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...Wee bit of Irish...

...Wee bit of Irish... is a repost from St. Patrick's Day last year  and my entry for Jenny'sAlphabe-Thursdays "I" post~March 2010! But I am pushing the envelope a Wee bit...for this week's "W" post, since it does have "Wee" in it :o)

...I've never reposted before, but this week has been crazy busy at work (coming home later), number of drawing orders to complete and also my hubby and I had spent a wonderful time this past weekend and this upcoming weekend with our daughter Girly~Whirly and her boyfriend.  Hope you all don't mind. Next week may also have to be a repost of some of our son's music. Thanks for your visit and comments!

One more thing...I may not have a wee bit of Irish blood in me, but through my hubby, sister-in-law...I happily claim to be linked to their beautiful heritage.

Here it is~ (With a wee bit of changes)... 

A Wee bit of Irish...

...through family, friends and experiences in my neck of the woods...

My hubby is mainly of Portuguese ancestry...but they do have Some Spanish, maybe a Fraction of French...and somewhere along the family lines... there is a wee bit of Irish.

When he was a little boy (and after getting spankings or reprimanded...which he says happened often... and that he deserved every bit of it...well...except for the times that he says he got in the way of his brother getting a lickin', so ended up getting a lickin' too :o)... he would look at some old baby photos and "know" for certain that he had to be adopted!

He had light reddish/blondish hair and was very, very fair, compared to his older brother with dark curly hair, so he thought he was an adopted child that got all the spankings.

(Too funny to think about, especially, since you take one look at him and he looks like his dad and you can definitely see he is related through and through!)
 ~Check out this late 1970's family photo ~
(does anyone else remember wearing shirts with big collars?)
(My Mr. B is in the top middle)
My sweet sister-in-law has quite a lot of Irish in her blood. My brother and SIL named their little girl "Brecken", which is Irish for "freckle"... How cute is that!
Here's this little Irish/Filipino/German/Chinese/Spanish sweetie~

(These are recent photos of our niece Beautiful Brecken and nephew Cutie Crew).


This night scene postcard of River Street in Savannah, Georgia has a bit of the green shining through...

We live in a town right on the outskirts of Savannah, Georgia.  Before moving here, I never realized just how celebrated St. Patrick's Day is in Savannah! ...but an example of this... schools in the area and surrounding area are closed on Mar 17th (they gave in to having St. Paddy's day off, since a lot of students end up going to the huge parade...).  

*****Added March 18, 2011 info from my original post on March 19, 2010*****
...Unofficially, this parade was first held in 1818 and the first official parade held in 1856 (A wee bit more interesting parade facts in this 2008 copy of the Savannah Now)... And on the news, leading up to this day, I learned that the elected Grand Marshall is selected through votes behind closed doors.)

There are participants in the parade from across the United States and Ireland. Some local military units were present in the parade this year...last year many units were still in Iraq or Afghanistan.

This taken from ABOUT.COM contributer Sheridan Alexander:
"The St. Patrick's Day celebration in Savannah is the city's largest annual celebration including the second largest St. Patrick's Day Parade and by many accounts the largest St. Patrick's Day street celebration in the United States. Likened by some to Mardi Gras gone Irish, the spirited St. Patrick's Day festivities in Savannah go on for several days, attracting roughly 400,000 Irish and honorary Irish visitors each year in addition to local revelers. The comparison to Mardi Gras ends when it comes to displays of public nudity, however, which in Savannah according to authorities can "get you arrested."

...A humongous crowd on Riverfront Street, after the parade.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Savannah Waterfront Association

The fountains flow with glistening green water.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Savannah St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee

This week is also Spring break for Heartbreaker... so with some good college friends, they'll get a chance to experience some Idyllic Irish Imagery...around Savannah. On Saturday, they arrived to our home and stopped to eat dinner on their way to the condo on Tybee Island.  And then after spending St. Patrick's Day in Savannah on Weds, they came to the house for dinner.  (Night time on Riverfront Street can get too crazy.)
(I love the last photo silhouette of the 8 boys taken on the beach at sunrise).
I am joining in with Jenny for
Alicia for 
*****Some added, recent photos of our kiddoes :o)*****

Although we would have loved to have Girly~Twirly and her hubby down by us this past week, they had a wonderful, well-deserved vacation in Florida (since he started his first year of residency and she has been a very, very busy dentist). I don't have any of those photos yet, but here is one of the two of them when they were celebrating their 2nd year anniversary in Jan 2011.

