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3 Birth Stories...

...I am joining in on Mama M's Blog hop... because I think this would be a good idea to jot down what I remember, since although it seems like has already been almost 20+ years since our youngest bundle of joy -Heartbreaker- made his quick entrance into our lives...
...which means...even more years since Girly-Whirly made her debute...
...and yet even more years since Girly-Twirly made her grand appearance.

 (I will try to do the "Reader's Digest" version (aka condensed version) of each birth story :o)
Starting with Girly-Twirly (aka theLuckiestMrs.):

Mr. B's brother (future Uncle J) came from Hawaii to visit.  We had a great time with him.  It would have been great if Girly-Twirly arrived on her due date...July 4-ish! But that time came and went... and so did Uncle J.  Mr. B was a Space Shuttle Crash/Rescueman in the Air Force, also EMT, so he could have delivered Girly-Twirly at any moment :o)


Next came my mom and brother from Wisconsin.  Hopefully Girly-Twirly's arrival wouldn't be too much longer.  Since my parents had retired from the Air Force Base where Mr. B and I were living at, my mom and brother enjoyed visiting with friends they knew.

my mom and I at our house.

My brother and his friends were right by the to go to the hospital at the first sign. 

Actually... after eating some amazing lasagna my mom had made. (I stuffed myself silly! which would turn out to be a "not-so-good" thing)... 

Dave went to our Bible study group, while my mom, brother and I went to visit one of her friends, who also lived on the base, right behind the hospital. While we were there, I was really uncomfortable, and would sit down, stand up, sit down, stand up... Both my mom and her friend said we should go and at least have them check me out. I did not want to go, cuz I thought they would just send me away.  After a little more of my pacing, they convinced me to go.

When I arrived at 8:40pm, my mom called Mr. B.  A nurse checked me and said I was only about 2 cm and it may take a good bit of time.  The nurse came back after a little while and when she checked again, she said something like "hm...can't be right...6cm already?" and went to get a doctor.  Meanwhile, I threw up my lasagna.  The doctor came in and I remember him saying..."So, someone had Italian?" He checked and said "No, she's not 6cm...more like 9cm."  

There was no time for an epidural or anything.
The doctor broke my water and that got things really rolling!  But I didnt feel the urge to push and kept saying "I dont feel like pushing!" I know the thought of "Can we stop now?" ran through my head.  Since I didnt feel the urge to push, the doctor used the suction to help "pull" her through. Thankfully, Mr. B made it in time for Girly-Whirly's grand entrance at 10:43pm on July 20th...Wednesday...8 lbs. 2oz...20 3/4 inches long.

Here's Girly-Twirly on her ride home.  (I have a whole album from when we were married Feb 12, 1982 to when she was 6 months that I have not come across! So, for now... these are one of the earliest photos I have.)

Now, Girly-Whirly (aka Little Miss)'s debute:
During this time, we were stationed at Ft. Rucker, Alabama and he hadn't started flight school yet, so he was home.  I had gone in earlier in the day for an appt and was told that I was having contractions but to go home.  

Girly-Twirly talking to Girly-Whirly

Mr. B's Uncle P and Auntie D were on their way to visit us from Florida.  They arrived very late, but we sat and visited.  After a while,  I started to feel "uncomfortable" and told Mr. B that it might be time to get to the hospital.  As we were getting into the car, I started to dry heave (no Italian food or much of any food that day).  We drove to the post hospital which wasnt far.  Mr. B had to carry me into the hospital, since the contractions were becoming faster and stronger.

I checked in at 1am. Uncle P arrived with his video recorder.  Uncle called the house to let Auntie know that they had me hooked up and that he would go back to the house and pick her and Girly-Twirly up.

(Funny side story: He didnt say bye or hang up the hospital phone, but left immediately to go to the house!  When he got to the house, Auntie was still on her end of the phone!)

They drove back in time to find out that after my water was broke, Girly-Whirly was born at 1:40am on Dec 9th... 9lbs 2oz.

Uncle P and Auntie D

#3: Heartbreaker's fast entrance...
Mr. B was now flying for the Army out of Wheeler AFB and we lived in Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. 


Once again, so so thankful that he was home and not out flying.  Our dear friends lived near us, so when I felt contractions were pretty regular, they were able to watch both girls.

With the track record of delivering quickly, Mr. B got us to the military hospital in pretty good time. It was a drive, but at least it was early in the morning and the traffic wasnt bad.

We checked in at 5:30-ish am.  Again, Mr. B had to carry my big body into the hospital! They hooked me up to the monitors.  The nurse checked the monitor and said my contractions were not that strong and it may be a while.  I didnt have any pain meds/ epidurals for either of the girls.  But when she told me that, I was thinking "ARE you KIDDING?" If these were not strong, I don't want to know what strong was! I told Mr. B, that if it was going to get stronger than this, I NEEDed some.thing, any.thing!  

