Saturday, June 13, 2009

717th OD CO (EOD) (not a secret code!)

*side-note*: If you are not military savvy, that title may look like a secret code.  The military is known for abbreviations.

And even if you grew up and/or married into a military life, like I did, you still may not know what all the abbreviations and acronyms stand for.

Thank you to CPT J.K.! ...for sending me these photos of one of their "farewell" gifts that were recently ordered.  (I am almost done working on your other 6).  I will use some to put into a listing.

That helps that I will not have to mat & frame and do this drawing's little "mini-photo shoot".  I know that the neighbors must wonder when they see me coming out of the house every day with my arms full- *what in the world is Maria doing with all those quilts, blankets, frames, etc...?*

It may look like it, but I will have to tell them that I really wasn't sun bathing next to my grill! Pu-leeze! If I sun-bathed (which I don't), I would have to do so behind a 10 foot high enclosure... the muscle tone just isn't there anymore! You know...wouldn't want to hurt anyone's eyes!

Oops, I digress... Back to the drawings...

I do a lot of "farewell", "appreciation", "promotion", "retirement" gifts for the different military units.

However, I really do absolutely ANY thing... (I say that now, and so I will be sure to let you know if I am asked to do a subject matter that I cannot do).  so keep checking my Etsy shop to see new listings.  Honest, I will be putting up a variety.

Also, thank you all for leaving comments, becoming followers, posting and linking from your blogs to mine!  Please contact me in an email, so I know who to contact when I draw for the winner of the eagle drawing.  Some of you do not have a blog or profile info that I can access.  Or maybe I can, but just don't know how.

Blessings & Aloha!


Kim said...

Oh.My.Word! These are awesome! You are so very talented! I've never seen anything like this - ever! With the names within the sketch! Truly an amazing gift!!

I completely remember you! You probably aren't going to believe this, but I thought of you about a week ago - Wondering if you made it through school! I was trying desperately to remember your daughter's blog {but couldn't} thinking she would mention something about you! I tried looking through my statcounter to see if she was linked in it because you said that you had found me on her blog roll - but she wasn't anywhere in my counter!

I hope all is well. And I have no doubt you are going to have a huge fan base with your art! I'm blown away!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Kim, I really appreciate your comment, especially like I said on your blog-I admire your artwork! and I literally read through your postings (and you definitely have been blogging for awhile! and I tried to do so in little bits, since i was supposed to be focused on end of the semester exams!)

My daughter ( started her blog in Feb 2009, introducing me to the blog world and I thought it was directly through her that I found yours...but it must have been one of her followers that I then found yours... and that it was me (when I was a pre-blogger) that told her. haha

Anyways, we both love your blog and store.

Come back any time :o)

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