Saturday, November 17, 2012


 Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
My, oh my what a wonderful day!
Plenty of sunshine heading my way
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay

Mister Bluebird on my shoulder
It's the truth, it's actch'll
Ev'rything is satisfactch'll
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
Wonderful feeling, wonderful day!
(song lyrics from the movie Song of the South)

I'm joining in with Jenny's Alphabe-thursday's "Z"!

It was a wonderful time spent with my hubby, children and granddaughter...

(Saturday...Our early Thanksgiving dinner together)

So thankful and blessed to have this time together!

( church...Papa with "Bunny")

(our three young'uns!...from youngest to oldest...tallest to shortest :o)

Son in law (Dr. Awesome) & daughter (Girly~Twirly)

Son in law (Dr. Amazing) & daughter (Girly~Whirly)

 Son (Heart-throb) & future daughter in law (Sweetie)

My hubby had to fly back to work before me, and two of our children had to drive back to their homes, work, school...

I had so much fun being able to watch our little "Bunny" during the days that her mommy and daddy were at work.

When I did fly back home, my work week back was great. I am slowly getting back into a routine...(usually Fridays are also my day off, but this week I switched with a dear co-worker, so I saw her patients today and she saw mine on Monday).
Yes, that is correct...Winner "S"! 
(Thank you all for your patience in my getting my "one post a week" post together!)

It was such a fun blog hop to be a part of and so fun to see all the visits and sweet comments left!

Since there were so many that were interested in entering for the giveaway of the art that I do, I decided to pick not one, not two, not three, but four names! Please contact me by midnight of November 18th; otherwise, another name will be drawn in place of those that have not responded.
(Reminder: These giveaways are for artwork only. Matting/framing/shipping are not included.)

For the Thimble/Needle artwork.

The winners are:
1. Marjorie's Busy Corner said...
liking you on FB also....fingers crossed.
November 9, 2012 7:53 AM

2. IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...
Absolutely beautiful coin purses...all of them. I'd choose the is just lovely :)

November 9, 2012 4:19 PM

For the monogram:

 The winners are:
1. JCnNC said...
Absolutely beautiful and fun little purses. The monogram would be my choice. Judy C
November 9, 2012 10:00 AM

2. Denise :) said...
Not only are your purses just darling, but your delivery was fabulous! I really enjoyed your post and would love the monogram sketch!! Thank you! :)
November 9, 2012 9:37 AM

 Also, as always, I wish that I could draw something for everyone that entered! So, in past giveaways, I am giving those that entered a percents-off special, that may be used towards any orders. I do have a lot of orders to complete, but do work very hard to get to them completed as quickly as possible.

For those of you who had entered for a chance to win, but whose names were not drawn, and would like to order any artwork drawn with the name of your choice, please leave your that I can give you the 20% off special. The discount is valid until December 31, 2012.

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Yay! My Coin Purse Fashion Show is here!

Every week, when I do  manage to post at least one post a week, it is fun to link up with Ms. Jenny's Alphabe-Thursdays! It has helped me decide what I want to share on my blog. 

I know that I am stretching it a wee bit this week, with my post title and with Jenny's Alphabe-thursday's "Y"!, but here it is:

Y is for Yay, Yippee, Yahoo, Yee-haw, & 
Yes-siree, I'm happy to share my mini Coin Purse Fashion Show!

U R Priceless!!! 
Cute Chubby Coin purse Collection!!!  
& Giveaway!!!

Madam Samm created this amazing pattern and this super fun blog hop.
and Katherine has kept us organized. Two wonderful "hostessess with the mostesses".

...presenting my first coin purse in my mini collection.

HINT: If you click on the photos, it should allow you to view the image bigger.

(I absolutely love everyone's amazing choices of fabric prints that have been shown on the blog hop already and I look forward to seeing more!  Oh my! Picking the fabric, for me, was THE hardest many fun prints to choose from!) 

(This is the first time to make a coin purse, but when I saw Madam Samm's cute little purse, I knew I wanted to join in!)

I decided to use canvas material in a neutral tone, for the sides and back panel. And for the front panel, I used muslin, so that I could print an initial on it easily.  I used the fabric pellon on the muslin, but not on the canvas, since I felt that it was able to hold its shape.

