Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Playing along with "THELUCKIESTMRS"

I thought *how fun!*

I read the list of 10 things you may not know about "THELUCKIESTMRS" and can totally confirm everything on her list...

especially-#3 (she's done this since she was teeny-tiny! sometimes I would try to get her to laugh hard just to see if she'd do this...(go here to see what she does! haha)

#4 (true, but it didn't seem quite reasonable or make sense... until I tried it!)

#5 (also true, I know, cuz I'm her mama :o)

#8 (she definitely is this! and it would be so annoying, when I'd be at my most quietest, tip-toey-ist... , not even going in her room, but just walking past her door, and she'd open her eyes and ask if I needed anything.)

#9 (amazing cuz she was the smallest of the crew, except for the coxswain...and I must add-she had never even been on a rowing machine, but decided to "try" out for the team! and she got "Oarswoman of the Year" on a college team!!.... oh and she built some muscles that I didnt know existed! another of her Dad's genes :o)

#10 (so true and so perfect :o)

Ok, so here goes my list:

1. I LOVE having the hiccups (maybe this is partly the reason for trying to get my daughter (THELUCKIESTMRS) to laugh hysterically)

2. When I was young and would get the hiccups, I would think it was so fun to try to say the abc's and see how far I would get before a hiccup.

3. Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Pizza (ok, not a food categories by country), um...I have to say, I love ALL kinds of food!

4. EXCEPT not raw fish, octopus (I havent tried any, but I think I wouldnt get past the texture), liver (texture again), any bug that is or isnt chocolate covered (and I love chocolate!)

5. Kit Kats and peanut M&Ms are my favorite candies... no, wait, I also like Lindor truffles... and also... and can't forget... ok I'll just include all chocolates.

6. I would dream of jumping or flying higher and higher through spread out limbs and branches of gigantic trees. (haven't had those in awhile... and never remembered getting down, just going up and up)

7. I am a wimp to pain...even the thought of popping a pimple! (only by the grace of God, did I give birth to 3 kids--and without any pain meds)

8. I love quilts, especially those made by my mom. and love old vintage quilts-I'd love to know about the person who sewed them.

9. I would love to travel. I grew up and married in a military family, so have been blessed to do some, But would love to do more!

10. I am so blessed, amazed, and inspired by my husband's and children's love and accomplishments! (I love you Mr. B, "theLuckiestMrs" (and you too Mr. to theLuckiestMrs.), "Little Miss", and "Heartbreaker" ! :o)

I'd like to tag the following 10:
Cpaphil Vintage Postcards Great vintage postcards and love what she says about them. If only I could read them all... I'll have to do that some time :o)

Tickled Pink and Green absolutely love seeing her photos from the past and reading her cute stories of her cute girls.

Molly's Country Memories Home Place also love her old photos, stories and she has great finds that she does amazing art on.

Staci's Heart very creative and if you want a blog makeover, etc... she is the perfect half of the blogalicious design team (after working on mine, I have to say she deserves the MOST patient award!)

Live, Laugh, Love love her humor and of course, part of the duo of the amazing blogalicious design team (also, so graciously answered EVERY one of my questions!)

Sweet Tea Diaries fun reads and full of giveaways! how does she do it??? only been blogging since Jan 2009 and about a gazillion followers :o)

Blue's Blog she says she's known as the Evil Queen from Snow White, but I can't imagine!! She is an amazing scrapbooker and our families met when her son and our son were representatives for Children's Miracle Network in 2007.

Forever n Ever n Always Always sweet stories of her family, especially love this post with one of her little ones and the power of prayer!

endless possibilities one of the first blogs I came across, after my daughter's, that I read from beginning to end! (she had a lot of posts, so you know that took me some time! haha) her humor is hysterical and her art is awesome.

The Company She Keeps a sweet blogger that I found through my daughter's. Love the stories of her and her family, like her mom and her running a 5K... very awesome!
My hubby runs, our son will run continuously up and down the soccer and lacrosse fields and our girls run regularly (little Miss ran cross country (19:02 for one of her 5K meets), but since they are in Kentucky and we are in Georgia, I can use that as my excuse for not running after (I mean, with) the girls (I use to run, years ago, but now? maybe a one mile "jog" without stopping.)

Please leave a comment if you do a list, cuz I want to be sure to read about your 10! And I only mentioned 10 on this post, but I'd love to read about all of you all! (I just had to stop tagging for now and I really have to step away from the computer and get to some drawings!!)

And I know some of you have done this already, so as always... no pressure :o)

That was fun!

Blessings & Aloha!


THE Stephanie said...

I'll play along :)

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I will play along, even though I have done this before.
Will try to post it next week.
I agree with you I won't eat bugs or raw fish.

Unknown said...

thank you for tagging me. i will try to get a post up after i'm done hosting and coaching a cleanse on my book blog!

blessings and so nice to meet you!


Tickled Pink And Green said...

Hey - got the tag. I'll try to get to work on this (probably after vaca from Palm Beach this coming weekend. :)

theluckiestmrs said...

haha--I just thought about how you used to encourage Little Miss and I to dance around singing "Tuesday Night is Kid's Night!" & try to get Dad to take us all to Pizza Hut! LOL!!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Thankyou for joining in on "the 10 things you may not know about me".

Molly, Jill, and Tickled Pink and Green- I look forward to checking your lists out :o)

THE Stephanie- It was so much fun reading yours already... re-read it, and still made me laugh!

theluckiestmrs- you remember the craziest things! (but, yes, you're right...I love that thick crust, pan pizza :o)

Marie Reed said...

That is such a silly biily wonderful idea to try to get through the ABC's with the hiccups! Now I wish that I could try it:) Jeepers! I think that I'm going to enjoy the hiccups the next time I get them!

ceb said...

that's so true about the hiccups mom! hilarious :)

BLC :o said...

Oh la la! What fun!? And, don't fret about a "jog" we "slog" (slow-jog) alllll the time! Thank you for the tag and count me in!!! Xoxo-BLC

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Hey there!! I completely forgot to tell you this, but I did a 10 things about me on a previous post right before you tagged me:


Hope you go read it sometime! Have a lovely week!

BLC :o said...

Hi PSandS! I just wanted to let you know I posted my 10 unknowns today! Thanks again for the tag. Xoxo-BLC

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