Saturday, June 20, 2009

The winning entry is....


I am very excited to do the eagle drawing for you. Please email me with what name you would like me to use for your eagle. As soon as I get that information, I will be sure to get started and let you know when it is ready for shipping. I would also need to have your mailing address.

Thank you all so much for being apart of this giveaway marking the beginning of my blogging and Etsy shop adventure!

I love giveaways and I would have loved to have done a drawing for everyone that participated! So after thinking about how fun it is to be surprised, I am giving a little something to those that commented on the June 5th entry, as well as, those that became a follower or mentioned my blog on their site. With great appreciation, here is one "blue ticket" for each of you to use during the month of June and July. (Think about someone that you would like to order a Personalized Sketches artwork for. an upcoming birthday? or a Christmas gift?)

These are the following names:
~Kate B~Sarabeth~Spanish Princess~Stephanie~Kristen~LauraNicole~Marjorie~Linda~
~Miss Sweet Tea~the Smiths~

Some of you do not list a point of contact, so please email me with your ideas (I can draw any thing and with any name). I will be able to post a reserve custom listing for you that will reflect the 10% off.

Blessings & Aloha!


Staci said...

OMG!! I cannot believe it!! I JUST got your email and i was so excited i almost jumped outta my seat, i scared my boys.

I will email you. thank you soo much for this giveaway!!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

I am looking forward to your email and doing this drawing for you. Thanks for your enthusiasm!

I really appreciate you and all those that participated in my first giveaway :o)

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