link back....1 entry.

5.  If you are a "sister in the Bloggerette Sorority"...1 entry.

6.  If you visit our daughter's blog ~theLuckiestMrs.~
& leave her a comment between now and Sept 29th... 1 entry.
(...I added this special entry, because without her, I would have never known what a blog even was! :o)
 ***and she has not been able to post, since she has been a dentist working 5 days a week...but I know that she would love to find your comments :o)***

Giveaways will be open for entries until Sept 29th at midnight EST.  My hubby and I will be leaving to visit his family in Hawaii on September 30th and returning on October 9th, so winners will be announced on the following week's post on Oct 14th.

***Just edited: Also, please leave a contact email, if you are not a blogger or to be sure that I can notify you if you are one of those picked.***


Joining in with:
Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday meme 
and of the colors of the Rainbow.

(our son's Hawaiian rainbow photo flashback from only this past summer
...of all the many rainbows when we were living in Hawaii...
I was not able to find them in time for this post.)

(My walk down memory lane...regarding my fun time since our daughter The Luckiest Mrs. aka Girly~Twirly shared with us her wonderful blog...and opened up this amazing world of blogging to me!
...and to read about how I started doing this artwork using a person's name, please feel free to go to this past post HERE.)

***It has been great to be a part of this amazing world of blogging!***
 Thank you all so much for your kind comments! I always think it is sooo much fun to find a new comment and again...I have to say...I am humbled that you take the time to drop by!

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Purple Pirates...

Aargh! Mates!

This week the color is VIOLET...
I'm sharing some past photos of my hubby's Helicopter Flight Class:
Purple Pirates... 

In flight school, each flight going through is assigned a color to signify the different flights. His was Purple...and their class chose the Pirate as their mascot.

This was taken on our anniversary (I think that he just was able to swing by our home before heading back to class and I had just come home from a ladies luncheon).

(Mr. B was their flight's Candidate Commanding officer)

And here the girls are helping to show off one of his anniversary gifts...(I guess I started looking for everything "purple", thus the purple shirt...I am surprised that the girls were not dressed in purple! I will be posting a little video slideshow, and you will see that more often than not, purple was the color of choice for clothing during flight school! :o) 

Here's a little Purple Pirate Days slideshow:

Also remembering 9/11...we were stationed on a military installation, when this tragic series of events occurred.  My husband was one of the first to deploy, shortly after... Thank you to all those in military service, as well as those serving in the police force, medical fields and firefighting.

Mr. B was at a military course out of state.  Girly~Twirly was in her first year of college, Girly~Whirly was at the high school and our son was in the middle school on the post where we were stationed during that time.  I had just returned home from a morning run with a girlfriend...turned on the news to hear the newscasters talking about the first plane...when the second plane was shown flying into the tower.  It seemed like the whole military post had their eyes on televisions or ears tuned to the radio.  

Who would have thought that such a thing could happen in the United States?  And looking back at the photos taken while my husband was in flight school... Although we knew the purpose of flight school was flying to help defend and protect... who of us would have known that 13 years later from Purple Flight's graduation, that our military would be deploying shortly after those tragic events.  My husband was one of the first to deploy.

I am joining in this week with Mommy Moment...

This drawing was drawn as gift from a daughter to her father, who is a firefighter. This was taken from a  published photo of three firemen taken on the site of the World Trade Center.

This is a "multi-post" (thank you for reading through another long post! But each of these wonderful memes this week relate so well with what I want to share.)

I am also joining in with Goodnight Moon! as a Deployment Survivor!  

After my hubby became an Army aviator, he has been on 8 major Deployments, countless Field Exercises/Training Missions, numerous School courses, and countless TDYs out of state and out of country.
This past post is about "Our Handsome Hawaiian Hero..." that shares a video slideshow of some of the sweet little ones that he has met on some of his deployments.
& this past post shares some other family veterans in "Veterans & Vaters".

Here are some purple-related drawings:

This one was drawn and made into certificates for each of the guys in my hubby's Purple flight after they did their Solo flight in the TH55 helicopter. (T for training...H for helicopter...this little thing also affectionately known as the flying isnt used for training any longer).

This was a gift for a customer's family, so the last name was used in this Iris. I've done these also for those that live in Tennessee, since the Iris is the cultivated state flower.

This was a gift for a little girl whose room was decorated in Violets.

Jenny's Alphabe-Thursdaymeme 
and of the colors of the Rainbow.

also joining in with 

***Thank you to all of you that wished us safe travels and a wonderful visit with our kids! We had so much fun, laughed lots, and wished that it could have been longer :o)***


...on my upcoming 100th post, 
I will be doing some giveaways 
relating to the Personalized Sketches art. 
Thank you for stopping by!

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