And this week is Girly~Whirly and her boyfriend's spring break from dental school (He'll be a dentist this May and Girly~Whirly will be a dentist next May :o).  I will be taking photos while they are here, but for now am sharing this one of the two of them taken in February 2011.

 And our son and some of his college buds didnt make it down to Savannah this year. They had to head back to Lexington after watching the basketball games held in close!
One of the guys had to get back for a work interview. They had a great time.
(M, Heartbreaker, J, P, W)
I took this photo of a photo on his facebook :o) see a little shaving has not been done :o)

Here's a Wee bit of Celtic/Irish inspired artwork.
(Click on each to see a closer view)

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
~an Old Irish Blessing~

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Becky said...

Well, I love your WEE bit of Irish. Cool photo of the fountain! And reposting is sometimes the only way to participate.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

You have a beautiful family Maria..and reposting is good; especially for us who joined the blogging world a bit late; like a great weekend..

Debbie Petras said...

Maria, I never tire of seeing photos of you and your family. And no, I certainly don't mind a repost. Believe me, I understand when you're working and actually try to have a life. Your artwork is always beautiful too.

Love and hugs,

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Such a sweet post! Little Brecken is PRECIOUS!

I laughed to hear that others got lickin's too. How often I heard, 'You don't want a lickin', do you?'

I might have just a tad more Irish blood in me than you but since my mom's birthday is St Patrick's Day, well it is a green day for us.

A delight stopping by!
Kindly, Lorraine

Debbiedoos said...

FUN post Maria! I can't believe all the old photos you have of your husband, you are lucky!!~ I laughed how you noticed your son did not shave..ahhh the mother in us. BTW, we love Savannah and really have to go and spend more time there...what history and culture. Great place. Have a wonderful weekend. Your daughter and her boyfriend make a very handsome couple.

More Than Words said...

Wow, they really go all out for St. Paddy's Day! Every year, the Carpenter's Union has a parade in San Francisco!!

I loved the pictures of your children and their husband/boyfriend! What gorgeous couples!!!!!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day..
Thanks for sharing part of your culture with us.

Pondside said...

Don't worry - we'll still be here when you get back to blogging! Real life has to take the front seat.
Your Celtic designs are lovely.

Natasha in Oz said...

I have reposted a few things over time and I think it is often good to do that. It always lovely to read older posts and to revisit ideas that you might have forgotten about.

Best wishes,

xinex said...

I have to say it again, you have a wonderful family, Maria. Thanks for sharing St. Paddy's celebration there. What a way to celebrate it!...Christine

Vicki/Jake said...

I sure don't get here enough, but when I do it's a treat! Hope you enjoy the time with your hubby and family...great reasons for re posting so not to worry. I'll stay and visit a little more, then try to get back again soon. Love this post!

Jenny said...

A wonderful family. A wonderful fountain. A wonderful thought of a condo on Tybee Island (oh that sounds perfect!).

As always...

A perfect visit to a lovely lady whose family is her heart.

So good wrapping up Alphabe-Thursday with you Maria. I have a big smile on my face for another wonderful week.


jfb57 said...

Lovely pictures! I have a real fondness for Celtic art too!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Hi Maria....thank you. I just put the Virginia Star quilt in the frames this afternoon...haven't put a stitch in it I got bored doing little things while my fingers it is in. You have a nice day.

XmasDolly said...

Love every single photo, and your so right. Your niece is a cutie pie & nephew is too! Brecken is such a pretty name. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing all & have a great weekend.

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