Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's an "OFF" day...

"Off-day" , definitely NOT as in: 
The Free Dictionary's meaning:

 - a day when things go poorly; "I guess this is one of my off-days"

But as in: 
1. I'm OFF from work today :o)
2. My hubby is OFF today too! 
Let's see...lots of fun things to possibly do...especially with our two kiddos that are able to be home for Christmas, since they'll not be leaving until tomorrow... 

I'd love to get one of these luggage sets (I love to see what CSN has to offer.  I have to say that the All-Clad pot I purchased recently is just as I expected and came soooo fast!)  It was great to have to make a humongous amount of our turkey, beans and vegetable chili and low country boil for our kids).

oops...back to what I would do with some new luggage...
...take a trip...with all our anywhere...Europe, Asia, Mediterranean, Carribean, Africa, Australia, to sure about Antartica though.

So far, we have had a wonderful Christmas eve...

And we stayed awake late, so that Mr. B could open up his birthday gifts...

Had fun just hanging out with each other...

opening gifts with Girly~Twirly and her hubby (in another state) courtesy of today's technology...through IPhones!

listening to Heartbreaker on his new banjo...

eating out...

 and eating out again...

So...don't know yet what we'll do today... maybe cruise around downtown Savannah...look for some After-Christmas deals...   although it would be pretty amazing to get up, on the spur of the moment and fly out to some distant shore...  spending our "OFF day" with our kiddos is extra-special, just cuz we are together...

What would you do if your family were together? Where would you go? 

Hm...better get OFF the computer...cuz soon we'll all be heading OFF to spend an awesome day together!
Here are a couple more orders...

From Diane:
"...I think that design is great and he will love it. I would like to ask you if you could possibly put the 101st Airborne insignia on it also? I have been looking at this for his birthday, Dec 26th, for some time but was afraid I had waited too long. I am so glad you are able to do it and hopefully I can even get it framed before his special day. I will let you know how he responds to it!!..."

Velma sent this request:
"...We were thinking of giving the sketch as a congratulatory gift to someone who will soon be appointed as a department head (and we loved what you did for our former boss, Mike, that Lee had given him).  We'd like to keep a tropical theme, I think, but I'd love to see what you were planning on sending me.  I had looked online for a photograph of tropical flowers, but I don't know how I'd send the image to you.  I was thinking of perhaps an anthurium with an anthurium leaf?  Something along that line...."

We'd need the product by the end of the that doable?

Thank you Velma, for thinking of these as a gift. And for your email and feedback:
"I received the sketch over the weekend in perfect condition.  It's beautiful!  Thank you very much..."
"This is a perfect gift with a personal touch that makes it extra special. It turned out beautiful, and Maria is a pleasure to work with. Service was very fast and reliable; and Maria was most helpful. Thank you from Hawaii!"

If you are interested, feel free to enter for one of the art giveaways. This ends on Dec 31st @ midnight. For more info, please take a look at my Dec 18th post.

 Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas! 
...and here's a greeting for the upcoming new year... Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! (Happy New Year!)

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Two special Birthdays-our family celebrates...

First of all...a very merry Christmas to each of you.

From our family to yours!

(Our Christmas card this year
...for my blog, I edited on Photoshop, our names on the bottom :o)

Our family celebrates the birth of our Lord Jesus...
 (This is on the back of our family photo Christmas card)

...and also December 25th marks the day when my Mr. B was born :o)
Born at 4:38 
at the Kona Hospital
weighing 10lbs 4.5 oz.
(first day home~at 3 days old).

I love to look in his baby book and photo albums that his mom gave us when we were first married. His baby book has a newsclipping of his birth, locks of his reddish hair, growth chart, etc...

Here is a video I have shared before, of some of my hubby's past birthdays...& of course, which also are his past Christmases :o) (Although these celebrations were on the same day, his mom always made sure to have something separate and special for him growing up).


Joining in with:
Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday meme .

Also Thank you to all those that entered for a couple more giveaways of the art that I do.  If you are interested and have not yet entered, there is still time.  Just go HERE to my last post on Dec 18th to enter.  Open for entries until Dec 31st, midnight EST. 
Here are a couple of my most recent orders...will be posting more in future posts.

These two are taken from the same beautiful photo, to be given to two different family members.

Sara's request:
"Here are a couple of pics. Let me know if you need more. I was wanting 2 sketches somewhat like the middle pic. I know you typically do one dog but can you do 2? I am wanting to give these as Christmas presents to my husband and his parents. I love your sketches!..."  

(It took me a little longer to get started on them, since I was waiting to find out what names Sara would like to have each one drawn with...and we both finally realized that she did not know when she found me on google search and when she sent this request with the photos, that the art I do is drawn entirely with a name. I think that is neat that she was interested in the art she had seen, even without knowing how they are done.)

