Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser Tutorial

Here is a tutorial of my MASON JAR Soap Dispenser.

I first saw a manufactured one in a store a few years back, and had been meaning to make some for our home and also for gifts.

I love mason jars...seltzer bottles...and glass jars or any kind...
Here are a few mason jars on some of our kitchen cabinets... The huge one with the pump on it, is actually an old syrup dispenser.

Back when we first moved to our new home (last April), I made the first soap dispenser for me (I wanted to be sure to work out the kinks)...but actually, no kinks needed to be adjusted... Super easy-peasy!

So, I made some for our grown kids, for friends, for friends' friends...and our younger daughter, Girly~Whirly, was visiting at Thanksgiving, so she made one for a friend...and then I showed a couple of friends, who made some for their friends...  they are like rabbits that keep having more rabbits and more rabbits...

Well, only after making mine, did I think to look on pinterest or google for a tutorial. And there are some great ones out there.  But I did not see any like how I made mine, so here it goes:

STEP 1  ~ Supplies: 

1. Any jar of the size you prefer (I used the jars from some yummy organic spaghetti sauce we like. ..but a canning jar with the silver metal lids will work).

2. Spray paint (I like the black matte finish...this helps to keep the lids from rusting...bright color paint would be fun).

3. paper bag, hammer, nail or screw, heavy duty shears/scissors (or metal cutter, if you do not have heavy duty shears/scissors...ours is from Cutco company and is known for its ability to cut a penny!) 

4. bottle of soap (I like the Bath and Body foaming soap pump...but there are soaps at the dollar store or other stores too).
STEP 2  ~ Hammer Holes:

 Hammer a few holes with the nail/screw in the center of the lid. I did this on our garage floor.

Be sure the hole is large enough for the tip of heavy duty shears/scissors or metal cutter to fit into.

 STEP 3  ~ Cut wedges:

With your heavy duty shears/scissors or metal cutter, snip wedges. This lid had the center circle that worked perfectly for me to fit the size of the soap pump I use.  (You may need to mark a circle with a sharpie, as a guide to where you need to cut to).

 STEP 4  ~ Open hole:

On the inside of the lid, with the tip of my heavy duty shears, I turn the wedge to curl back. This creates a large hole, that does not have a sharp edge. 
And all the curled wedges, help to secure the soap pump.  **KEEP in mind, unlike some other tutorials that use silicon or another adhesive to seal their pump to the lids, I do not, so it will leak if tipped over.** But you could add a strong adhesive or silicon along the rim of the pump.

Test out the size of the hole with a soap pump.
With your shears or with your fingers, you can adjust the wedges so your pump has a good, snug fit.

  STEP 5  ~ Spray paint lid:

I spray painted these ones in the picture today.  So, yes, I put the paper bag out onto the snow :o)
Be sure to spray one side and let dry very well, before turning over lids and spraying paint on the other.  Be sure to cover all areas well with paint, so that any exposed metal from cutting will not rust.

  STEP 5  ~ Soap pump ready:

Tah-dah! Once paint is all dry, simply push pump into the hole. The diameter of the soap pump will "hide" any uneven opening.

(I just took a photo of the lid I used that had advertisement printing on it, to show you that the pain covered what was on it very well).

STEP 6 ~ Perfect gift:

Completed, hand crafted mason soap jar and a bottle of handsoap are ready to go in a gift bag...perfect for a housewarming gift or a "just because" gift :o)

***TIP #1:  The "plastic tubes" that come with the original soaps are a wee short for the taller jars that I show here, but they still work well. I would buy some inexpensive spray bottles from a dollar store and swap out the tubes.   Or I would use shorter jars.

Tim #2: To make the soap stretch (at least, with Bath & Body brands), I mix half soap with half water.

Here is photo of the one I did today for our kitchen hand soap.  We have a built in soap pump that I use for dish detergent, in the counter top, but I still like to have hand soap readily available, so have the mason jar filled with hand soap.

