Friday, February 12, 2010

The Unexpected!

...the most recent "Unexpected" is...
"A SNOWY night in Georgia!" 

The last time it snowed here in Savannah was 20 years ago!

Here are a few other pictures taken by my hubby.

Snow covered bushes in the front of our home.

Snow covered car of our son, Heartbreaker.

Snow covered back of Mr. B's truck.

So...looking back at our wedding day ~Feb 12, 1982...there was beautiful snow.  & tonight...28 years later...a dusting of the gorgeous snow.

I txt'd our kids and family that it really did snow! & called my dad, who lives in northern Wisconsin.  He offered to overnight a snow shovel. haha

Other "UNEXPECTED" snowfall...
Alamogordo, New Mexico 1982 
(just 2 hours north of El Paso, Texas and Mexico...)

It still amazes me to think this was a photo taken of our back yard.

Mr. B in the snow...

San Antonio, Texas 1984

Mr. B and Girly-Twirly 
(aka our daughter - theLuckiestMrs.)

not to sure about this white snow...


Tulsa, Oklahoma 1994

Girly Twirly, Girly Whirly & Heartbreaker

Sweet Katie Rose (I babysat) & Handsome lil' Heartbreaker


Continuing on this theme of the "UNEXPECTED", I am joining Mama M's part 5 of her 

This is one is about Romantic Mess-ups.
Hm...this should be catagorized just as a "Mess-up", rather than something I would call "Romantic".
What: An "UNEXPECTED" little note from me
Where: In Mr. B's car in New Mexico
When: Wednesday, April 1981
Who: Mr. B & me
Why: you'll find out when you read this story...

We had been seeing each other for almost 5 months, since we first met in November 1980. Mr. B had picked me up from school, I think. (some of the details are a little fuzzy...after all, it was 29 yrs ago).  We were driving back from my high school, in town to the base, where I lived. I told him, I had a note for him (yep, wrote that note during class...most likely one of my classes where we had a documentary movie playing).

So, before we drove to my house, I asked him if he could stop and read my note.  The note was long enough to where, the last sentence was on the back side of the page.  I just sat still, looking at him from the corner of my eye... He wasn't looking too happy at all.

I wrote about how we were so young, I wanted to apply for the Air Force Academy, we should try to not see each other so much, and maybe we need to step back....

Well, it looked like he barely started it, before he was about to crumple it up and throw it out the window of the Scout.  Oh, No! I told him he just HAD to finish the note!  Thank goodness he did, cuz the last line on the back said..."April Fool's!"

I know! That was horrible of me! But when I was writing it, I thought it was a great idea, since I knew a "Dear John" type letter would truly not be something I would be giving him, in reality.  ...and I definitely was "head-over-heels" over him!

And if you know me, I am so not an"April Fool's" kinda girl...I either can't keep a straight face or normally make up anything like that! (Although, I am famous for being easily pulled into a they say: "hook, line and sinker!")

Poor guy! One of the few times, I try something like an April Fool's joke.
Whew! I'm so glad he read the last line, cuz he might have tossed it out the window, unfinished... & I would have been out the car, chasing a crumpled piece of paper blowing away with the tumbleweeds! 

Blessings & Aloha!
I haven't done any April Fool's drawings (that I know of). But since I did share some of our "unexpected snowfall" pics taken in several states, here a few "state-related" drawings.

State-shaped U.S. flag with the lyrics to 
"GEORGIA on My Mind"

The state Palmetto logo

State-shaped U.S. flag with lyrics to
"My Old KENTUCKY Home"
(This was drawn for Senator McConnell)

TENNESSEE state flower-the Iris

State-shaped TEXAS flag logo
(Ordered by a fellow blogger. Their sweet baby boy was just born! 
You can go here to see her past post about her hubby's drawing framed.)

from a little logo design sent by the customer. PHILADELPHIA 

(I have drawn many different designs, images, subject matter over the approximately 25 yrs, using first names, last names, nick names, etc...)

Goodness Gracious! This has been a fun, but crazy week of posting for me! I am whipped! I've been behind by a day each time, but so glad that I was able to be a part of some of Mama M's great blog hop idea!  Today, Mr. B and I are going to continue with some anniversary celebrating...maybe eat at Carraba's for lunch...  & just spend the weekend off the computer and with my honey., I will do some catch-up on my blog reading next week too. 

After this week long post-fest, it may be a bit before another post goes up...(Next week, our dental office is closed on Thurs and Fri, so I hope to post some long, long, long overdue thank yous for some sweet awards (aka blgo hugs).  And those of you that have left your sweet comments, I will definitely be by to say hello during my blog reading catch-up next week Thurs and Fri!. ...& last of all, Thank you for hanging in here on this very long post of mine!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Maria! how fun to have snow, huh? I'd had my fill for this year though. ;-)

theluckiestmrs said...

