Friday, September 28, 2012

St. Simons Island, Sun, Scenes & Surfboards!

 The largest barrier island in the Golden Isles, St. Simons Island lies across the immortalized Marshes of Glynn, made famous by poet Sidney Lanier. Moss-draped oaks line the winding island streets, creating a picture-perfect image worthy of a Faulkner tale. (

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[Photograph of group at the beach, Saint Simons Island, Glynn County, Georgia, ca. 1910 I Vanishing Georgia collection]

Some St. Simons Island facts from

Having laid out the town of Savannah in 1733, Oglethorpe realized the importance of protection from the Spanish to the south.  A bend in the Frederica River provided a perfect place to locate a fort and town.

The Anglican Wesley brothers, who accompanied Oglethorpe, first preached under the oaks at Frederica (current site of Christ Church, Frederica) in 1736.  After returning to England, the brothers established the Methodist Church.

The mast post of the U.S. Constitution was cut on St. Simons Island from John Couper’s yard. During the Cotton States and International Exposition in 1895, the stump was displayed in Atlanta.

Eugenia Price’s trilogy Lighthouse, New Moon Rising and Beloved Invader chronicle the history of St. Simons Island and Christ Church.

Fort Frederica, establish by General James Oglethorpe in 1736, was at that point the largest British military installation in North America.

Residents burned the St. Simons Lighthouse in 1861, so that it would not be used as a navigational aid for occupying Yankee forces.

Robert E. Lee ordered that residents to evacuate the Georgia coast in 1861 at the beginning of the War Between the States.

Anna Matilda Page King’s roses at Retreat Plantation were so fragrant the sailors claimed they could smell them while at sea.

The mill period on St. Simons Island brought prosperity to island families following the Civil War.

The Dodge-Meigs Lumber Company purchased Hamilton Plantation in 1876. Timbers were later sawn for the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.

 Here are some photos of our Saturday spent on St. Simons Island...

(Although posing for photos taken by a stranger passing by, isn't my husband's idea of the most fun thing to do...he sweetly obliges, so that I am sure that we have photos of both of us :o)

Isn't that neat how the marks from where a branch used to be, looks just like the image of a koala bear's face peeking out and the bark surrounds it like a blanket? 


And here are some beach scene art:
From Leanne's email:
 "...I got your business card from my brother.  He is a helicopter pilot at Ft. Campbell, TN.  You had done a sketch for him of his helicopter and call sign.  I was wondering if you would be willing to do a sketch for me as a gift for my best friends wedding.  I have attached the picture.  Let me know if you have time to do this...Thank you!"

Leanne, Thank you for your order! I loved working from the great photo of the two of them with their surfboards.

From Lindsay's email:
 "....My husband and I received one of your sketches as a wedding present in November. We LOVE it! It was our favorite gift that we received! 
 "...So now we are in need of a unique gift for someone and would like to create one for them...."

Here is the one, they ordered...

Thank you Lindsay and Darin for ordering this one for Jimmy and Jane Buffett! (This is so cool to me! We love his music!)


Thank you to all, for your sweet visits and comments...I am still catching up (hm...this is a common thread throughout my posts this year!)

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Q-t pie!

Babies are such sweet and adorable Q-T pies!

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I love being able to see any photos of our little grandbaby Q-t pie.

Even after all the photos that our daughter sent us, (and she really does keep us filled and overflowing with sweet images!)  ...I was still constantly asking for photos!

So...or a little bit of time, I tried not to ask each time we talked to our daughter on the phone for her to send a photo or two to my hubby's cell phone. (I dont have a smart phone and can only have a limited number of photos on my cell).

...oh, I do admit that I would send out a little hint or two, like "Oh, what's she wearing today?"

...but then...I have to say...that I just couldn't help it, but I have resorted to asking for pics! :o)

I wish that we lived closer...and one day, we will. But for now...I am so thankful for photos and for the computer, so we can do ichat/imessage.

 Here is our Grandbaby Bunny...The most recent photo of our little miss Q-t pie!

A Q-T pie...whether she is Smiley or Serious!

Here she is a few weeks ago, trying to reach for the quilted numbers that I had sewn for her.

For each of her monthly photos, she is sitting in her pink chair and has a number and her bunny beside her. of their pups posed in the very same spot!
Hilarious, cuz, this pup posed all by herself! And then sat there until our daughter took this photo!


OH! And remember! Tomorrow is the last day to enter a comment on my fb art page's wall for a chance to win one 8x10 baby-themed art.  If you are interested, be sure to stop over and leave a comment on what you would like and/or who would the baby-themed art be for.

Thank you to all those that entered for the 8x10 baby themed art. Ashley is the name drawn for one 8x10 baby themed artwork. Ashley's little one's due date is in December!  
Ashley, I look forward to doing a bunny for your little one :o)

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Bubble Dress...PUMPKIN inspired

Baby clothes are soooo cute! & so fun to make!

About a month ago, my hubby and I found this adorable little Pumpkin beanie at Gymboree. (Love how they have the line of clothing in coordinating sets!)

yessiree! an little hat!  So cute for the fall months ahead...October...November...

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Well, we bought the Pumpkin beanie and in my head, I thought how cute a bubble-type skirt or dress would be to go with it.  Monday, I bought some fabric to orange (with white Polka dots) to match the hat....solid green to match the trim on the hat...and also a dark orange with small herringbone style print.

So yesterday I was off from work and couldn't wait to sew...

...starting with the bodice and sleeves to a basic pattern..

ta-dah! a little Pumpkin-inspired bubble dress.

I wanted to do a different color (fabric) and added the grosgrain belt with the felt flowers (I saw this on a creative blogger's post...but will have to find her link for you)... and also wanted to do the bubble skirt... and wanted to add the grosgrain trim on the bottom.

And...I really LOVE the idea of two in I made this a reversible bubble dress. That way, while she is out socializing and happens to spill some yummy hors'devours n problem, wipe it off and turn it inside out :o)

( I made a reversible dress for Bunny's flower girl dress that she wore for her Auntie's (aka our Girly~Whirly's) wedding in May.

You can see the Polka dot fabric peeking out :o) 

I still have to do the buttons may not need them.... But I am excited that it is working out the way I imagined it in my mind.

Shhh! After I make a bib or two to match, I will be sending this out to our grandbaby Bunny! I hope it fits! I'll let you know if it does and when I get some photos of her in it, I will be sure to post them :o)

Updated post: Joining in at Work It Wednesday.

Hm...couldn't find any past orders of Pumpkins, but here is a Pineapple...
well, what do you think next...Pineapple-inspired baby romper???  just kidding...but then...maybe...

And thank you all who have contacted me to order and/or entered in the Labor Day Special, going on from Sept 1st to Sept 15th for baby-themed artwork!
Please feel free to check out my facebook page...there is still more time to enter :o)

For more info, you can go to last week's post Oh Happy Day!

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