Saturday, September 11, 2010

Purple Pirates...

Aargh! Mates!

This week the color is VIOLET...
I'm sharing some past photos of my hubby's Helicopter Flight Class:
Purple Pirates... 

In flight school, each flight going through is assigned a color to signify the different flights. His was Purple...and their class chose the Pirate as their mascot.

This was taken on our anniversary (I think that he just was able to swing by our home before heading back to class and I had just come home from a ladies luncheon).

(Mr. B was their flight's Candidate Commanding officer)

And here the girls are helping to show off one of his anniversary gifts...(I guess I started looking for everything "purple", thus the purple shirt...I am surprised that the girls were not dressed in purple! I will be posting a little video slideshow, and you will see that more often than not, purple was the color of choice for clothing during flight school! :o) 

Here's a little Purple Pirate Days slideshow:

Also remembering 9/11...we were stationed on a military installation, when this tragic series of events occurred.  My husband was one of the first to deploy, shortly after... Thank you to all those in military service, as well as those serving in the police force, medical fields and firefighting.

Mr. B was at a military course out of state.  Girly~Twirly was in her first year of college, Girly~Whirly was at the high school and our son was in the middle school on the post where we were stationed during that time.  I had just returned home from a morning run with a girlfriend...turned on the news to hear the newscasters talking about the first plane...when the second plane was shown flying into the tower.  It seemed like the whole military post had their eyes on televisions or ears tuned to the radio.  

Who would have thought that such a thing could happen in the United States?  And looking back at the photos taken while my husband was in flight school... Although we knew the purpose of flight school was flying to help defend and protect... who of us would have known that 13 years later from Purple Flight's graduation, that our military would be deploying shortly after those tragic events.  My husband was one of the first to deploy.

I am joining in this week with Mommy Moment...

This drawing was drawn as gift from a daughter to her father, who is a firefighter. This was taken from a  published photo of three firemen taken on the site of the World Trade Center.

This is a "multi-post" (thank you for reading through another long post! But each of these wonderful memes this week relate so well with what I want to share.)

I am also joining in with Goodnight Moon! as a Deployment Survivor!  

After my hubby became an Army aviator, he has been on 8 major Deployments, countless Field Exercises/Training Missions, numerous School courses, and countless TDYs out of state and out of country.
This past post is about "Our Handsome Hawaiian Hero..." that shares a video slideshow of some of the sweet little ones that he has met on some of his deployments.
& this past post shares some other family veterans in "Veterans & Vaters".

Here are some purple-related drawings:

This one was drawn and made into certificates for each of the guys in my hubby's Purple flight after they did their Solo flight in the TH55 helicopter. (T for training...H for helicopter...this little thing also affectionately known as the flying isnt used for training any longer).

This was a gift for a customer's family, so the last name was used in this Iris. I've done these also for those that live in Tennessee, since the Iris is the cultivated state flower.

This was a gift for a little girl whose room was decorated in Violets.

Jenny's Alphabe-Thursdaymeme 
and of the colors of the Rainbow.

also joining in with 

***Thank you to all of you that wished us safe travels and a wonderful visit with our kids! We had so much fun, laughed lots, and wished that it could have been longer :o)***


...on my upcoming 100th post, 
I will be doing some giveaways 
relating to the Personalized Sketches art. 
Thank you for stopping by!

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Allie said...

OH MY GOSH! I am totally jealous! What amazing artwork! I am going to pop you on my fave blog list!

Allie said...

I am so totally jealous! What amazing artwork! I am going to for sure add you to my fave blogs I follow!!! WOW!

Jen Price said...

My daughter would love this post! She loves purple!

Kel said...

I love the violets. What a wonderful addition to any little girls' room. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Jenny said...

My first stop for Rainbow Summer School. And such a lovely stop it is.

Like always, I smile when your pictures smile at me! Such loving riches you have.

You are beautiful inside and out, Maria.

Thanks for linking.


xinex said...

Great artwork, Maria! I enjoyed the video and your hubby's a true hero and I am thankful to him!..Christine

Katie F said...