The inside lining fabric is what I wanted to be the surprise ;o)

(So that the stitching did not show on the inside lining, I made sure I pierced my needle back through the same exact spot in the fabric that I came through, when I worked back to the outside.  The thread I used was a heavy quilting thread. I also have some strong nylon (like fishing line-type of thread) that I will try on more coin purses later).

(I hope you like my little "Fashion Show" post...It was fun to set up my coin purses, like little models, design my "magazine cover", the little runway backdrop, and the "photo shoots" for inside my "magazine".  It was like I was designing each one a "lined dress"...either on the slender, straight "body" frame or the more curvy "figure" frame :o)

Since they are soooo fun to create...I wanted to make one for each of the girls at my dental office....
(I had bought some straight shaped purse frames, but also some that had the curves... Madam Samm's wonderful pattern worked well with both).
These four frames are curvy and gold tone.

(The four above were all done with the first name initials of four of the girls in my dental office. The lining corresponds with each girls personalities.... 
B is very sweet and hers is lined with such sweet baby birdies.
C is a Huge Florida Gator fan, so hers has a very bright cheery orange print.
C is a fun girl with lots of humor - hers is printed with lots of fun polka dots.
A is happy-go-lucky girl -so hers is blue like the sky above.

(These two straight frames show two more little gifts for my co-workers, also with first name intials).
H is so cheery and bubbly- so her lining fabric is a cheery, cherry red with bubbly white dots.
K is chic and has natural flair - so her lining is a fun animal print.

(These 3 will all have pewter colored, curvy frames, also with first name intials). 

K loves the beach and water, so her lining looks like water print. 
As of this photograph, both S's were not quite complete.
S loves green and shamrocks, so her lining has little shamrock print. 
S shown here without its frame yet. I picked the fun, cheery bubbles to bring her a smile.

and then I also wanted to make one for each of our girls...

For our two daughters and future daughter in law's, instead of just first name initials, I printed their monograms. (A neat note: All three married hubby's with last names that all begin with letter "B", same as their last names prior to getting married .)
CBE has a bright, sweet, cheery chrysanthemum print.
ABM has a fun, swirly, happy print.
KBJ has a cute, lovable giraffe print. (Our future daughter in law LOVES giraffes :o)

and then I wanted to make one for...and for...and for...
...well...I think you know what I mean...that these were so much fun to do! ...Can you believe that even  before I even got Madame Samm's cute pattern & very clear instructions, I had gone ahead and ordered 30 frames! 10 of the straight, 10 of the gold tone curvy frames, & 10 of the pewter curvy frames! I am solo happy that I did :o)
(actually, I do have 2 more to make for 2 other girls that work at the dental office part time & some others in mind!)

Here are some of the pages from my "magazine".

I also folded an origami paper heart from a crisp dollar bill to be included within each coin purse.

It was fun setting the photos to look like the coin purses were fashion models walking the fashion show runway and also on location for a photo shoot :o)

Day 5 - Nov. 9th
Be sure to stop and see all the varieties of amazing coin purses created by:

Polka Dot Classic
Geta's Quilting Studio
Busy Bee Free
Briarside Lane
Quilts and Dogs
Debbie R
suebee's World
Les passions de Cliodana
Colorpoint Quilter
On the Go Quilting
Personalized Sketchesand Sentiments 
(you are here...thank you for your lovely visit and comments!)
Freemotion by the River

Remember Nov 5th through Nov 13th (no weekends) to stop by and see all the fun coin purses.  For the full line up of participants, please head over to Katherine's @ Sew Me Something Good

& 2 ways to enter, this giveaway!

 (I would love to read your comments, even if you are not interested in this giveaway... )

1. But if you are interested...please let me know which you would like to win: either one 8x10 Personalized Sketch artwork of the fabric, needle, thimble image OR one 8x10 monogram.
...It will be drawn with the name of your choice.

2.  An extra entry, by "liking" my fb art page.
(And if you see and like any past art shown there, please let me know, by leaving a comment beneath any of the images shown there that you have become a "fan" by "liking" my page.)

