Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A VARIETY post...

Variety's the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor”
 William Cowper quotes (English Poet One of the most widely read English poets of his day, 1731-1800)

First, Here are a VARIETY of old photos...each were taken during on or about our 3rd birthdays...

~Mr. B~ 
(he was born on Christmas day).
~Hilo, Hawaii~
(...looking like he was told a wonderful surprise! His mom and dad always had a special cake and gifts for his birthday, separate from Christmas gifts.)

~Manila, Philippines~
(...I'm surprised to see that there are no mosquito bites visible! Hm...maybe the photo was "touched up".  I was & still am allergic to mosquitoe bites and so they would & do swell up enormously!)

~Girly Twirly (aka theluckiestmrs.)~
~Ft. Rucker, Alabama~
(She wanted to have "Crystal Gayle" hair, aka long, long, straight hair, but it is curly, so it kept growing fuller until finally about when she was 6yrs old, it was heavier and "grew" down :o)

~Girly Whirly(aka LittleMiss)~
~Schofield Barracks, Hawaii~
(...when we were in Hawaii, she would love to watch the Korean or Japanese channels! We know some words and phrases in both, but don't speak either languages fluently :o)

~Ozark, Alabama~
(He had his 3rd party at Burger King...two of his absolute favorites are the two plastic watches! He wore them ALL the time!)


Here's  a VARIETY  of "thank yous"... 
...long overdue! so without further ado...

My most recent Award (aka Blog Hug) is from Dina-Marie from Dimes2Vines...thank you! (And I think that this is real fun, since this award (blog hug) is one that our daughter (theLuckiestMrs.) created on her 101st post. I have it on the side that links to her post where she started passing along a bit of this "Happy-ness".

The rules for me accepting this award are:
1. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
2. List who gave the award to you and use a link to her blog (or hyperlink).
3. List 10 things that make you happy.
4. Pass the award on to 10 bloggers that brighten your day and visit their blog to let them know!
My 10 things that make me Happy (since I have done this one before (you can go HERE to see my earlier Happy list), I will try to list some different happy things:
1. lovely, warm, sunny days
2. spending time with family & friends
3. learning how to do something creative
4. trying out a new recipe that turns out great
5. cute little puppies
6. unexpected, happy surprises
7. flowers
8. listening to stories of our family's and relative's stories when they were little
9. watching old home videos, especially hearing the voices of those dear ones that are no longer with us.
10. relaxing days to do whatever catches our "fancy"

    Here are 10 bloggers:

      Here are 10
      Thank you, Kathie!  from Just a Happy Housewife...

      Here are the rules:

      1. I have to list 10 interesting (perhaps, more random) facts about myself (hm...trying to think of different things that I have not already listed on another list.)

      the first two relate to each other & the last two relate to each other...
      1. I love languages, but don't speak any fluently, except English.
      2. ...having lived in various places growing up & then as a wife, I have learned some words and phrases from other languages. & because of my interest, we taught our three kids to count in German, Chinese, Tagalog, Spanish, Japanese when they were itty-bitty. We have videos of them.
      3. I used to have frequent dreams of leaping and jumping high into branches of huge trees.
      4. I truly love to draw the personalized artwork that I do!
      5. Kit kats and Lindor chocolate truffles are my favorite candies.
      6. I have lived in various states and countries, but never in Europe or the Mediterranean. 
      7. I love to know the origins and meanings behind words or phrases.
      8. Although my family is musically inclined,  amazing musicians and wonderful voices...I "make a Joyful noise". ;o)
      9. I would love to be a "stay-at-home" grandma (aka "granny/nanny")
      10. My hubby and I have already been tossing up names that we would like to be called, when we are grandparents~ maybe Voovoo (Portuguese for Grandpa is avô, but "voovoo" is what Mr. B's family called his Grandpa...) & Lola (Tagalog for mom was "Lola" to our kids).

      Thank you Ave!...from Made in Canarias...

      Ave passed this one to me on Jan 25, 2010...(I was not too late on posting this one.)
      The rules are to pass this award on to 7 blogs that ♥ . This was very difficult to limit to 7, since there are many, many more that ♥! 
      (These are not in any particular order.)

