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Armed Forces family...

This is from a previous post about "veterans" that I had posted last June...but it had the photos of some of our military family members, so I am sharing this again for this week's  Alphabe-Thursday's "A" with Jenny!

And I also am sharing some other Armed Forces Art that was not on the original post.

The following are some past photos of some of our family who have served in the Armed Forces...

This was taken on our wedding day with my dad and my honey in their Air Force uniforms.  

Dad, me, Mr. B, my little brother, Mom
(February 1982)
West Allis, Wisconsin

Here are some of my Mr. B aka Handsome Hawaiian Hubby aka Honey, Sweetie, Hubba-bubba (I really don't call him this, but thought it's a cute nick name :o) 

He was in the Air Force, 
as a Space Shuttle/Crash Rescue/EMT fireman.

And this was during flight school:

And this was taken of my mom, hubby, me and my dad 
at the Flight School Graduation Ball as an Army Aviation Warrant Officer:
Since I could not find the photo of Dave's dad in uniform, I am posting this one.

Mr. B's dad served in the U.S. Army.  During the Korean war, an explosion occurred and he was blinded for 2 weeks and also told that with injuries from shrapnel, he would not have kids. he is with Mr. B's mom right after they came home with their second of four children. This was  Mr. B as a baby.
I am sooo thankful that the docs were wrong! :o)

 Mr. B was born about 14 months after his older brother, followed by their sister - 13 months later and then 6 years after came their younger sister.

This Mr. B's Uncle Delbert in the Army.
(his mother's older brother)
He has such a sweet, loving way about him.
(late 1940's/early 1950's)
He lives in Hawaii.

This is Mr. B's cousin Bobby leaving for the Army.
He was taller than Mr. B's dad who was 6'1".
(Uncle Bobby was also much older than Mr. B and his siblings, so out of respect, 
the kids called him Uncle Bobby):
Uncle Bobby, Mr. B's Dad, Mr. B
brother Joey

This one is a photo of Mr. B's Uncle Peter also leaving after being on Army leave.
Uncle Peter and his wife, Aunt Darlene, were the first of Mr. B's family 
that I met when we first started dating in New Mexico.
(Sept 1966)
at the Hilo, Hawaii airport.
Voovoo, Uncle Bobby, Uncle Peter, Mr. B's mom
Mr. B, brother Joey, sister Sandy


One of Mr. B's Dad's brother-Uncle George-retired Army colonel, 
gave General Westmoreland daily briefings during Vietnam.
(Nov 1966)
Aunt Patty and Uncle George
Mr. B and brother Joey


My dad is retired Air Force.
We traveled & lived mainly in the United States and the Pacific...
moving about every 2 years.


My Lolo served in the Philippine Army: 
He helped take care of me when I was really little :o)
 I remember him being fit and strong. 
I have more family on my mom's side that served in the Philippine Army.


This is my brother Leo, who is currently in the Navy.
 holding their pretty princess, SIL, and little cutie. 
This was taken after his promotion to Chief Ceremony in San Diego.

And if you  have been to my blog before, you have seen this photo of Mr. B.
It is one of my favorites. :o)
I asked him to "Please" take this photo.
***Isn't it great what our loved ones do for us? :o)***
(My Awesome Army Aviator!) 
It was taken after his last official flight.
Now he says he "flies a desk."

We both have more family that have served in the military, but these are the photos that I was able to find.  Thank  you to all those who have served or are currently serving in the military.  And also to all the families of military men and women.


Thank you Denise for your recent order of these two for thank you/farewell gifts.


 & These are past orders representing:

Army Seal

Air Force Seal

Air Force crest


Chief Petty Officer coin I drew for my brother's promotion.


Marine Corps mascot


Coast Guard aircraft

Thank you for your visit and comments...I will be sure to return your visit.

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LV said...

I enjoyed going back in time with you and family. Those are great photos and memories.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

What a lovely reminder to keep our military families in our prayers...

Terra said...

You always did amaze me...I have been absent for a while and so glad to be back in the game! The sketches are as wonderful as the stories you painted of each family member. The pictures touched my heart...I saw so much love and honor on each face!