The winner for one 8x10 Personalized Sketches art will be selected at the end of this blog hop. The winner will be able to choose either the "thimble, needle, fabric" with their choice of any name OR a monogram drawn using the names of their choice. (Drawing does NOT include mats, frame or shipping. Winner will need to give me their mailing address, so that I am able to send cost of shipping to the winner.)

Every drawing I do, is by hand and entirely drawn using an individual's name.

The following monogram was a wedding monogram using wife's name: K-KRISTY, last name: R-RINKER, husband's name: T-TYLER.  Also with their wedding date at the bottom right.

And also check out all the great giveaways for the Marine Corps Birthday Bash! @ Semper Wifey's 2nd Annual Marine Birthday Bash!
With a chance to win, on her November 9th post, an 8x10 Personalized Sketches monogram too!

**I am still away visiting our older daughter, son in law and grand baby! ...during her nap time, I enjoy seeing all the amazing coin purses & meeting other bloggers :o)

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

X-tra, X-tra... all about it!

Yay!  Yahoo! Yippee!

(This could have been my "Y" post! ...but today I am linking up with Jenny's X-traordinary, X-tra special Alphabe-thursday's "X"!!

In case that little newspaper print is too small to read.
This is what it says:
Excited "Lolli", aka "Bunny's grandma", flies out to visit this lil' Bunny and her family!

 (Looks like she is saying "Can I help put your luggage here?")

& "Papa", aka "Bunny's grandpa", flies shortly afterwards, to join in the fun.

Those also in attendance will be:
Lil Bunny's Auntie Girly~Whirly & Uncle amazing, who will be driving there.

& Lil' Bunny's Uncle Hert~throb & Auntie-to-be Sweetie take to the roads too!

Soon the family will be there to hug & hold lil' Bunny...and celebrate family time!

(So, I will be away from my computer, but was able to get these posts made before I flew out!)

And also coming up...more news...

I joined in with the Madam Samm's upcoming blog hop called U R Priceless Coin Purse Blog Hop!
(...from November 5th through November 13th).


Here's some artwork...
"hot off the presses...well...not really "hot of the presses", since I do them all by hand... should I say..."hot off my drawing board"?
Any way you say it, I greatly appreciate everyone's interest and recent orders!

This was Christmas Order is for two brothers of their family crest. Each of the crests are drawn entirely with their last name. What makes these so special, is that their sister who ordered these, will have a copy of the explanation of the crest in their dad's own handwriting. He has passed away since having written down all the family crest info, so how wonderful to have that history written by him.

The Georgia G shown at the top is in black and white. And the bottom is a photo of it after color was added. This Christmas order will be given to a young 11 year old Georgia fan, who had seen some of the Personalized Sketches artwork and said to his parents that he really would like the Georgia G in his name :o)

Remember Nov 5th through Nov 13th to stop by and see all the fun coin purses.  Here is the schedule for that event. Katherine @ Sew Me Something Good
...and also stop by on my next post ~ November 9 for a chance to win one 8x10 personalized art of your choice of either a monogram or a fabric swatch/thimble/needle image.

And also check out all the great giveaways for the Marine Corps Birthday Bash! @ Semper Wifey's 2nd Annual Marine Birthday Bash!
With a chance to win, on her November 9th post, an 8x10 Personalized Sketches monogram too!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Winners & What's coming up?

First of all...the Winners of the Viper Pilot books.
Thank you all who commented and entered for a chance at one of the two books given by William Morrows Books/Harper Collins Publishers. And thank you to all that stopped by. I enjoy finding and reading your comments, and I do know that it takes time to do this!

Winner #1: Darlene

Winner #2: Jenny

I will be contacting you to get your mailing address. I need this so that I can give it to the publisher and they will send the book directly to you.

Joining in with Jenny's Alphabe-thursday's "W"!


And next...What's coming up?

I joined in with the Madam Samm's upcoming blog hop called U R Priceless Coin Purse Blog Hop!
(...from November 5th through November 13th).

