Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pick-a Piece-a Perfect Polish Pottery Please

1. This is not a tongue twister (actually, I think it ranks pretty close in difficulty with "Peter picked a peck of pickled peppers...").
2. I thought I'd share a pack of Polish pottery pics... (ok, I need to post the pics & promptly pause...)
3. ...positively promise... I'll stop!

Now that I got that out of my head... As I mentioned in my previous post (good grief! with the "p" words, right?...that was not printed on purpose!) swap buddy sent me the most wonderful box of goodies. I love everything in there. The cutest little Polish pottery salt and pepper shakers were part of the package.

Well, here is my first piece that started my interest and collection of Polish pottery.

(her painted expression seems to say "Oh, dear...Who me?")

I actually saw this pretty little cheese lady at a Cracker Barrel some time around 1998. I had friends that had Polish pottery from when they were stationed in Germany and would travel to Poland and go directly to the pottery factories.

Growing up, all of my dad's assignments were in the Pacific theater-Phillippines, Japan, Taiwan... so it was great to pick up things from each country. But I had never really heard of Polish Pottery, until "traveling to the land of Cracker Barrel". haha

Since then I have seen them everywhere (kinda like when you buy a certain model and color car, and then all of a sudden you see that model and color car...everywhere!)

When my hubby was the 101st Airborne Division Liaison to bring back the troops from Afghanistan, he had to go to Germany. While there staying with dear friends, they took him sightseeing and he had called home to see if there was anything from there to bring back...
Me ~ *Mmmm, the chocolates and gummi bears and...Hey! Polish Pottery!*
He wasn't in Poland or going to have time to get to the factories, but our friends had friends who took the factory tours all the time and sold the pottery.
So, he asked "what pieces?"
Me ~ *Ooh, any.thing!...and what about somethings to give for Christmas gifts?*

So, the sweetie that he is, he picked out some perfect pieces and shipped them back home. This was our conversation (as best as I remember :o), when he got home and the boxes arrived:

Me ~ Oh! this is so fun...they have different patterns, yet they all go together!
Hubby ~ Great. I picked out different types of it too. Just pick out which ones go to which person.
Me ~ Hmmm... actually, maybe since none of our family collects or even knows what Polish pottery is... maybe, we should find something else to send for gifts... (Yes, I admit that I thought of this... but I really was thinking of the family and how would one piece work into their existing dinnerware?)
Hubby ~ Oh? Then what are we going to do with all this?
Me ~ Well... we could use the bowls and bakeware...they are real servicable...
So... that's how we started to add to my polish pottery... (oh and we did get everybody real great Christmas gifts in place of the dishware :o)

Here are some of them in a curio. I use all the pieces all the time, but I love that they are so pretty to put out as a display, as well.

These are all used for everyday. The dishes and bowls, I have bought piece by piece throughout the years. I love that they do not all match in pattern, but they go together because of the colors used coordinate with each other.

Here are more bakeware, bowls, rolling pin, etc... (*sidenote*the 3 little coke bottles are all aluminum ones that are for the time being are being sold only in Savannah. We bought them this last weekend when Mr. B, LittleMiss, Heartbreaker and I went to Riverfront Street, before our "LittleMiss" left for Kentucky. I thought they were so cute!).

Mr. B is a big fan and quite the connoisseur of coffee. Here is where all the coffee action happens :o) (The old window is a find up by my parent's place in northern Wisconsin.) ...and more pottery! Actually, the bowl and the mug are my "knock-off, trying-to-be, cousins to the Polish pottery" collection.

PART II: Poor Hubby never had a choice or a chance...
With all the perfect pottery, up to this point, like Goldie Locks and the 3 bears:
for my hubby's cereal, we had the bowls that were "too small"...
and the serving bowls that were "too big"...

so, while we were at the kids in Kentucky, our daughters and I had a girl's day out at the pottery painting place. I found the bowl that was "just right"! This would be part of his Father's day gift from me. It was so much fun!
(it was truly for Mr. B, but I just had to pick out colors to go with our Polish Pottery :o)

Well... while our daughter was home, we went to the pottery painting place here (Midnight Star Pottery) and I did a travel coffee mug for Mr. B. Yep, you guessed it... I painted it with the manly colors, but still kinda-sorta tried to make it to coordinate with the... Polish pottery!

These are the words that I thought of to describe or identify Mr. B.

He is right-handed, so I did think it out... When he holds the mug handle in his right hand, all the words that the other person facing him would see are the tough, manly-man, hoor-ah! words.

But the words that face him are all the sweet nothings, mushy, lovable words ;o)

the inside peek...

So, there you have a bit about the Polish Pottery, how they made their way into our place and took over...even when it came to painting pottery...I was thinking...Polish, Polish, Polish!

Oh, forgot to mention...See? I am not the only one that is fond of the "uber-fun, mix and matchiness" of Polish Pottery :o) The following Personalized Sketches were drawn for a fellow-collector. Both were drawn entirely with her name REBA. (I think you can click on it to take a closer view... although my picture taking of these sample copies might be a bit fuzzy).

(Personalized Sketches copy of original)

(Personalized Sketches copy of original)

Blessings & Aloha!


momstheword said...

I love the mug! What a cute idea. The pottery is so pretty, love the colors. I love blue. That drawing was pretty cool too.

xinex said...

I was so happy to see your collection. As you know, I started collecting too. I have a friend who has so many pieces that she bought from the factory in Poland and I always admired how beautiful they are so why not collect myself, right? That started the obsession and so happy for their sturdiness that nothing broke in the packages. Thanks for sharing, I would love to have that covered casserole. LOL! I will be on a lookout for it...Christine

Kim said...

I LOVE all your pottery! I'm with you - I love how they coordinate but not matchy-matchy! AND your cup you painted! LOVE it, too!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What a perfectly gorgeous collection!

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