Thursday, October 25, 2012

Winners & What's coming up?

First of all...the Winners of the Viper Pilot books.
Thank you all who commented and entered for a chance at one of the two books given by William Morrows Books/Harper Collins Publishers. And thank you to all that stopped by. I enjoy finding and reading your comments, and I do know that it takes time to do this!

Winner #1: Darlene

Winner #2: Jenny

I will be contacting you to get your mailing address. I need this so that I can give it to the publisher and they will send the book directly to you.

Joining in with Jenny's Alphabe-thursday's "W"!


And next...What's coming up?

I joined in with the Madam Samm's upcoming blog hop called U R Priceless Coin Purse Blog Hop!
(...from November 5th through November 13th).

Our cheerleader (aka helper extraordinaire!) for this fun, fun, fun blog hop is Katherine @ Sew Me Something Good.  (Katherine posted the schedule of all those participating).
Thank you both for being "my go-to gals for all the help and encouragement :o)

I have not done a blog hop like this before, so I hope that I get it all done correctly :o)

I was excited to see this and thought I would give it a try.

Be sure to stop back and see the cute, chubby, chunky coin purses created for this event.

My day to share the coin purse I made will be on November 9th.

& from November 1st through November 14th is Semper Wifey's 2nd Annual Marine Birthday Bash!

Also on November 9th, I will be donating one 8x10 Personalized Sketches of a wedding monogram of the winner's choice. (Mat, frame and shipping are not included). Be sure to go to Semper Wifey's blog for a chance to win an 8x10 Personalized Sketches on November 9th, as well as something each day of this fun event.

(You do not have to be a military spouse...EVERY one is welcome to enter!)

& for those that are new to my blog, I try to share some past art orders.  These are some representing the letter "W"...  Every one is drawn entirely with a name.

This water skier was drawn from a photo of Alec. 
He comes from a long line of amazing water skiers!

This was drawn of a windmill in the Netherlands.

Signature for blog


myletterstoemily said...

the blog hop sounds super fun! i hope
it all goes well for you.

21 Wits said...

Wow, it does sound like fun, I like the design of that purse!

Susan Anderson said...

You do such great work.


Jenny said...

Oh hooray!

What fun!

I'll let you know when it gets here!

And I love that coin purse!

It's quite wonderful!

Thanks for linking.


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