Our cheerleader (aka helper extraordinaire!) for this fun, fun, fun blog hop is Katherine @ Sew Me Something Good.  (Katherine posted the schedule of all those participating).
Thank you both for being "my go-to gals for all the help and encouragement :o)

I have not done a blog hop like this before, so I hope that I get it all done correctly :o)

I was excited to see this and thought I would give it a try.

Be sure to stop back and see the cute, chubby, chunky coin purses created for this event.

My day to share the coin purse I made will be on November 9th.

& from November 1st through November 14th is Semper Wifey's 2nd Annual Marine Birthday Bash!

Also on November 9th, I will be donating one 8x10 Personalized Sketches of a wedding monogram of the winner's choice. (Mat, frame and shipping are not included). Be sure to go to Semper Wifey's blog for a chance to win an 8x10 Personalized Sketches on November 9th, as well as something each day of this fun event.

(You do not have to be a military spouse...EVERY one is welcome to enter!)

& for those that are new to my blog, I try to share some past art orders.  These are some representing the letter "W"...  Every one is drawn entirely with a name.

This water skier was drawn from a photo of Alec. 
He comes from a long line of amazing water skiers!

This was drawn of a windmill in the Netherlands.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Viper Pilot (Book Review & Giveaway)

VIPER PILOT is the personal account of Lt. Col. Dan Hampton.

This book was sent to me, by William Morrow Books (Harper Collins Publishers) to review and to giveaway ...a copy to two of my blog readers.

I enjoy reading all types of genre of books...from historical fiction to action/adventure to autobiographies to how-to books to cookbooks...

Joining in with Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday's V! 

I am only a third of the way through this one, but wanted to post about it as soon as possible, since it was sent to me so quickly!

Growing up in an Air Force family and then marrying a military man, I do enjoy military-related books.

This book was interesting to read coming from the perspective of an Air Force fighter pilot.  In the beginning, he touched on the experiences as a student pilot. As well as a brief history on how the Viper unit came to be. I am at the point in his book about some first experiences in the beginning of the Iraqi war. He recounts some hair-raising moments that one can only imagine and he also has moments interspersed with humor.

I do appreciate the section at the back of the book that is a glossary of military acronyms.  Even if there is someone that is familiar with military acronyms, the glossary serves as a great resource.  It definitely be helpful to someone not familiar with the military acronyms.

I think that someone in the aviation field or interested in military aviation or the military, would enjoy the insight of these accounts.  For me,  I would rather have done without the foul language.

I have great respect for all our men and women in uniform.  And have great appreciation for all those who have served and sacrificed with their time, duty and lives for our country.  It takes very special, motivated and dedicated men and women to serve in our armed forces.

1.  If you would like to enter for a chance to win a copy of this book to read or for someone you know, please leave a comment stating that you would like to enter.  Your name will be entered to win, if your comment indicates that you are entering.  One name will be drawn from these comments on this blog post.

2.  Go to one of the following fb albums and leave a comment beneath as many of the images in those albums. I will draw one name from those comments left between October 17th through October 23rd. Each comment left will have a chance to win a copy.

I will draw the names on October 24th. (The book will be sent to you directly by William Morrow Books/Harper Collins Publishers).

Here are a few aviation-related artwork.

And here is a recent art order for a gift to young man that completed training for his private flying license. It is taken from a photo of the Cessna that he flew.

Also...if you haven't already read my previous "V" post...please feel free to go to ...Veterans and Vaters. And if you get a chance to do so, please leave  a comment there, so I know that you stopped over.

 (1991 flying relief missions as a Blackhawk pilot, over Bangladesh)

My husband is a retired Army helicopter pilot, who flew two different helicopters and types of missions.  He flew the UH-60 Blackhawk (utility, rescue) and also the AH-64 Apache (attack).

 (2003...With a fellow Apache pilot in the deserts...)

I love to hear the many stories shared between him and his buddies over the years about their military adventures.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Teeth, tooth brushing baby, & tooth fairy pumpkin...

Our little grand baby "Bunny" got her first two teeth at 6 months old.

Our daughter brushes her teeth and then she loves to "brush" her teeth herself. Her favorite thing to do on the changing table is brush when her diaper is changed.

Joining in with Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday's T!

