Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pretty paintings...

...only 5 days until our grandbaby's due date!!!

*****EDITED UPDATE!*****
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Our sweet, beautiful granddaughter!!!♥   is born!
March 10th, 2012....@ 6:19am... 8lbs.6oz. 

Our daughter (Girly~Twirly aka theluckiestmrs), as some of you may already know, is a dentist...she had a full day of work yesterday, Friday March 9th!  So, what a blessed and wonderful surprise it was when she had to go to the hospital late Friday night :o)

We live in a different state, so we made our flight reservations in the first part of April, thinking that there is the possibility of being overdue... looking forward to flying up to spend 8 days with them.


A couple of weeks ago, I had shared some of the progress our daughter had made in their baby nursery. She has done so much by herself...from the paper lanterns to the crib skirt to the painting shown in this post.
 (You can read and see the photos here: Nursery time...)

Today, I'm posting some of the closeups of the painting that our daughter (Girly~Twirly aka theluckiestmrs) has done for their baby nursery. Her inspiration for the nursery room colors are from her love of the colors and designs of Lilly Pulitzer clothes

(She painted this cute sign in acrylics....she is great at jumping in free hand and just doing!!!)

The following are pictures of the progression of her sweet city park scene in watercolors.

1. She used a paint brush marker to paint the details before and after the watercolor.
2. a little more color...
3. all done! & placed in a frame that she spraypainted white.
She painted the images of "a mama" and a "little girl" to represent her and their little one when she is older :o) Both of them are "wearing" Lilly Pulitzer skirts :o)
& her dashing hubby picking them up for a ride in the horse drawn carriage.
There is their little black cockerspaniel and brown and white Cavalier King Charles spaniel.
The scene is like NY's central park...(they did their mini-moon in NYC).
There is a little ittty bitty cardinal (to represent their undergrad college years).
& a little itty bitty bunny (to represent a term of endearment to each other).

Then there is also this little nightstand/end table. She had this old nightstand while in dental school 3 years ago.
Last summer when we were visiting them in their new home, she had a bucket of black paint and brushes for my hubby, our son, our daughter, herself and me to paint whatever we wanted on it :o) 

Lots of fun! I think it turned out pretty neat and that it reminded me of aboriginal or native Hawaiian tattoos/art. She had it in one of their guest rooms.
 Here is the "after" with fresh coats of white paint and again her awesome free hand painting with a bright yellow design.

Just thought I would include another of her paintings. 
This is a black and white of it  & a color picture of it. They have it hanging in their downstairs bathroom.
 This was her first attempt at painting on canvas with acrylic paint! She decided one day to go to the craft store and by a canvas and paint. :o)
It is a large piece. She painted this one in 2006.

All three are blessed with artistic and creative gifts. My hubby is a wonderful artist too!  I love to see what they create...

I'm joining in with Ms. Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday 's  "P" post...
&My entry to At The Picket Fence's  Inspiration Friday sponsored by Appliances Online and the Beko Fridge Freezers”. 
& Kate's Flaunt it Friday.

Here is another art order completed:
The K is with the mom's name, the A with the dad's name, and the ampersand "&" is with the children's names.

I usually wait until I know for sure that an order has been received...
However, since this order is one from a customer to her dear friend who has never seen a Personalized Sketch piece before, and since the one receiving this gift does not yet know about my blog...and since it is almost March 10th...I went ahead and shared this one today. I have others to share, but will save them for future posts.

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Michelle A'etonu said...

wow! looks like she got her talent from her mama! the nursery looks fabulous!!! sorry i haven't been here in a while. it's been difficult to find time to update my own blog lately!

Pondside said...

My goodness - your daughter has inheirited your gift of artistry. Her paintings are so sweet, and full of such lovely meaning.

21 Wits said...

I'm not even sure where to start, since all of your photos from the colorful balls over the crib to the stunning glowing yellow in the sailboat picture, they are works of art. The scenes colored and hung on the wall will really be enjoyed once your baby is older of course, but yours to enjoy until then, and well before birth right! It's a lovely room.

Leah Cooper-Prockno said...

The painting for the nursery is beautiful, her daughter will cherish that one day !Your sketches are amazing you, glad I found your site .

visiting from aphabe-Thursday

Rachael West said...

I love the first photo its so pretty - the bright balls - the yellow - swoon.

Susan Anderson said...

All of this is so charming. That is one lucky baby-to-be!


Judie said...

Just today, I hung two paintings by my twenty-something granddaughter that she did in grammar school. I'll take a photo of my painting wall and post it on my blog in a few days so you can see! Wonderful post, you beautiful woman!!!

Maggi said...

Congratulations on the new baby! Hope mommy and baby are doing well!

Leslee said...

CONGRATULATIONS Maria and family!!!

Looking forward to updates on your new family member...

anitamombanita said...

First, congrats, Grandma!!

Second, that girl's got skills! Something she got from her mom, perhaps? :)

More Than Words said...

OHHH!!! Congratulations to your daughter & son in-law!! What a blessing! I can imagine how excited and anxious you are to see your new grandbaby!!!!!!!!!

xinex said...

Congrats on your first grandbaby. Isn't that exciting! I foresee a spoiled loved baby, lol. Love your daughter's artwork....Christine

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Sending the biggest and happiest wishes to you on the birth of your baby granddaughter! Thrilling! Can't wait to see photos! Blessings to you, Dear Friend! :)

LV said...

That sweet baby knew she had a nice room waiting and decided she would move in early. Best wishes to you and her family. Happy for you. Nothing takes their place. We all love our children, but grand babies are just so special.

Anne Garry said...

congrats nana!! wow ! amazing talents running in the family! i love how your daughtet transform the furniture into a gorgeous one! love the bright colors!

Anne Garry said...

and btw, thanks for the spring post comment you left in my blog.i was sooo busy! i resigned from my job then a week after got a new one! miss posting photos of my girls. talk to you later,~Anne

Splendid Little Stars said...

Congratulations to you and your daughter and son in law!! How wonderful!! wishing you all much joy!
The baby room with all its special touches looks fabulous!

Bacardi Mama said...

How exciting!! I am so happy for you all. Can't wait to see pictures.

Jenny said...

Dancing for joy for you! The whole Grandma gig is the most amazing thing...ever!

That sweet little one has such a sweet nest to perch in, too.

I bet you can't wait to get there!

I am so happy for you! You are going to be an amazing Grandma for sure!

Hugs, Congratulations and A++++++

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