Friday, December 10, 2010

Kissable Keiki...

Happy Birthday to You!

Love those Kissable cheeks on my Keiki!
(OH...if you don't know what a Keiki can go to this past post...Kissable Keikis & Karate Kid...where I re-used part of the title...and see our other Kissable Keikis :o)

Local baby contest
winner of her age division :o)
Ft Rucker, Alabama
Aug 15 (8 months)

Still as sweet as ever!
Nov 2010


***EDITED note added on Dec 11th***
(I've just realized that I had literally forgotten that my birthday is next week~so much going on.  I say this only because I had planned to do some more art giveaways to those of you that stop by and comment next my birthday thank you from me to you!  I had wanted to do this last year, but again...time slipped by me!  

And for those that have left a comment on this post, you will have an extra entry.   If you are interested, please be sure to come take a look.)

***Thank you for bearing with me regarding this little edited interruption! Please continue with my Happy Birthday post to our sweet Girly~Whirly***

Still in the midst of completing Christmas drawing I haven't tried to do this before, but I am copying and posting a part Happy Birthday post that I had done last year this time!

From my Dec 9, 2009 post...

Once upon a time... 
there were 5 lovely princesses...

...and of these lovely princesses...
was our very own darling daughter...
...Girly Whirly...
once I looked for past birthday photos, I say to myself: "I really need to organize the bazillion photos that we have "safely" stored in the many Rubbermaid boxes, and albums, and envelopes, and shoeboxes, etc...

..but thankfully, I found these that I was able to put on a little clip.
Without further ado...
I am so thankful that we have the wonderful photos, videos (and even some old cassette recordings)  of our three children and of our family and friends... photos, videos, recordings...all help to bring back memories of those days gone by! Sweet memories...

I call our daughters similar sounding names on this blog, I call our older daughter-Girly~Twirly and our younger daughter (Little Miss, I call Girly~Whirly).

They are 3 and a half years apart, but often are asked if they are twins :o) 
When I call them and they are together, I even have to ask who I am speaking to...cuz they sound alike! haha, it is our younger daughter that just celebrated her birthday...and our older daughter, who is married and has a blog (
*added note Dec 10, 2010*
(As a dentist, Girly~Twirly has been so so busy working long hours, 5 days a week, and driving about one hour each has not done any blogging. Hopefully, when they move for our son-in-law's next medical residency "assignment", she will be in a practice that does not involve so much time).
Joining in with
for this week's letter "K".

Friday Photo Flashback.

It takes me (like everything else with computers) a little longer than it should to scan and prepare the images of the art that I do (to crop to a closeup view with the full image) to show on my blog, my etsy shop and on my facebook business page ( ...I started the facebook page recently~please take a look and become a "fan" by adding it to pages you "LIKE") I am only posting a couple Christmas orders here.

This whimsical family tree was the idea of LV
Thank you for another order...and sending this idea for a drawing for a Christmas gift to your sister. 
Received my sketch and already have it framed.  I m giving it to my sister for Christmas.  I attaching a copy of it FYI.
Thanks again for everything.

Thank you LV, for sending the photo of it matted and framed.

This order is a Christmas gift for a local dentist. Thank you Patti for your order. (She will pick this one up tonight).

Thank you again for stopping by! I am behind in returning your visits from my last post, but will be coming by after I get more art orders done and shipped out! back to the drawing of my favorite places to be...

Signature for blog


Janet Rose said...

What a sweet way to remember your daughter on her birthday! Has the chilly weather reached you? It's freezing cold here in the Atlanta area and I'm ready for spring already. :)
Hope you have a wonderfully blessed Christmas!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

kissable cheeks are cute.
beautiful k take.

LV said...

Marie, thanks so much for featuring my sketch today. The way you showed it looked very nice. I would never have thought of that. You do such great jobs on anything you do. I have been very pleased with things you have done for me. I appreciate what you do and the time involved. Blessings to you and your great family during the holidays.

Splendid Little Stars said...

lovely sentiments! Happy birthday to your lovely daughter!

Jo said...

love that big pink bike that she got, she must have loved that!!! what a lovely present ... and oh that drawing of the tree is just very very cool, what a wonderful way to express a family tree!

More Than Words said...

I love your huge collection of photos and memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Maria- you are too cute. I'm so glad you found me and now I can connect with you. I am Hapa, just like you. Only my dad was Filipino and my mom haole. I love see all your photos. What a cute family.

Amanda Lee said...

Such a beautiful daughter! I always enjoy your posts. The drawings are amazing, as always!

Judie said...

Your daughters are so lucky to have you as a mother!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.
Are you in Savannah, Ga.? We are from Atlanta and vacationed on the Georgia coast as children. Savannah is one of my favorite cities!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi Maria! I'm back!! Missed ya!

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!!!

Jenny said...

Oh, that beautiful, beautiful girl. You can just tell by her pictures that her beauty is through and through. I know she learned that from you, her amazing Momma!

And Happy Almost Birthday to you, too!

Such a busy, crazy time of the year!

Thanks for taking the time to link.

And thanks for the smile!


Debbiedoos said...

Happy Holidays to you and your sweet family. And a very happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!

Cheryl said...

Wow! So many birthdays in December. How do you hold it all together?

That family tree rocks!

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