 And here are more I made last year, for each of the our home…

 (well...actually, in our master bathroom on the bottom right, I have a different dispenser, but the half bathroom, the two upstairs bathrooms, and the bottom left shows the basement/family/studio bathroom all have their mason jar soap dispensers ready for duty :o))


Although I have not drawn a mason jar (I would love to do that some time :o), I am sharing some past artwork that start with "M".   If you are new to my blog, I share with every post, some art that I have completed. Every one is drawn entirely using a person's name.

This little monkey was drawn entirely with the name LIAM. Additional birth info, in calligraphy, with the lettering called: Bayoneta Pro

This wedding monogram was drawn with C in the bride's name: CODY
S in their last name: STEPHENS and
B in the groom's name: BRAD

The monogram and the calligraphy of their wedding date at the bottom right border was in the lettering style: Sweet Upright Script

This monogram was drawn for the groom's parents.
The first D drawn entirely of DAVID,
The S drawn with their last name: STEPHENS,
the second D drawn with the name: DEBRA

The lettering style of the monogram was in lettering called: Rosabella

This Military one is of a Military Police badge. It was drawn entirely with the last name: KING
Additional calligraphy written above and beneath it, was written in an Old English style lettering.

The first image is shown in black ink only. And the second shows a little gray color added afterwards.


 Today, my hubby and I are celebrating 32 wonderful, blessed years married. 

Here is my post a few years ago, when we lived in Georgia and celebrated our 29th Anniversary in Savannah. ...another post for our 30th Anniversary. ...our 31st Anniversary was awesome too, but with moving here to Kentucky, I didn't get a post up last year.  Next week, I hope to have some pics of our 32nd Anniversary and a bit about what's been happening in our neck of the woods.

Also, Happy Valentine's Day!

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Thank you for stopping over and taking the time to leave a comment.  I'd love to know what you have made with mason jars?

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carol l mckenna said...

Wow ! Lovely Mason Jar tutorial and lovely art work and Happy Anniversary ~ Great photos ~

thanks, carol and artmusedog

21 Wits said...

You know this is just the coolest thing ever. I think mason jar ideas are so cool, and because I like them so much, I often fill them with coffee and take it on the road.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Happy Anniversary Maria!

I love the jars, they are soooo cute...

Eden House News and views said...

As soon as I saw the title I knew that I would love it.m
Not sure I can get pumps her will have to check and see.
How about trailing a washing up liquid version ?
I so love your blog thank you

Unknown said...

Tada! I will be digging more mason jars everywhere! This is awesome :) Thanks for the tutorial!

Hugs xx

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This is such a great idea! I love that you used a Mason jar. We use them for drink glass at my house.

SarahBeth said...

Great tutorial! They came out really cute! Love that cutie monkey too!
And I really like that little basket that's hanging on the wall in your kitchen -- I might have to be on the lookout for a similar one!

Betty said...

Happy Anniversary!

I enjoyed your mason jar tutorial. You're so clever.

As always, I'm fascinated with your wonderful art.

Andrea . Charcoal and Crayons said...

Hi there! I love the look of your mason jar soap dispensers! I've been wanting to create something similar for my sinks, but haven't been too sure how to go about it. Thank you for your tutorial! I have seen versions in shops for quite a bit of money, so I'll be glad to make my own with what I have around the house!

Anonymous said...

Great and clear directions:)

Nevin said...

wow! so creative!

Annesphamily said...

Love that mason jar soap dispenser! Happy anniversary to you and your sweetheart! we will celebrate 30 ion May 3rd this year. Makes a heart smile!
Your art is always lovely to see and I am happy I was able to stop by. Have a beautiful week.

Lola said...

Phew! I learned so much here!

fredamans said...

What a creative way to repurpose old mason jars!

Pondside said...

That's a great idea and I'll bet everyone who received one was thrilled!

Splendid Little Stars said...

so pretty! great tutorial!
Congratulations on your anniversary! (Mine is coming up in a week.)

LV said...

Do not know how I missed this post. I have been busy and also had a slow computer. I know now there is nothing you cannot do if you are now making soap dispensers. You are just so talented. I have been wondering about you and family. I would never be able to keep a house as big as yous. I have no doubt you and your sweetie celebrated in style. Wishing you any more.

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