Judie said...

Maria, you are the "Family Photo Queen!!!" Your family is so lucky to have you! Great post!!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

You have the best pictures...and there is nothing like a man in uniform.....nice family

cherrylej said...

wow, good for you to keep and preserves those photos for more than 4 decades (?)... visiting from alphabe-thursday. you have a great day!

Kathie @ Like A Box Of Chocolates said...

Maria, I love your posts, it's like sitting down with you looking through photo albums :-)

taylorsoutback said...

Beautiful photos - beautiful memories! I see so many parallels for both of us...married to an Army pilot, coming from military backgrounds with our Dad's...I will be in touch...we need to talk! My husband has some pictures of his Vietnam unit insignia that could be incorporated into one of your wonderful sketches...what a great birthday gift for him.

jfb57 said...

What a splendid 'A' post & such great memories!

Vicki aka Jake said...

I remember this the first time you posted it and thought what a awesome family you have. Still do! Thanks for taking us down the memory lane with you again:)

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

This is a wonderful post. I think I may remember it, if you posted it with Miss Jenny then I for sure read it. I do recall seeing pictures of your husband in the military. None the less, they are fabulous as always, and you have the best pictures to share.

criticalcrass said...

i enjoyed seeing the photos.

and i LOVE the drawings. they really are so neat. :]

Ames said...

Lovely family pictures. You tell your family the story so well. I need to sit down and organize my own family pictures. Very honorable tribute to the Army. You are so talented!~Ames

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Hi Maria...yes; I hand quilt all of the large quilts

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a wonderful family tribute! I am so thankful for all those who serve our country.

Donnie said...

A fine family and I loved all your photos. Thank them for their service. Hubby is retired Coast Guard.

xinex said...

You have so many family members who served te country and we are thankful to them all. Beautiful wedding pic! You were so young!...Christine

Alicia said...

I loved all the pictures of your families!! How awesome that they all served in the military, too!!

Lola said...

Hi again!

Great ‘A’ post -as always. Great pics & memories!

Have a lovely weekend & look forward to *seeing* you again next time,


Sue said...

Love a man in uniform...

And I love your art, too!


Jackie said...

Your husband is quite the handsome actually :)

Michelle A'etonu said...

i loved this post and enjoyed looking at the pictures and drawings :) i still haven't forgotten about your glasses yet! so don't worry!

Kel said...

Great pictures Maria. I love visiting you and your family through pics.

SavannahGranny said...

Thank you so much for these beautiful photos. such a beautiful journey It is incredible that you have such a complete pictorial history. These photos are really precious and valuable.
You are one talented lady. I so admire your artwork. At some point in time I am going to think of just the right one to request . I intend to purchase one Just can't decide yet.
We are having a Rose Festival in Savannah on Apr. 29th - May 1st. Please check my blog for more details.
Love your wedding pics. Ginger :)

the 'Trees said...

What Awesome Armed Forces photos! I'm married to an Air Force man myself!

Poekitten said...

I loved seeing the photos of your family who have served. And I love your wedding photo!

Thanks for linking up the round up!

Jennifer Bowen said...

Wow! Great flashback photos. I really enjoyed looking at all of them. I also like looking at your creative artwork. Love the one of the Army seal. Such intricate work must take time and patience, for sure.

Jingle said...

it is cool to look at some old photos and smile BIG.

awesome collections of arts and memories.

admirable arts.

Happy Easter.

Jenny said...

I know you are so proud of your family, and to add 'service to country' to their list of wonderfulness is just incredible!

I loved this post before...and I love getting to know your family better all the time!

Thanks for linking up!


~ Regan said...

That is a great collection of pictures! What a great way to show respect for Veterans.

Your artwork, as usual, is stunning. I am in awe and study your drawing every time you share a sample on here. :)

Hope you all had a very Happy Easter.
I also worry for you, hope you have made it through all the terrible storms safe and sound!!!

Semper Wifey said...

I love all of the old pictures! The 1964 shot is adorable! You are so talented with your sketches! Thanks again for linking up! :)

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