Friday, February 19, 2010

Kimono Kids

1971...Wakkanai, Japan

Our family was stationed in Wakkanai when my dad was in the Air Force and I was in 2nd and 3rd grade.  You can go here to learn more about Wakkanai Air Station.

This photo was taken before one of the local parades.  I was a Girl Scout Brownie (6 or 7 yrs old) and our troop learned a dance that we would do as we marched in the parade.  I loved dressing up in this kimono and the funny little Tabbies (socks with the separation between the big toe and the rest of the toes, so you wore them with the grass slippers).

This photo brings back a few, but pretty vivid memories of this time:
1. The first night, my mom and I were reunited with my dad. Several months earlier, he had gone ahead to Japan, while my mom and I stayed in West Allis, Wisconsin near my grandma's. 

2. That night, I had fun bathing, playing and sitting in the funny tall, square tub that was the type of tubs in the Japanese rental that we lived in for a few months. (I remember also, getting upset and crying cuz I saw through the door into the living room- my parents on the couch sitting side by side and talking...I wanted to be done with my bath and be with them.)

3. I remember having those itty, bitty, teeny, tiny turtles as pets (before they were banned for carrying salmonella) Red-eared sliders.

4. Wakkanai is near a small fishing village and there was also a crematory, so sometimes the smells blowing around would be pretty strong.

5. Learning how to make origami-paper folding-cranes, balls, cups, etc...

6. Getting a little nesting doll family (Kokeshi nesting dolls)-mine had 6 people...the littlest ones were almost like tiny toothpicks without any real details.

7. I remember having a little 45 record ( I thought it was the best record ever!) of Jimmy Osmond (and can a 6/7 year old have a heart-throb? haha) ...from my 2nd floor,  bedroom window of the base housing, opening it wide, I would belt out loud along with him!  

(On one side it was Peg O' My Heart (he sang parts of it in English and in Japanese) and on the other side was a Japanese version of a song called "My Little Darling".
I have told this story to my kids before, so it was amazing to me that I found this on You tube! Too funny to think that I remember singing the line "Isumo-isumo...")

I'm enjoying Alicia's Friday Flashback Photo fun to find old photos that bring back great memories :o)  Go to More Than Words to see more fun fotos and join in :o)

And here are three more to add to this Friday Flashback Photo...
1991, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii
20 years later! 

(I just realized the year, when I looked for these photos this morning...this wasn't planned at the time, we took these photos in was a school "Around the World" day for Girly Whirly's kindergarten class and the night before, I had both girls try on my kimono...I still have it and the colors are just as vibrant as when I was little!)

Girly Twirly (3rd grade-8 yrs old)
(aka TheLuckiestMrs. ...take a look at her blog to get to know her. 
and if you do, please leave a comment... I know she'd love a visit :o)

Girly Whirly (kindergarten-4 1/2 yrs old)

Girly Whirly and best friend (the next morning)

I'm  also joining in with Midday Escapades for the Friday Follow to get more blog followers and to follow other interesting blogs.  It is all about sharing and having fun.  You can go to Midday Escapades to read more about it.

Here a couple of Asian-inspired  orders...
(I think I posted this one not, here's a bit about it. This one was ordered by a sweet customer when we were stationed in Hawaii. She was a cousin to Pat Morita (actor from Karate Kid).

This is the symbol for a military unit that was given as a gift for this Colonel's time as their commander.

Thank you for stopping by and I really enjoy your comments :o)

Blessings & Aloha!


Debbie said...

I always love to visit your blog and I love when you stop by Heart Choices. I love your photos of the kimonos and your girls in them too. That song was so cute hearing it in Japanese. I can just picture you singing this too. :)

Your artwork is amazing! One of these days ...

I'll check out some of the links to bloggers you mentioned. Have I told you lately what a blessing you are to me?

Sending you a blog hug,

Anonymous said...

oh Maria, what a wonderful memory! What a wonderful experience for you :-)

Helena said...

