Thursday, June 4, 2009

A New Adventure...

...for me in the big, big world of blogging!

First of all, a big THANKYOU to my daughter, theluckiestmrs. It was after reading her fun blog postings, that inspired and motivated me to get going with my Etsy Shop. And her encouragement that I (computer-tech challenged) really could do a blog (& a great way to connect the two and help those of you know the person behind Personalized Sketches). And she nominated me for a chance at winning a blog make over by...

...a big THANKYOU to the Blogalicious girls, who have designed this blogalicious blog design and layout.  And for their unending patience with a very novice blogger!  

And when I say novice blogger, I mean, a very, very novice blogger.  It was just a couple of months ago that our oldest daughter started her blog and introduced me to a great new adventure. (I loved her postings and found myself laughing out loud...) 

Daughter M: "Mom, you'll have to check out my blog. Here's the address..."
Me: "Blog? What's that?" (Yep, I guess I really hadnt ever paid attention, cuz I know blogging has been around a long time and I surely have friends that have them.)

Thank goodness, she didnt tell me about this blog world until the end of my last semester of classes! I had to purposefully keep away from her blog, in order to stay focused with final exams.  Oh! That was really hard to do.  I would "treat" myself to just a little blog-reading break between studies.

But now school and the last exams are done (I will talk more about that "chapter" of my life, in a later post).  ...meanwhile, I've been waiting for my dental hygiene license. ... and having fun getting my blogging and my Etsy shop going. 

Blessings & Aloha!

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