Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Steamy night in Georgia...First official... then dinner with dear friends

Steamy night in Georgia! (actually, this steaminess was in our camera and our glasses from coming out of the air-conditioned restaurant and into the Georgia heat.) Father's day dinner that Heartbreaker treated us to at Love's Seafood. (One of the scenes from Forrest Gump was filmed here).

..so Monday was "heartbreaker's" (I decided to use the nick names that my daughter "theluckiestmrs." bestowed upon her siblings. "heartbreaker" aka her little brother aka our son. To which, when he first heard that, said, "heartbreaker, me??? nah, I'm the heartbreak-ee!")

back to... so Monday was "heartbreaker's" first official day of work. He had been waiting for a couple of weeks to hear back from Kroger after a very promising interview-but summer jobs arent that plentiful-they want long term employers.

So, Heartbreaker volunteered for 5 days as a camp counselor for the church elementary sumer camp about an hour and a half away. He did this last year and was blessed. Prior to the camp, he was offered a great position doing records for a very prominent and sought after gastro-intestinal doctor. Dr. C told him that he would also have him observe, which he is looking forward to. (He's interested in med school and Dr. C is great, long time friends with the dean of UK's Med school. How awesome God is for putting the perfect person in our paths and the perfect timing!)

Dr. C was very flexible with the camp commitment and said to come in the Monday after & to work as much hours as he wants! Heartbreaker thought *Awesome! I'll be there from open to close!*

Here's a few texts from Heartbreaker sent to me: Im on my first official lunch break.
First official work sandwich...
First official day of work-done...

Here, I made him stand still for his first official return from his first official day of work:
(I did this with the kids on their first day of school). haha thankyou, son for humoring your mama.

When Mr. B got home, we all left to meet up with dear friends that we have known for 8 or more years! First at Ft Campbell, KY. both our girls babysat their two girls then and also here. We didnt know it intially, but we ended up living in the same neighborhood here in Georgia!
This time only M and their youngest, but it was, as always, fun. Their little one is full of surprises and we have told them they need to blog about a day in the life of this little princess! She keeps us cracking up.

so it was a great day :o)

Tuesday: Heartbreaker had to go to a doctor's appt at Urgent Care (the military clinic was full, so we were referred to this great clinic-everyone there was wonderful... one of the nurses shared her stash of chocolate mmm)

....2 breathing tx, one steroid shot in his backside, antibiotics, and cough medicine. He did not get to go to work. ended up resting.

Ever since he came back last June from a mission trip to Nicaragua, he has had cough, congestion, something going on. While in college, it was 3 separate issues of bronchitis, walking pneumonia...

He arrived from Nicaragua with a cough, so had an appt with chest xrays and a TB test. All came back normal- thank the Lord.

He had a annual check with full CBC with his doctors' from Backus Children's Medical (even though he is 19 and bigger than the nurses, they have said they would love to continue to see him). All that was good. So, it is just this past year of new episodes of coughs, colds, infections, etc.

I know that our trust and Faith in the Lord is what we draw our strength from. And I know his healing is a done deal! I do have to say I understand what was said by someone we met on staff at today's clinic. (Her son, 16 yrs old, is also a cancer survivor. He had been treated from age 5 to 9.) Well, she mentioned that after having gone through those 4 years, she doesnt like when her son comes down with a fever or cough, etc.

I said I understand. And again, I do know with my heart, mind and spirit that our son is healed, strong and continues to be a walking testimony of God's healing and grace. His story has blessed many in many ways. But I understand her comments, because prior to his diagnosis and treatments, coughs and sniffles weren't anything to even think a second about. After the diagnosis and treatments, if ever there is cough, sniffle, aches or pains... from any of our children, I have in my heart to want to just say "ENOUGH!" "There is no room in our lives for any of that!" I can not stand any of that!

So, yes, I understand.


Thought I would also post the 6 drawings that were ordered by a wonderful unit up at Ft Campbell. They always write a thank you to me for my support to their Soldiers. I am humbled and honored to do these drawings that they have purchased over the years.

Thank YOU!


KateB said...

:0 smiles is all I can say-love all the art you are posting!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

What a beautiful family you have! I am so impressed with your art. I would love to order something for my dad and am going to show my mom your etsy site!

Have a great week!

theluckiestmrs said...

Ahhh! haha...Heartbreaker's "first day of work" pic is hilarious! It's like every single first day of school & his pose is just about exactly like his kindergarten picture! lol!

p.s. I miss Miss M & her littlest! I'm sad I didn't get to see them too!

Marie Reed said...

I think that it's wonderful that he kept his commitment at the camp even though he was offered something better or more 'prestigious' ! He is quite a hard worker. Bravo to your handsome son!

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