      This second one, Ave passed on to me back on Oct 12th 2009! (Goodness...this one, on the other hand, I am quite late in posting !)

      Rules: Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

      The Ahotaeiloa Family
      SewNso's Sewing Blog
      The Stylish House
      Muthering Heights
      The Snyder 5
      Grandma Becky Kathy
      His Unfailing Love
      I'm Not Sure What I Want to Be When I Grow Up...
      Peace Will Be With You
      oriGINAl imaGINAtion
      Suburb Sanity
      Bearly Sane (ok, I know you are not one of my most newly discovered, but you are one "beary, lovely blog"!)

      I am squeezing in at midnight to join in this week's Friday Follow with Midday Escapades. As you can see, I am still having issues with posting (thus the major, huge spaces that I don't know how to fix! and also I still can not seem to put the MckLinky on my post! So, please go to Midday Escapades to join in the fun!

        Here are 2 tribute to two special teens that will forever hold a special place in the lives of their families and friends.

        This drawing was an order, recently given by dear friends and co-workers of a family, here in Georgia. It was for a special remembrance of this family's loving son.

        This angel was drawn last June.  The drawing represents the sweet "joy" of a talented young lady that also is so deeply missed.  This was just one of the items that Catrina helped to gather for a benefit given in Lauren's honor. The drawing was drawn with the word "Joy" for the silent auction. Catrina writes a beautiful tribute to Lauren here.

        The drawings that I do, are drawn for a variety of reasons...I appreciate and am humbled by those that think of these drawings for the reasons, such as in remembrance, love, celebration, encouragement & more. 

        Blessings & Aloha!


        Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

        Hello to all that are leaving a comment! Thankyou! I have spent a good amount of time trying to figure this posting thing out! For some reason, when I wrote my post, it looks perfectly normal, but when on the blog, I have large spaces between some of the lines...and I can not seem to fix them, so...

        Just curious...has this happen to any of you? If it has, would you please email me and let me know what you did to correct these large gaps? (example, the gap between the Sugar Doll award and "Here are the rules:" and also between the 7 listed under the "I Love your blog" award.

        Thank you!

        Anonymous said...


        Congratulations on all your much deserved awards! You are what makes blogging so great :-)

        Thank you for passing along an award to me (it's one I secretly always wanted and never got!) :-)

        I love your drawings, as always!!!

        hmmm, as for the spaces...I haven't had that problem since I started my new blog and chose the new editor. I remember having the same problem on the old blog and I could never figure it out either. I'm sorry I'm no help!

        Natalie A. said...

        Thank you so much for thinking about my blog! You really brightened my night! Congats on your many awards! That's so awesome! You deserve them!
        I'm sorry about your blogger issue! I had many problems on the old settings blogger. When I changed over to the new settings it has worked fine.

        Have a great night!! Thanks so much!

        Dimes2Vines said...

        Congratulations on ALL your awards and thank you so much for thinking of me. You have made my night!

        xinex said...

        Wow! You are awesome! You have so many awards, congrats, Maria! Thank you so much for passing one to me. Love it! I am so embarrassed cause I have not done anything to my last 2 awards, I had copied them into my desktop computer at home. Your pictures when you were little are all so cute!...Christine

        ~ RM said...

        Yes, That goofy 'blogger' has done this to me many times... Sometimes I can fix it by swtiching the settings from(or to) old/new editor... Sometimes, I just throw my hands up and shut off the computer... ;) It's frustrating, but really, I didn't notice it until I saw your comment!

        Thanks for the award!!! I will make a post accepting it tomorrow! ♥

        HeatherOz said...

        Thanks so much for thinking of me! I LOVE to get awards but it sometimes also takes me a while to post them on my blog. I really do appreciate them!
        Blogger and its quirks are a mystery to me! I mentioned a problem on my blog the other day and I got a fix from a fellow blogger. It may help to add the problem to one of your posts!

        Alicia said...

        I love all those pictures!! I bet each one holds such a special memory for you! What a wonderful family you have!!

        And thank you so much for the award! I love receiving them!!!

        CLEAN MAMA said...

        Thank you so much for passing this award on to me - I love your sketches and writing style. Thank you for sharing your life with cyber friends and for coming to my little spot to share as well!

        Together We Save said...