Hello! I'm so excited to have found your blog! I love love love Japanese Culture. One of my best friends is from Japan, living in the States. Her name is Tomo. I read 'Memoirs of A Geisha' and was so moved, and I love Hyundai cars! So you see, I am all about Japan and the culture. Looking forward to reading your blog!

chubskulit said...

She look so good with Kimono Maria.

Gusto ko yung mga screen names na binigay mo sa mga anak mo (I love the screen names you gave to your kids.)

Sandra said...

Hi, good to hear from you again! I love little nesting doll families! Those are so kute.;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria!

thank you for stopping by :-)

to answer your questions about your comments and how they look. I'm not sure what you are wanting, but right now your comments already left by others show below your post (that's partly what I what on mine) and to leave one I had to click on "post a comment." That took me to another pop up window. You must have that checked in your settings. Let me know if you want to change it and I can help. :-)

Too Many Hats said...

I love that you still have the kimono and your girls got to wear it too. I bet you will have one happy grand-daughter one day that will get to wear it too.

Together We Save said...

Wonderrful pictures, thanks for sharing these sweet memories.

Kathrin said...

I absolutely love what I've seen so far from your blog :-)

I'm a follower from Follow Friday.

Alicia said...

I thought that was so sweet how you wanted to hurry up with your bath so you could be with your parents!!!

The Kimono is beautiful, and that is wonderful that you kept it in such great condition! I bet your girls loved wearing it!

And it's amazing how many things you can find on YouTube. My sister used to love Donny Osmond, and we enjoyed watching the Donny & Marie show when we were little.

Kelly's Lucky You said...

I found you through Friday Follow - nice to meet you! Aloha -

Would you follow me back?

Kelly from Kelly's Lucky You

happygal said...

What a great post. I actually feel like I learned something. I am your newest follower.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been reading and catching up on your blog. I didn't realize how close we live to each other. I live in Glennville, and go to Savannah all the time. In fact, I used to live there! Small world! I love your kimono. I have one that my hubby sent me from Okinawa Japan way back in 1971! He was in the army back then. Blessings, and have a great weekend. The weather should be great! Kathy

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been reading and catching up on your blog. I didn't realize how close we live to each other. I live in Glennville, and go to Savannah all the time. In fact, I used to live there! Small world! I love your kimono. I have one that my hubby sent me from Okinawa Japan way back in 1971! He was in the army back then. Blessings, and have a great weekend. The weather should be great! Kathy

Dani Joy said...

It´s so amazing how you remember all those things about that one day even let alone all the other things about that year. I wonder if I sit down to write, what memories I might pull up.

I think it´s important to pass our memories on to our children especially when we have moved around so much and don´t have family near us.

How absolutely wonderful that you could save that Kimono and that your girls were able to wear it too! Love it!

You have lived in many places. thank you for sharing your memories with us.

And thank you for all your warm encouragement when you come to visit.

Dani Joy

Muthering Heights said...

How cute were you?!? I love these pictures!

Princess Sarah said...

This is a fantastic post - you are so cute and lovely, your posts are all great and I enjoy reading.

His Unfailing Love

Tanya said...

Hello! I found your blog through Friday Follow and love it! I'm a military spouse too...we were actually stationed just a bit "down the road" from you in Kings Bay (although we lived in Fernandina Beach). Anyway, keep up the great work!

Denise said...

Stopping by from Friday Follow to say Hi!
I am adding you so I can come back & read more!
Please stop by!

Erin said...

Following from Friday Follow. Beautiful artwork.

Rebecca D said...

I dropped by from Friday Follow… Nice to meet you… I’m your newest follower!

Natalie A. said...

I'm now following from Friday Follow! Please come follow my blog! Thanks! I love your photos! They are so unique and it's great they bring back so many memories! Have a great weekend!
Thanks for commenting on my pictures!

