Friday, June 19, 2009

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*that is my pre-posting announcement to the following "actual" post* :o)

Now, I'd like to share some photos of two drawings that I've done. Two skeletons and a dainty teacup & saucer??? At least for now, the two relate (if only by my Etsy shop section):
This section will show examples of drawings related to work (job, career-related), play (hobbies, activites), etc (other things until I open up a new section). (I will also post close-up photos of the skeleton and teacup at my shop).

The skeleton drawings are two that I just completed for Rebecca S. She ordered these for gifts to her Radiology instructors. And Congratulations, Rebecca for your up-coming graduation!

The teacup & saucer drawing was ordered in 2008 by a fellow blogger (heehee, fun to say "fellow blogger", since I'm a blogger now) ~ SpanishPrincess. She has been wonderful at letting people know about Personalized Sketches even before I started etsy or blogging. Thank you!

Some have heard me grumble a bit about this--> I was not able to use Printshop on our Mac (we have used Printshop on our old PC for.ever), so Mr. B bought Photoshop. (well, I was not grumbling for getting Photoshop. For the program and his thoughtfulness, I was very thankful) It was the Photoshop unknown that I was not liking. (I know that people create crazy, amazing things with Photoshop, but up to this point... I didn't want to create crazy, amazing things, I just wanted to get some photos that could be seen clearly on my etsy shop).

It really took about 5-6 hrs to get one photo and I didnt know how I did it, cuz I couldnt do it again! Mr. B had to figure it out for me... (which we came to realize, it is best to leave him alone while he's figuring and THEN ask questions later :o)

I tend to ask a lot of questions! (like while watching a movie- I am asking what's happening, where's it happening, when's it happening, who's it happening to, why's it happening, etc.
...but whoever I am asking is watching it for the first time too!)

...anyways... I really think I finally got the hang of it... at least for now... to do what I want do. I was so excited that immediately after I hit "publish post" I called my daughters to have them look at what I was able to put together a crazy, amazing thing (at least for me and computers-it's crazy, amazing.) It's on the previous post. Yay! for the "note written on the typewriter" creation & the tv announcement & label thingies on this post :o)

I'm liking Photoshop.

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