Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sweet Siblings...

I recently was contacted for a request order. She sent me a photo of two sweet little baby twins. I will start the drawing as soon as I have confirmation of all the particulars. Since this was purchased as a gift, I will wait until after the babies' mom and dad get the first peek. ...after that, I will be sure to post the finished piece.
This lovely little lady is Merisa and big brother Scotty. created in 2002

I am slowly getting my listings posted... much slower than I had hoped... thank goodness for my Mr. B's help with our new editing/photo program (I do appreciate how he can just figure it all out. I would find myself trying this and that... and that and this... but still find myself back at square 1! Darn those squares!

The photos of the samples shown in my Etsy shop will enlarge, but not as much as the eagle and military logo. So, I thought I would post them here and see if you can zoom & view them better.

Mason and Stiles: two curly haired cuties!
created in 2004

So, sometimes I get surprised at myself, cuz for no apparent reason and not on purpose...

I have managed to get the computer to cooperate! Like this with
posting multiple pictures in one post. haha I thought only one pic allowed. And I would think, while looking at other blogs, *wow, I wonder what program or extra button does that?* I even commented on someone else's blog, my awe at such a thing!

These little angels are Calvin and Julie. created in 2002

Anyways, with a happy accident (somehow, maybe? hit a button twice) and here I present you with not 1, not 2, but 3 photos :o)

Blessings & Aloha!


theluckiestmrs said...

haha...Mom, you're getting so high tech now! ;)

KateB said...

how do I commission you to do one for me??? I'll see if my sister will take a good pic of the kids on Sunday...should I convo you on Etsy?


Joyce said...

Hi I just hopped over from your daughter's blog. Your work is beautiful! Welcome to blog world!!!

I'll be back...

Have a golden day!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

to theluckiestmrs. (aka sweet daughter of mine :o):
the next message to KateB will sadly show how "high-tech" I am!

to KateB: First, I think I unknowingly get "button-clicking" happy! so soemhow, I deleted your other comment you left here! honestly, I dont know what happened! haha and to answer the comment that didnt disappear: Yes, do go to my site, and order there. I can list another that would be reserved for you, that has the11x14 two subjects w/ calligraphy (sometime tonight) Just convo me there.

to Joyce:thank you for your kind greetings and taking a look around. Be sure to comment on the June 5th post for a chance to win the eagle in your choice of name. I'd love you to visit any time! :o)

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