Oooh! How crazy! I really can't believe that it snowed like that in Savannah! :) And I love all the pics and sketches!! The South Carolina one is perfect & I think the Philadelphia one is so fun to look at!! It's still really snowy here! love you!

Grandma Becky said...

It snowed in 1985 in NM, when we were living in Las Cruces. I remember it cuz of baby Justin. I was afreaid he was going to be cold but wasn't....and my hubby got stuck at White Sands Missile Range cuz the general wouldn't let people go home early. He had to spend the night at someone's house. We spent the night with friends cuz we had no power, I think. Megan was 5...and there was lightning which was freaky! Never had seen that when it snowed!! Thanks for the memories and Happy Anniversary....I missed that date!!!
My daughter-in-law's mom showed snow photos from GA today as well, but not alot.
Hugs and visit my blog on Sunday--old photo time!! :0) Happy Valentine's day!!

Did you notice in one of the photos there was a heart snowflake or did you put that in there on purpose? :0) God bless!

Jenny said...

Beautiful photos and a lovely walk down memory lane. Glad your April Fools joke didn't backfire on you.

Dimes2Vines said...

Beautiful pics! I found you through Friday Follow and am enjoying your blog!

xinex said...

OMG, the poor Mr. B! I am glad he read the last sentence too. What a relief. We must have the same weather, Maria. It showed a few nights ago at home too and I missed it all cause I am in FL. But hubby said it is almost a record cause the last one was in the 1940's....Christine

Nicky said...

Hiya, just as well Mr B. read the whole letter! thanks for sharing this with us..lovely photos too..Blessings to all x Nicky

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Kathie, yep, the snow was a fun, and unexpected surprise here :o) it was gone the next morning! So I am so glad that I didnt fall into a heavy sleep when it happened! Or I would have missed it haha

Darling daughter, very crazy to think of snow in southern Georgia! I'm glad that you liked the pics and yes, the sketches were fun to do. Stay warm!

Grandma Becky, In 1985, we were not in NM anymore, so missed that snow fall. I've never seen lightening when it snowed. I didn't notice the heart-shaped snowflake in that second photo until you mentioned it :o) How neat! Thank you for saying something!

Jenny, Boy oh boy, I am sooo glad that that April Fool's joke didnt back fire! :o)

dimes2Vines, thank you for following! I am so glad you found me :o)

Christine, Whew! I am so glad Mr. B read the last line! Wow! 1940's is a long time ago for the snow to fall in your area. Have fun with your family in FL.

Nicky, Oh yes! I am thankful that Mr. B read the whole letter!

Alicia said...

LOL, oh my goodness...I'm sure he got a good laugh at your April Fool's joke! NOT, right? :)

Well, I just love seeing pictures of your family (past & present). You all look so loving and close!

Dani Joy said...

Wow! Snow really brought back some memories! Great pictures of the unusual snow.

I know right where Alamagordo is. We lived in El Paso for 2 years and it´s where our sending church is. We also have another supporting church in Alamagordo. Small world. but somehow I have a hard time picturing snow there.

Love your April fools story too. Poor guy. you must have scared him silly.

So glad I am one of your bloggy friends.

Dani Joy

daylily777 said...

Looks like you are all having fun.Great Pics !

Bearly Sane said...

Wonderful photos of the family in the snow ... and great drawings too!
But how could you ... poor Mr B! Sorry sweetie, he has my sympathy. But I must admit I have been guilty of saying or doing something in jest that I has left me with regrets. The foolishness of the young, thank heavens we learn from it.
Thank you for all your lovely comments, it was good of you to stop by.
Warmest hugs,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane
P.S. The link wouldn't work because the show was over.

Muthering Heights said...

Those are such fun snow pictures!!

Gina said...

Wow...great story...that's why April Fool's is not for me! Thanks for stopping by my blog. God bless!

Princess Sarah said...

Love all your pictures with the story behind, so nice. Thanks for the prayers and for the visit as well.

His Unfailing Love

Dimes2Vines said...

Hey Maria, come on by, I have a surprise for you!

myletterstoemily said...

lovely sketches and very sweet blog.

will keep digging deeper.


Jessica said...

That's a cute story!

Debbie said...

I was so shocked by that southern storm! Caught me completely off guard.

chubskulit said...

These are great memories to treasure Maria.

I have a LIttle something for you

Leslee said...

Gorgeous snow pictures!!! Sounds like you have been keeping pretty busy drawing too!

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