Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Oh! Happy Day!"

"Oh! Happy Day!"

 Our grandbaby girl Bunny in her 5 month photo...sending everyone a sweet hello! (Thank you, dear daughter for using the quilted numbers I had sewn to mark these sweet monthly milestones!)

Lots of things have been happening around our "neck o' the woods"! Crazy busy, but very blessed!

I will be posting more about those happenings, but for now, I wanted to be sure to say hello and thank you to all the wonderful visits. It may be a while longer before I get around to my return Thank you visits, but just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

 Joining in with Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday's letter O!

I also wanted to be sure to invite everyone to my Personalized Sketches facebook page for:

ALL baby-themed art ordered during September 1st and September 15th will be 10% off of the original cost.

 & for the GIVEAWAY.....

It is super easy to enter for the free 8x10 baby-themed art:

1. (on the Personalized Sketches facebook wall, please just leave a comment letting me know who this art would be for if you are chosen and what would the baby-themed art be of?)

2. Extra entry (optional), at the event, you will be "attending"...This event is a virtual event, so you do not have to "attend", but since someone marked themselves as "attending" I thought "Hm..great :o) I will make this an additional way for someone to have a chance to win."

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Friday, August 10, 2012

LOVE is...

...the LOVE of family and faith...

***Joining in with Jenny for Alphabe-Thursday's letter L***

...our LOVE for each other...

...LOVE for and from our children...

clockwise from the top left...
1. our three in Hawaii 1990
2. lunch during an Arts n Crafts show in Hawaii 1991
3. 3 of a kind with their library books in Oklahoma 1994
4. by their "bookworms"...each circle has the title of a book the time they were done reading that year, their bookworms covered the wall!

....our children growing and heart, soul, body, faith and LOVE for each other....

 clockwise from the top left

1. Sisters (Homecoming Queens for the University of Louisville) make a "brother sandwich" with a kiss. 2006
2. After the "White Coat" Ceremony at the dental school for Girly~Twirly. 2006
3. After the "White Coat" Ceremony at the dental school for Girly~Whirly. 2009
4. After Heart~Throb's high school graduation. 2008.

 ...LOVE of our daughter (Girly~Twirly) and son in law (Dr. Awesome) on their wedding day (2008)...
Our family grows....

1. I love this photo of the two of them looking into each others eyes.
2. A family photo of all of us.

...LOVE  of our first grandbaby born in March 2012 to Grily~Twirly & Dr. Awesome...
 ...and our family grows...
 clockwise from the top left...

1. Just the hospital March 2012
2. most current photo of Bunny as she is teething...even though she's teething, she still has lots of smiles!
3. one month, in her crib, she looked like she was striking a ballet pose :o)

...LOVE of our daughter (Girly~Whirly) and son in law (Dr. Amazing) on their wedding day (May 2012)...
...our family continues to grow...

1. This is such a beautiful photo...timeless...
2. At the reception of the two with my dad.

...LOVE of our son (formerly called Heartbreaker :o) ...but I wanted to start calling him Handsome here on my blog) and his fiance' (Sweetie) when he proposed this past weekend! (August 2012)
...and so our family grows and grows :o)

1. Handsome so sweetly proposes to front of her family, my Handsome Hubby & me, Girly~Whirly & her hubby Dr. Amazing.
2. All of us for a group photo. Girly~Twirly, her hubby Dr. Awesome and our grandbaby Bunny were not able to be there since they live far away. We were able to be there since we were there to bring some things up from our home to our son this past weekend.

  `´¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.˚ * ˚ ˛° * ° ˚ ˚ * ˚ ˛° * ° ˚ ˚ * ˚ ˛° * ° ˚

Here are some Personalized Sketches ordered by customers for their loved ones...

This first one was given as a gift from a sister to her sister for her wedding day, taken from a photo of the future bride and groom.

This one was ordered by a mom for her daughter and her daughter's son for her first mother's day.

This one was a gift from a husband to his wife for an anniversary gift.  I loved the thought and creativity, he took in the idea for this one. He wanted to do the "daisy, like you pull petals for the He loves me, he loves me not"...  but he wanted to incorporate some significant places and dates along with their names.

So, I suggested each of the petals drawn with the specific place or date...then the petals would represent "He loves me...he loves me...he loves me...he loves me...he loves me...". And the one leaf in his name, the other leaf in her name, the stem and main center in their last name.

***Also remember, Labor Day special ~ 10% off all baby themed art ordered from September 1, 2012 to September 15th.**** During that time, I will also have a giveaway.

Please leave a comment with what type of Baby-themed art drawn in a little one's name, that you would like to win.  Any comments from this post through September 15th, that state this will go into the drawing of the name to win one 8x10 baby-themed art of your choice.

You can view some other "baby-themed" art on my last post "KISSABLE".

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Friday, August 3, 2012



Our little granddaughter "Bunny"....
Love her Kissable chubby Cheeks and Sweet little lips...


Joining in with Jenny for Alphabe-Thursday's "K"....

& from September 1st through September 15th, there will be a Baby Info Art special at my Etsy Shop. All orders taken during this time of any Baby Info Art will have 10% off.

Here are some photos sent to me of some past Baby Info Art.

This little cutie is "posing" next to her art. The butterfly was drawn from butterflies on her nursery bedding.

Thank you Laura, for photos of your little one's art hanging in your doll's nursery.

Thank you Callie, for sharing these photos of your friend's baby nursery.

I love this photo sent to me by Michelle of her little boy looking at a photo of his Mickey Mouse Art. He has a "book" of some of his "things he loves to look at" :o)


 Thank you Amber for this photo of your nephew's art on his bed. John Deere is such a great bedroom theme for a little boy!

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