        Congrats on all your awards!! Love those photos!

        2003beachbunch said...

        Thanks for the award Maria! You rock!!

        Muthering Heights said...

        I like the photos of your family members!

        Thank you for the award. :)

        myletterstoemily said...

        dear P S & S,

        i wish i could help you with your blog
        question, but i have no idea what i am
        doing, and i sure don't want to mix you

        i think your blog looks perfectly lovely,
        especially the adorable pics of your
        beautiful children!

        congratulations on all your awards!
        and thank you for mentioning my little

        your drawings are wonderful...such talent.


        The Stylish House said...

        Congratulations on receiving so many wonderful awards! Your blog is exceptional, and a joy to visit. Your artwork is so intricate and full of fine detail. I’m interested in how long it usually takes you to complete a sketch.
        Also I’m honored you have favored me with one of the sweet awards. Awhile ago my blog went award free, but I can't refuse such a kind gesture. I have a separate page set up where I place them. Thank you for your kindness and thinking of me.

        LV said...

        This is one of my best awards. We all need a hug and this way I can get one each day. Thank you special lady. I will try to post about it next Tuesday.

        Bearly Sane said...

        Congratulations on all your awards and thank you for passing one on to are so sweet to think of me.
        Thank also for your recent visit.
        Warmest hugs,
        Sandi @ Bearly Sane

        Angie Vik said...

        I enjoyed reading a little bit more about you. Your kids were so cute. I loved your comment about being a granny/nanny. My son was once asked to help with a family of three boys. They considered calling him a "manny."

        When I have problems with spaces, I go the "edit HTML "tab and delete the unwanted line. (there is a "compose" tab and an "edit Html" tab at the top.) I don't know how to edit Html, but unless your post is correct on that page, your post might decide to do strange things when it's actually posted. Hope that helps.

        Lady V dZine said...

        Happy Friday Follow, I'm your newest follower! Looking forward to getting to know you! Loved the old photos!

        Bacardi Mama said...

        Thank you so much for the award. I will definitely post the award, but after the anonymous comment I got with my last award post, I may not do the list. You remember that comment, right? You commented on the comment. Anyway, thank you so much. About the Blogger posts being messed up sometimes, I have the same problem and don't know how to fix it. It doesn't happen all the time and it looks fine in the preview and them looks totally different when I post it. If you get it figured out, please let me know and I'll do the same. Have a lovely weekend.

        sweetpea08 said...

        Cute pictures! So fun, thanks for sharing! Thanks for visiting my blog!

        ~SHANNON~ said...

        I'm here from Friday Follow- except it's Saturday! I'm glad I found your blog:)I'm your newest follower!

        I hope you will stop by my blog too!!


        Cakeblast said...

        I'm a new follower from Friday Follow (even though it's Saturday). Have a great weekend :)

        Natalie A. said...

        Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog tonight! I hope you are having a terrific weekend! :D

        Marie Reed said...

        Mr. B and I have the same birthday! Hooray! These photos are just darling. I especially love the two plastic watch look. I'm craving a whopper now too! Hugs:) Marie

        Free Pretty Things For You said...

        you are such a sweet heart and a blessing .. i love reading all you comments!!

        Debbie said...

        Congrats on all of your awards! You deserve them. I love your blog.
        And thanks for thinking of me to pass one along to. That means a lot to me:)

        Nicky said...

        Hiya Maria, thanks so much for the award.. i have put it up. I need to get on with some more planning this afternoon and tonite we are out with Camille for her birthday diner so i will definitely pass it at the week=end. Have a blessed end of week. In Christ. Nicky

        Anonymous said...

        I absolutely love seeing old photos. Yours are amazing and I enjoy the captions you provide.

        Congrats on your awards!!! You are really rocking the blog world. Yay!

        Too Many Hats said...

        Congratulations on all your awards. You deserve every single one. You are one of the sweetest bloggers out there. Thanks for passing one on to me, I am honored.

        Debbie said...

        Thank you for loving Heart Choices. You honor me when you read it and add your comments. And may I say that I love your blog too. You seem like someone I could sit and have a cup of java with and talk and talk. I love your creativity and you have such a talent in your artwork. And I also sing a joyful tune even though I come from a musical family. Go figure!


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