(This is the middle photo~They are so cute!)

Since I do the art individually, there are always some variations, but I try to do them as close to the photos as I can.

Sara received them and sent this email to me:
"I just received my sketches. They are beautiful! I have told all of my friends about your wonderful work! I have a friend Danielle that will be emailing you soon. She is interested...." 

This one was an order for Amy:

"Hello again.  Was wondering if you would be able to sketch this  (image of a hummingbird and flower) by Christmas.  My boyfriend LOVED his sketch of the maltese cross & wants to have a hummingbird sketched for his mom."

Thank you for stopping by, commenting and I will be by to return your visits...still catching up!

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Little bit...

Little bit Late! (Not unusual :o)
a little giveaway...
and a couple little picture shots of me...

(6 or 7 months old-the earliest photo of me that I have)

(1year old-first birthday)
...not a lot of hair still, so that bow on my head looks ready to fall...
(and I was allergic to mosquito all those marks on my legs were from mosquito bites)

Thank you to those of you that are here visiting this week...
(I wanted to do this birthday giveaway (yep, I'm another year older...but we won't focus on that. haha) last year, but after this week, I realize the reason why I didnt get to it :o) With work, Christmas functions, art orders needed to be shipped in time for Christmas, Christmas cards, etc...  Hm...I wonder how I didnt remember all that! 

I will be drawing one name for a giveaway for one 8x10 drawing of Your choice of image and Your choice of name. And also for one 8x10 monogram of Your choice. And 2 names for a 20% gift certificate towards any size art order. This giveaway will be open until Dec 31st.  Since I can only manage to post once a week, I will announce the winner on the post the following week.

Also, please do leave a comment when you stop by, even if you are not interested in these giveaways, cuz I do love to hear what you say...and it may take me a bit,  but I do like to return your visits. (if you do not want to be entered for one of the giveaways, please just let me know :o)

Giveaway #1: an 8x10 of Your choice of a single image (This one is just a sample of a celtic cross that was a past order).

Giveaway #2: an 8x10 monogram 

Each of the ones that are chosen will pick their choice of name to be used within the drawing. 

(This does not include cost of shipping. I will let you know what the cost of shipping will be if you live outside the continental United States. Otherwise, the cost for UPS shipping of the 8x10 will be $12)

I am also including 2 giveaways for gift certificates to be used towards YOUR choice of image, with YOUR choice of name, in YOUR choice of size (8x10 or 11x14).

(***This has an expiration date,  so that those drawn can be completed and shipped out in time for Valentine's.  ...but please contact me if you need to extend that time.***)

These are for the drawing only~ matting and framing are not included. Artwork is carefully shipped in a sturdy mailing tube.
Now here's how to enter (Please leave a comment for each entry):

1. Leave me a comment on this blog post. & if you'd like, I'd love to hear about what you would like drawn (you don't need to have a blog to enter, but be sure to leave your email so that I can contact you)....1 entry.

2. Follow my blog...
1 entry.

3.  Write about this giveaway in YOUR blog (post...a link back to me, please)...
2 entries.

4.  If you grab my button and post it on your sidebar with a link back....
1 entry.

5.  If you are a fan or become a fan of my facebook page.
 ( entry.

6. If you left a comment on my last post...1 entry.

7.  If you visit our daughter's blog ~theLuckiestMrs.~
& leave her a comment between now and Dec 31st... 
1 entry.
(...I added this special entry, because without her, I would have never known what a blog even was! :o)
 ***and she has not been able to post, since she has been a dentist working 5 days a week...but I know that she would love to find your comments :o)***

Giveaways will be open for entries until Dec 31st at midnight EST.  

***Also, please leave a contact email, if you are not a blogger or to be sure that I can notify you if you are one of those picked.***


Joining in with:
Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday meme 
and the Lovely Letter "L".

Here are just a couple of my most recent orders...will be posting more in future posts.

Thank you Susan for your recent request:

"...Not too long ago you designed the major leaf for me to give as a promotion gift.
I was thinking about the holidays b/c they are right around the corner, and I wondered if you had every done a peacock ?..."

Susan's feedback at my etsy shop when the Peacock drawing was received:
"Maria did a WONDERFUL job designing a peacock for my BIL & SIL for Christmas!! I told her what I wanted and she not only had it made, but shipped to me in a matter of days. The final product is beautiful; I know it will be greatly appreciated."

Thank you Tiffany, for this order request: 
"...I wanted to order another sketch/picture from you! I was wondering if it would be ready before Christmas?..."

Her email sent once it was received:
"...I received the sketch today and it looks great! Thank you so much."

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