HeatherOz said...

what a fun flash back!
I LOVE nesting dolls. You don't see them very often any more!

Sprinces Dreamweaver Sculpts said...

Stopping by from FF and following your blog :) What a great experience! Hope you have a great weekend!!

joeandbridge said...

Hi There! I am participating in my first Friday Follow. I have a brand new blog-I hope you can visit! I now follow and subscribe! Thanks!
Bridgette Groschen
The Groschen Goblins

little bird said...


I'm a new follower From Friday Follow

Hope you have a great weekend

Erin said...

Sorry about that I guess my google friends thing was acting up too! Last night it said I was following. I redid it and it says I'm good again. I hope it sticks I don't want to loose your site!

susan said...

Some of my best memories are from being first a brownie myself and then a brownie leader for my daughter's troop! I love your memories--the square tub :). The video was so funny. I don't remember this Osmond! Love all the kimono picutures!

Seizing My Day said...

My little girl is a scout... my current post is about a fantastic sewing party that will become a precious memory she will tell one day that we did for scouts ... lovely story about you! =)
Just Jenn~

Joy said...

Hi this is Joy from Girly Girl Giveaways! I wanted to drop by and say hello. Trying to catch up on the Friday Follow links!!!

sweetpea08 said...

Thanks for following me from FF, I am following you!

Chris said...

wow! great photos.. and thanks for the info!!

by the way, i love your blog is for you!

Maggi said...

What wonderful memories! I used to love those little turtles. lol

These pictures are adorable!

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

Hey just stopping by to say Hi from Friday Follow!

Happy Follow Friday!


~ RM said...

THose pictuers are sweet! It's nice that all of you have enjoyed that kimono, and it looks wonderful! My husband and I have wanted to go to Japan for a while now... Maybe one day!...

Ddi you check out my Mercury-ish Giveaway? Dont forget to leave two seperate comments! ;) Happy Monday!

myletterstoemily said...

i so enjoyed every memory. how darling
you look in your little kimono!

thank you for giving us a glimpse of your
young different than ours!


xinex said...

I really enjoyed that. You were all so cute in your kimonos, Maria. Such precious memories!..Christine

The Stylish House said...

Hello Maria,
You have a lovely blog, and you are a talented artist! I visited your etsy, and was impressed with the fine detail of your drawings. I'm honored you placed my blog on your blogroll. I will place yours on mine in return so I can visit again. I enjoyed reading about your family and history. You have lived in many interesting places.

Amanda T said...

Hey there Im a new follower from Friday follow. You have such a nice looking blog! Hope to see you following on my blog too! :)

SafeHomeHappyMom said...

Following you from MBC!!!

I love your blog, its so gorgeous and with good information i'll definitely need.

You can also follow me at

Erin said...

Oh my gosh, I love all your photos. Your photo of yourself in the kimono reminded me of a friend on the next block when I was growing up. She was half Japanese and had to go to what we all called "Japanese classes" where she learned to serve tea (and other mysterious things) and wore a kimono. Her father loved her mother so much that he built a gazebo and huge koi pond in their backyard and, if we were very good, her mother would let us enjoy the koi. Thanks for sharing your memories...I think it is terrific that your daughters got to wear the same you just need a granddaughter.

Crystal said...

Wow, your talented!! Awesome work. I'm following you now from Friday Follow! (I know I'm really late...or just early for next week!) If you could stop by my blog when you get a chance:
Thanks!! Crystal

Tabatha said...

So nice to "meet" you! Thank you for stopping by my blog.... I don't update as often as I should and need to (4 children seem to keep me pretty busy at times *wink*) but I will do my best and will also browse a bit on your blog (and your daughter's)!

God bless!

Lisa said...

I don't know how I missed you blog yesterday but I glad you left a post so I would check it out!

First of all, I am sooo envious of the places and cultures you have been able to take part of (and I'm sure it wasn't easy to move around) but just to have that experience:)

I love your pictures too!

Have a great weekend!

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