Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blessed , blessed, blessed!

Blessed that I love to do these drawings and that people are interested in them too. (I love seeing how something will turn out as I write a name over and over and over... someone asked me if I ever felt like it was like that punishment in school... you know, write 500 times "I will not talk".

If I remember correctly, I actually had that punishment in
elementary. But I've always loved to doodle and see the many ways I could write my name or letters, so no, it didnt feel like punishment!)

Blessed with a family that forgives my mess whenever I bring out my artpaper, pens, and everything else! (I have started to move all my arts and crafts into one bedroom *sorry girls, but I will have to get that in order for when you come home for visits!*)

(I dont leave that mess like that) ...but even with the plan to have a separate room for my *studio*, I can't help but drag it out when I am actually drawing, cuz I do like being where everyone's at... (maybe in our next home, I can request an open loft that overlooks the living room, so that I can be where the action is, without my action being all over the place!)

Blessed when those that have ordered send back notes, cards, or emails about their piece. I appreciate what you have to say. So, I would love to share some of them with you. (not to toot my horn, honest!) but hopefully to give someone who is interested in Personalized Sketches, an idea of what I hope are the results: a very happy giver and receiver. So with my most sincere intentions:

Here are a few more:

Are you still making the pictures w/ people's names? You did a print for me back in 2004 for my sister's graduation from college. She'll graduate from Medical School in 2008. And she's requested another of your portraits. So I'm just asking in advance. I have to do a little research into what to use for an image this time.
Stephanie W.

My friend LOVED the drawing…she is a true aggie!

It looks GREAT! You do amazing work.

Thank you so much!

Shelley R. (Tennessee)

I will certainly keep this for future gift events. Many thanks again.

Gabriella C.

Thank you so much for creating this picture for me!! I love the idea you had regarding the standard poodle (with Bijou on the dog and Bergles on the collar and Rose on the Rose).

Thanks again!
M.J. (Colorado) reference to the Eagle. I consider my husband very hard to buy
for. When I gave him your drawing of the Eagle, he said he loved it
and said that in all the time he'd been at Fort Campbell it was the
first Eagle he'd ever received. I got big kudos for picking out the
perfect gift! Also, the Strike Col's wife and SGM's wife were both
choked up when they received their gifts. Your talent is amazing and
your drawings make such unique gifts and I'm so happy to share your
info with others. We are currently in Stuttgart, Germany (as of last
Tuesday). If you don't mind I will share your info with my new
friends, too.
Darla K. (Germany)

I just wanted to let you
know that I absolutely love the picture. You are so very talented. I
really appreciate you doing it for my son. It will be something we treasure
for a long long time. Good luck with your website. I'll probably talk to
you again, because there are a few Christmas gifts I would love for you to
do. Thanks again!!!
Shanna G. (South Carolina 6/09/09)

‘Your drawings allow me to give a very personalized gift to people who are very special in my life. It has become a tradition for me to give wedding couples a personalized picture of the Precious Moments Bride and Groom done in the bride and grooms names. I have also done this for several couples wedding anniversary. Those who received them have commented (even years later) how they treasure them and the personal touch that it represents.’

D. Miller (Austin, TX)


BLC :o said...

Oh I am so touched for the add to the blog roll. Many thanks! Xoxo-BLC

Kim said...

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I have loved reading your story and seeing our beautiful art work! You have a wonderful gift with your drawings!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

There are so many great blogs out there! ( I will really have to quite "coming across" them, otherwise it would become so easy to spend more time on the computer when I should be doing other things!

BLC and Kim: I enjoy reading your postings.

I hope you check back occasionally, ...I want to balance my blog with art-related stories and my family stories.

it is such fun to find comments, so thank you!


Wow, these are gorgeous! What talent! I found you on the Lauren Nicole's Gift site!!

roxan said...

I like your work, it speak for itself and it has it's own word, especially the messy table and the boy being punished it somehow connects me.

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