Saturday, June 27, 2009

Getting the numbers right...

...1982 is what I had thought. But I thought wrong. The first drawing that I did was in 1985.
 *hmm, I guess that doesn't mean I can knock 3 years off my current age...   What about 23 years off and to be 22 again?* (if that were possible...I'd have 16 years of my mom still... to call and ask her a question about her amazing recipes, crafts, garden...and just to talk and hear her voice.)

...back to the drawings.  It was a drawing done in pencil for my brother, for his 10th birthday in February of 1985.

Well, I came across that drawing from parent's house at one of our visits.  Since I knew my brother had moved on to different interests, I asked my mom if I could have it. (My brother at the time was out of the house and stationed on the east coast with the Navy.)

Thank goodness for Mr. B. He really is the all-time best "finder" in the world! We still have quite a few boxes that are stacked up in our garage.
Well, it was "safely" stored away, in a box... which box??? Cue into the scene... my hero...Mr.B.
He was getting rid of some stuff that we (ok, ok, I... have been hanging on to.)
It's super hot! about 95 degrees! I offered my assistance, but he said it's better when I 'm not around, so he can actually get rid of stuff. (cuz I can't help but never know when that watch-a-ma-call-it would come in handy... or else it's "awww, but that's baby so-and-so's favorite stuffed... or "that belonged to great-great aunt what's her name's cousin's sister's uncle's~an heirloom!")

Well, before comes Mr. B with a box of old photos and a thick cardboard tube. In the tube was, my brother's drawing! (I had mentioned wanting to find that, some time ago!) I didn't even think to ask him to keep a look out for it.

When I went to get it matted and framed in San Antonio, TX, what a surprise and a blessing when those at the store thought it was interesting. They asked if I drew other things and with any name. I said, sure! I left the store with my frame, mat, drawing and my first custom orders!  :o)

(Personalized Sketches photo of original)

In the bottom right corner, along with the year '85, I signed it "Bing Botelho"   "Bing" is my family's nickname for me as a kid. I'm still "Bing" to my Dad's and Mom's side of the family.

(I am so glad I date every drawing! I also love photos with the dates stamped on it....those dates are so helpful in remembering when the events were taken or ages of those in the photos, etc.)

(Personalized Sketches photo of original)

This newspaper clipping's from Enterprise, AL. (Wednesday, January 20, 1988).  Our little girly-whirlies, "theluckiestmrs" was 4 and 1/2, "little miss" was 13 months.  Dave was still a WOC (warrant officer candidate) in flight school. The drawing is a copy of one done for Dave's Uncle P & Auntie Mema. (They are like our kids' third set of grandparents :o)... She had quite a wonderful clown collection.)

(photo of original newspaper clipping)

It was and is a blessing to be able to do these at home.  And my hubby and kids were the best when it came to helping me at the shows.
so... that's the facts and figures... first drawing. for my little bro. 1985.

I'll close this post with some drawings just completed and sent on their way:
1. eagle on left, custom order for L.H.'s brother-in-law, retiring from the Army. Thank you L. for your interest and ordering this for his gift!

2. eagle on right, for Staci, who won the giveaway for her Pipaw, who is retired Air Force and a world history, world geography teacher. Yay! And thank you again for participating.

(Personalized Sketches photo of originals)

Blessings & Aloha!

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Come back any time :o)


Kristen Sambs said...

I feel honored to be the wife of the lucky guy who got your 1st drawing...LOL!

You are the best ~ Love you Bing

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

haha. he had no choice ;o)

You need to get blogging, so I can follow you all on your new adventures in "Cal-ee-for-nigh-aye"!

Marie Reed said...

Your blog design is just gorgeous! It's pure eye candy!

Carma Sez said...

very nice. Love your sketches...Stopping by from Just a Happy Housewife's blog :)

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