Sunday, June 7, 2009

First a customer...Forever a friend!

...This title reflects a sentiment that I have found to be true over the years I have been doing Personalized drawings.

I have always loved doing the drawings that I do and meeting those who have either ordered or have been given one as a gift. I have been blessed to hear the stories behind the reason for a drawing or about the person that the drawing is for.

One story is about an order of an old steam engine from a daughter to her father.  She didnt have a picture of one & so I went to the library and found a great photo in a book (this was in "ancient times" before the wonderful world of google and now bing). Well, after Christmas, I heard from her and she said that her dad loved it and that he got teary-eyed, because it happened to be the same EXACT steam engine that he had started out on as a very young man! He had been retired from working with trains for many years. 

(Click on to the photo to see, it is drawn using his first name "Reine". sorry about the quality- I have always made a copy of the originals that I do, so that I have a record of the drawing (this copy has faded slightly) and I looked at the date in the far bottom left corner '89... I remember this story so well, that it doesn't seem that it should be 20 years!)

I have been getting emails from those of you after your order has arrived (thank you for your responses), those who have seen and asked to order drawings (thank you for the "word of mouth" connections), and also with all the military moves, those who have searched and found me (thank you for being persistent and resourceful!) 

In the section of posts that will be shown under Sentiments, I will be adding some of those stories and what past customers have to say...

Thank you so much for your interest and sharing your stories.

Blessings & Aloha!


The Teacup Cottage said...

What a beautiful piece! You definitely have a talent! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Felicia said...

Love that train. I've been on the train in Alaska and it's a breath taking experience.

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