Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First Date...Remembered?

Well...like I mentioned at the end of my last post of how we met, Mr. B called me up after being "shy" when he saw me at the commissary.  He really is "Mr. Social man", so I thought that was so not "cool" when he basically passed me by as I was bagging groceries. Later, he tells me that he went to to pick up a couple of groceries knowing that I was working, but when he came by my line, he got cold feet. (Too cute!)  Thankfully, he got up the nerve and gave me a call.

Here's a picture of me "back in the day"...by my house phone...that I was "patiently" waiting to ring. (this photo was not actually taken on THE night that he had called me, but it is the phone and when I found this photo, I thought how neat that you can see the phone I was talking about...haha, that magical phone).

Participating in Mama M's Valentine's Extravaganza!  
This is Day 2: Favorite Date Story


...so, our first date was to go to the theater on base.  My title to this post is "First Date...Remembered?" because, all that we both remember was:  
1. He walked to my house from his barracks...
2. He met my parents and brother... 
3. We walked to the theater...
4. We sat in the theater (I do not even remember what movie was playing! I was too focused on Mr. B!  Since he has an awesome memory, I asked Mr. B tonight, if he was sure that he absolutely could not remember the movie...he couldn't... so that must mean that he was too focused on me. :o)
5.  After the movie, we walked back to my house.  

(When we first started dating, Mr. B did not own any "wheels", so we walked.  Living on a base or any military installation is pretty convenient. They are like little towns, with a grocery store, shopping store, fast food places, theater, bowling, gym, swimming pools, etc...) And like I mentioned, my dad was pretty strict... there were not too many places that I had permission to go.  We got to be pretty good bowlers :o)

***so as far as first dates go...not too much was remembered, except the "excited-to-be-near-him", butterfly-in-the-belly, "can't-believe-he-asked-me-out" feelings.  It definitely was the beginning to an amazing journey :o)*** 

Here are a few photos taken when we were dating:

Mr. B and my little brother. (I have no clue why they are pinching each other's cheeks!) haha

at my house, before my high school prom

close up of the "official" school prom photo

a classic 1981 prom pic!

Mr. B did buy a Scout from one of my dad's friends, so we didnt have to walk to every date ;o) 
It was a gas guzzler! 

I found this photo of Mr. B (in his tshirt and white corderoy shorts) washing his old Scout.

And here is a picture of Mr. B riding one of his friend's Harleys.  

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I do try to post some drawings with each post.  This one isnt a Harley or a Scout, but it's an El Camino that was given as a gift from a lovely customer to her hubby this past Christmas.

Blessings & Aloha!


xinex said...

What a great story, Maria, Sooooo romantic! And you're right, Mr. B is hunk and you are very pretty and it was just natural for him to get attracted to you. Love seeing your love struck young pictures, lol....Christine

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh....I loved your story!!!!!! You both are such a beautiful couple!!!!! I can just imagine the butterflies you both had when you were around each other!!

I was blessed reading this!!

yonca said...

This lovely story brought my memories back:)You both look beautiful! Love the pic with your brother.The 80's were amazing!!!

Angie Vik said...

I enjoyed reading your story. That's so neat how God works things out. Congratulations on being together so many good years.

Becka said...

What a hot couple the two of you are,,,what a sweet story,,

lovemylevi said...

These pictures are great! What great memories they hold! I love "going back" like that with photos. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such lovely comments, I'm so glad you did because I really love your blog posts!

Too Many Hats said...

You two are so sweet, not remembering the movie because you were all googly-eyed for one another. Awwww

Splendid Little Stars said...

enjoyed your stories and photos!

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