Just saw your post on my blog. Yup I'm from Wisconsin and also have relatives in Racine!!

Veronica Lee said...

Purple is my fav colour. Love the video and the drawings - beautiful as always.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Christine said...

I too have to join in to say thank you to your husband for serving and you for the incredibly tough job of being a military spouse. This civilian appreciates it more than I can express.

Diana said...

I love purple, too! I use lots of purple in crafts and in my graphic design work. I think purple is a very distinguished and holy color.

Your talent in sketching continues to amaze me, what a blessing from the Lord for you to share with others!

We know what it is to have military in your family... we haven't seen our son in over five years (he's been deployed to Iraq 3 times in this war). Amen and thank you for all the heros who have been protecting our country all these years and continue doing so! We appreciate your bravery and service!

I don't know why I hadn't before, but I added you to my blog list today, Maria! ♥

Stephani Cochran said...

Thanks for stopping by today! I have enjoyed my time here looking around at everything. I looked at the slide show. That is a neat idea. I never thought of putting a slideshow in my post although I have a couple on the sidebar of my blog. Have a great week!

The Sunshine Crew said...

Love your post and your artwork.
Saw that your Dear Hubby is military. My Dear Hubby is at MacDill. Best place we have lived so far!
Love the Purple Pirates info.
Thanks for popping by my blog and reading my post.
I really have enjoyed the posts of yours that I have read and plan to be a regular reader of your blog.

Wifey10 said...

wow what a brilliant artwork! Your family is quite an achiever as well and in one of the best profession =). My brother inlaw is a dentist as well. Thanks for visiting my blog and for a wonderful comment, following you now, hope you could follow me back =). Godbless!

Teacher Engineer said...

wow i love purple as well..great and nice stuff u got here:)Godbless

Debbie Petras said...

Maria, I am so grateful to men and women like your Mr. B who serve our country to keep us safe. They sacrifice so much. I love the purple photos including those of your hubby and his military buds and your precious little ones. You've been talented in many areas. I was impressed that you made those beautiful dresses.

Thank you for catching up on my blog posts for Heart Choices. As you can see, I was busy flying to FL to attend my niece's wedding. But what a wonderful time it was. I hadn't seen my family in over two years!

I may continue to send you some links to info that may help you.

Hugs and love,

More Than Words said...

Wow...I loved all the purple themed pictures! What a great mom you are to custom make their little outfits!!! And your dress at the end was gorgeous too!!! You're so talented!

Bearly Sane said...

Hi Maria,
Gosh I didn't realise how much reading I had to catch up on. Some wonderful family shots here amongst all your lovely drawings.
I often wonder just how many drawing you must have done over the you know?
Warmest Hugs,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane
P.S. Thanks for stopping by on the weekend while I was working. X

tracy said...

Hello Dear Maria
If I had joined this "violet" color... I could have posted my wedding colors...
Very nice photos.
Thank you for your visit...I am so sorry I have not been in touch lately,its been a very sad time.

I had gotten your e-mail,but will have to re-email you...I think I have a diffrent picture I would like to have done.
As I can see you draw flowers very well.
Your friend Tracy

Becka said...

hey girl, how are you, I had just min to stop by, I need your mailing address please , would you email it to me, got something for you,
as always love your drawings, the one of the church below looks like our church,,
:):):) smiles :) Becka

LV said...

Always happy to have you drop by for a visit. I have not forgotten you, but some days I just get depressed and slack off on the tings I should do. You know I am one of your biggest fans when it comes to your family and work. Glad all is well with you.

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Sept. 11...a day that no one will ever forget. I was a senior in high school and sitting in my morning government class. We heard what happened, and I immediately called my Mom to see what Dad was doing. Turns out, he was already on a plane to Saudi Arabia for a military operation hours/days/weeks following the event. It was so scary. I'm very grateful for all of our military that served/are serving after that fateful day.

Debbiedoos said...

A big big thank you to your adoring husband! Just do not know how our country could do with out him and so many other brave Men and women. What a beautiful post. I love that first pic of the rainbow...I have never seen a full rainbow like that.

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