I am such a wimp to pain! I cannot even pop a pimple without tears welling up or whining.

The nurse checked the monitor and realized that it had come loose, so the contraction readings were not accurate.  Thank goodness! I told them "Just break my water and I'll be good to go!"  Which they did and 6 minutes after my water was broke, Heartbreaker was born... at 5:46am...on May 9th...8 lbs. (Whew! What a relief that he didnt follow that upward trend with the weight, thank you very much! Mr. B was 10lbs 4oz, and one of his sisters was 10lbs 6 oz).

Daddy and sisters at the hospital. (Mr. B fixed their hair and made them a "hot breakfast" as the girls told me when they came.  It was pop tarts, I think ;o) home...

Blessings & Aloha!

Along with the stories of our children's births...are some drawings done in celebration of the births of some other sweeties...

This was drawn for the newborn baby of one of our son's youth pastors, who is also from Hawaii. Since their little guy has monkeys in his nursery, a surfing monkey seemed the perfect drawing.

This next one was for the baby boy of another of our son's youth pastors. (Click on the images, to see a bigger view of the details).

This one was for our newest little cousin! Her big brother was our daughter's ring bearer. Click here to see some photos of him and the wedding. 

 ***I can't seem to get the MckLinky box with the other participants to show, so please go HERE to see the list at Mama M's... and her birth story had me laughing too.  :o) Enjoy!


Too Many Hats said...

What wonderful photos. My boys were very quick like your kiddos. My daughter not so much.

Jen said...

I love birth stories! Crazy how fast your kids came! My son's birth was very normal, but my daughter was born in the clinic because we didn't make it to the hospital! Her sweet story is

theluckiestmrs said...

This was so fun to read!!! & I totally remember Dad fixing us those strawberry pop tarts...and we thought it was so funny that he was fixing our hair too! ;) Love these stories & LOVE you!!

xinex said...

Wow, Maria! You had huge babies and had them fast.....way to go!...Christine

yonca said...

Beautiful memories! Thanks for sharing! Every single picture brings a lovely memory back! Doesn't it? Love the pics!

Sandra said...

I love your sketches of your children's birth! Did you frame these? Were they birth announcement cards. Beautiful.:o)

Booklover1212 said...

LOVED reading those!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

~ Jennifer

HeatherOz said...

Oh, I always love to hear about birth stories! I'm gonna have to post mine one of these days!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm hopping back over for another visit. I saw that you'd visited my 2nd blog and told me that you were in SE Georgia, too. How neat!

I enjoyed your birth stories. What large babies--and quick births! You were so blessed. My last son weighed 10 lbs 9oz and took 20 and 1/2 hours to get here!
Blessings to you!

Marytoo said...

I love your pictures! How imaginative! How clever!

KateB said...

:) loved reading the stories and looking at the pics-your girls were quite happy to have a baby brother???!!

Kat said...

LOVE it!!!!

Heather said...

Aww, sweet pictures! Great stories, that is wonderful that you have that all "written" down to remember. :)
The nicknames for your kids are too cute!
I think it is neat that after being a SAHM you are now a dental hygienist! I was a dental assistant when I was first married and I loved it. After I am done having children and they are older I would love to go to hygiene school! :)
Thanks for all the comments on my blog!!

chubskulit said...

Oh my gosh Maria, I enjoyed thos post so much parang nakikilala na kita oooops meaning(I feel like I am getting to know you better).

Isn't great to have captured those precious moments, it is so good to reminisce good memories through photos.. Ingat Lagi and Mabuhay.


Angie Vik said...

I enjoyd looking around your blog. So many interesting things to read or look at. These birth stories are fun to read. You're so brave to post pictures of yourself pregnant. I keep mine hidden. Blessings on your family.

chili pepper said...

I love to hear about pregnancy and delivery stories... what wondrous miracles!

Mama M. said...

Oh my word!!! What amazing stories! And, yikes!! Those were some fast deliveries! Your babies are gorgeous...and wowza! Mr. B was a looker (prob still is...but I don't think I've seen a recent photo!!)!

Sorry it took me sooooo long to stop by! It's been a crazy week...but, heck. They're all crazy weeks when you have a family and a job!

BTW...I just work 1/2, I find time to blog on my days off...or at 1 am like I am now! ;)

i LOVE hearing from you and reading your comments! Thanks for being a big ego booster for me! :)

2003beachbunch said...

You looked way cute preggers!

A New Mom said...

What great stories! Reading birth stories ARE the best...:o). Following you back and thx for stopping by!

sweetpea08 said...

What great stories, thanks for sharing! You were so looked like you just swallowed a basketball! I was HUGE when I was pregnant! LOL!

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