Our daughter sent us a video of her getting the toothbrush from our daughter's hand and then doing the brushing up and down all by herself! Hilarioius! I showed it to everyone at my dental office and they all said she should put that on the American Dental Association website or You tube it! haha
(With a dentist mommy, dentist auntie, 2 dental uncles and one great-uncle that is dentist...oh yes, and me her dental hygienist "Lolli", we have to say: "Way to go baby girl! on your brushing skills!" lol

I need to figure out how to post the little video of her here.

For now, here is a close up of her that you might be able to see her little teeth peeking through. She loves to smile a lot, but it's hard to catch a glimpse of her teeth yet.


Also here is a photo of the pumpkin I carved from the foam pumpkins. It was fun to do, but boy that foam was pretty messy too! :o)

It's for a little contest hosted by the local ortho office. Our office is one of the four in our town that is part of this. So, if you have facebook, please take a look at this Tooth Fairy Pumpkin...and we'd love your "vote" by liking our tooth fairy pumpkin. Every "like" for the photo will count as a vote!

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Friday, September 28, 2012

St. Simons Island, Sun, Scenes & Surfboards!

 The largest barrier island in the Golden Isles, St. Simons Island lies across the immortalized Marshes of Glynn, made famous by poet Sidney Lanier. Moss-draped oaks line the winding island streets, creating a picture-perfect image worthy of a Faulkner tale. (

 Joining in with Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday's S!

[Photograph of group at the beach, Saint Simons Island, Glynn County, Georgia, ca. 1910 I Vanishing Georgia collection]

Some St. Simons Island facts from

Having laid out the town of Savannah in 1733, Oglethorpe realized the importance of protection from the Spanish to the south.  A bend in the Frederica River provided a perfect place to locate a fort and town.

The Anglican Wesley brothers, who accompanied Oglethorpe, first preached under the oaks at Frederica (current site of Christ Church, Frederica) in 1736.  After returning to England, the brothers established the Methodist Church.

The mast post of the U.S. Constitution was cut on St. Simons Island from John Couper’s yard. During the Cotton States and International Exposition in 1895, the stump was displayed in Atlanta.

Eugenia Price’s trilogy Lighthouse, New Moon Rising and Beloved Invader chronicle the history of St. Simons Island and Christ Church.

Fort Frederica, establish by General James Oglethorpe in 1736, was at that point the largest British military installation in North America.

Residents burned the St. Simons Lighthouse in 1861, so that it would not be used as a navigational aid for occupying Yankee forces.

Robert E. Lee ordered that residents to evacuate the Georgia coast in 1861 at the beginning of the War Between the States.

Anna Matilda Page King’s roses at Retreat Plantation were so fragrant the sailors claimed they could smell them while at sea.

The mill period on St. Simons Island brought prosperity to island families following the Civil War.

The Dodge-Meigs Lumber Company purchased Hamilton Plantation in 1876. Timbers were later sawn for the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.

 Here are some photos of our Saturday spent on St. Simons Island...

(Although posing for photos taken by a stranger passing by, isn't my husband's idea of the most fun thing to do...he sweetly obliges, so that I am sure that we have photos of both of us :o)

Isn't that neat how the marks from where a branch used to be, looks just like the image of a koala bear's face peeking out and the bark surrounds it like a blanket? 


And here are some beach scene art:
From Leanne's email:
 "...I got your business card from my brother.  He is a helicopter pilot at Ft. Campbell, TN.  You had done a sketch for him of his helicopter and call sign.  I was wondering if you would be willing to do a sketch for me as a gift for my best friends wedding.  I have attached the picture.  Let me know if you have time to do this...Thank you!"

Leanne, Thank you for your order! I loved working from the great photo of the two of them with their surfboards.

From Lindsay's email:
 "....My husband and I received one of your sketches as a wedding present in November. We LOVE it! It was our favorite gift that we received! 
 "...So now we are in need of a unique gift for someone and would like to create one for them...."

Here is the one, they ordered...

Thank you Lindsay and Darin for ordering this one for Jimmy and Jane Buffett! (This is so cool to me! We love his music!)


Thank you to all, for your sweet visits and comments...I am still catching up (hm...this is a common thread throughout my posts this year!)

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