Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ABC's of me!

~Kindergarten - 4 years old~
Hanscom Airfield, Massachusetts


I saw this not too long ago on Bacardi Mama's and Sweet Tea Diaries' blogs... 

...they were so fun to read & what a perfect post to do for this week's Alphabe-Thursday's "Alphabet Soup" with Jenny!

Please let me know, if you've already done the "ABCs of me", I'd love to read it...

Or if you do an "ABCs of me" post, after learning about it from here, I'd love if you link back to me, like I've linked back to Bacardi Mama and Sweet Tea Diaries.

Age: 47...I often have to subtract my birth year to the current year! or have to think about how old our oldest child is and add how old I was when I had figure out my age!   Is there anyone else like that?

Bed size: Queen

Chore you hate: cleaning toilets (when I read this of Bacardi Mama's, I had to agree!)

Dogs: None right now, but we do have two "granddogs".

Essential start to your day: Thank the Lord for a new day (especially on days vacationing with family)...& then put on my glasses!

Favorite color: white, black, lots of different colors...sage green, dark burgundy (when I was little, I loved yellow)

Gold or Silver: Gold
Height: 5'7 and a half...our kids say that I am shrinking...

Instruments that you can play: the musical genes, for singing and playing instruments, went to my hubby, mom and our 3 kids...I make a joyful noise...sometimes to the beat of my own drum  :o)

Job title: Artist...Dental Hygienist...("full-time gramma" sounds real fun!!!)

Kids: 3 wonderful, beautiful, loving, caring, talented, thoughtful, fun children who love the Lord with all their hearts. & of course 1 equally awesome son-in-law!

Live: southern, sunny, coastal Georgia...would love to live closer to our kids...

Mom's name: Remedios (nick name: Remie)

Nicknames: "Bing"...from when I was itty-bitty...some family still call me "Bing"

Overnight hospital stays: ...after giving birth & staying with our son when he was going through chemo.

Pet peeve: Any one in a customer-service type position, working with people, that are not courteous or friendly.

Quote from a movie:  for some reason this came to mind..."for-ever, for-ever..." (The Sandlot)

Righty or Lefty: Righty

Siblings: brother (11 years younger than me) & sister (20 years younger than me).

Time you wake up: On weekdays~6:30...on a weekend ~usually around 7-ish.

Vegetables you dislike: as a kid..I only liked a few I got older, I liked more and, I eat everything! (which my weight reflects!)

What makes you run late: With my hubby around, not a problem with being late. :o)

X-rays: ...mamograms, dental, chest xrays

Yummy food you make: fav requests from our kids ~ Chicken parmesan & skillet bread ...~Korean chicken...

Zoo favorite animal: ...monkeys, cuz they're so fun to watch... & giraffes, zebras, bears, panda bears (I agree with Sweet Tea Diaries...pandas are adorable.)

I believe I've posted this recent order, but thought to share it again, since it fits in well with the ABC theme :o)

The baby blocks have the initials of this cutie's first, middle and last name. And surrounding the blocks is her birth info.


Again...thank you to all those that entered my art giveaways by commenting on my post from April 2nd to April 9th.

Here are the comments that were drawn:
Giveaway #1: an 8x10 eagle with verse 

LDH said...
Your art work is really beautiful and so unusual. A special keepsake to each one. I am a follower and want to thank you for this delightful giveaway!

Thank you for replying back about your win...I look forward to drawing this eagle for you using the name of your choice.

Giveaway #2: an 8x10 monogram 

Amy said...

Your sketches are absolutely stunning, beautiful and artistic, as always. I didn't know the sketch is formed with names within them until now! (Shame on me!) Now I appreciate them even more. I'm so not a crafty or artistic person. But I surely do enjoy and appreciate your art. :) Thanks for this wonderful giveaway.

Amy...please excuse my error when I left you a comment about your win...I meant to say your name was drawn, not that it was not! oops!

Giveaway #3: an 8x10 drawing with baby info
Alely said...

like you on facebook : ).
Thank you for emailing me confirming your win. and I look forward to hearing what image you would like drawn for this category.
This baby one, shown here, is just a sample...the winner would let me know what they want drawn.

I am also including 2 giveaways for gift certificates to be used towards YOUR choice of image, with YOUR choice of name, in YOUR choice of size (8x10 or 11x14).

#1 certificate: DHidey said...

Wow--what great works of art. I love the eagle one with the verse!

DHidey, hope you got my comment that your name was drawn for one of the two 20% off certificates. Please let me know if you are interested in it. If not, not a problem :o) I will draw another name, should you decide not to accept.
#2 certificate:   Vicki aka Jake said... Maria, thanks for sending me to your giveaways. I usually don't enter them, but I love your work. And the eagle one really caught my 83 yr old dad's nickname is BUSH :)And he loves eagles. What a great Fathers Day surprise this would be...
Thank you for your email and I am looking forward to drawing the image of the arrowhead for your dad! It is fun to do new images and I have not done an arrowhead before. I try to do them within a week from getting all the final info and confirmations.

(& if your name was not drawn for one of the giveaways, but you had commented on that post, I extended a 10% off special to be used on any art that is ordered. Just contact me via my email:

Thank you for your visit! I am behind in returning your visits from last week, but will get over there! I truly appreciate your kind comments...please come back again.
Signature for blog


Kathie @ Like A Box Of Chocolates said...

Maria! how fun! I am posting this today :-)

Miss Sweet Tea said...

I'm so glad you did this, and I loved learning more about you!

One of my pet peeves is also rude customer service people...hello, their job is to provide good service to customers!

I love the adorable picture of you from kindergarten.

I hope you are having a great week! I know you are really busy so it's such a treat when you stop by my blog!

EG Wow said...

That was a lot of fun to read! :)

Ann said...

Really interesting post. I enjoyed reading it!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I love the kindergarten pic!

We are the same height!

What a fun idea for Alphabet Soup day. I love learning more about all of my "cyber" friends...



Rhiannon said...

oh how fun! I must do this!!

Donnie said...

That was so cute to learn the ABC's of you.

Jackie said...

:) awesome meme lol I didn't know it was that popular and I've never seen it before .

Ok so the banana ice cream is extremely easy btw. Take some ripe bananas and freeze them . After they are frozen , take one of two and put them in a food processor and whiz it until it gets nice and creamy smoothe and voila . Banana ice cream , yumm
Here's the recipe

If you google raw banana ice cream you will get the recipe and a few websites to raw foodists like Frederic Patenaude and

Pondside said...

That was fun!
Now I want to know about Korean Chicken....

Amy said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway! Also, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog to let me know about this wonderful news. :) I can't wait to receive your sketch! If you need to contact me for any information, my email address is
amy [at] utry [dot] it

I understand you're super busy. So, no rush at all. I look forward to hearing from you.


Bearly Sane / Ess D'Ess Bears said...

What a pretty child you were Maria...and still as pretty at 47!
Warmest Hugs,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane / Ess D'Ess Bears

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This is such a great idea. I loved learning more about you. I love gold too.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea for the alphabet soup week. I did this already--

I too have to do the math to figure out how old I am. In fact, when I did it, I was making myself a month older than I was.


⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

I always enjoy reading these ABC's on people. You learn something. My kids love when I make chicken parm too. Thanks for sharing, and yes your sketches are always a pleasure to see.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh--I loved reading your ABCs!! That was really interesting and I love your baby picture too! Sending hugs your way and hope you're having a nice evening--it is always such a JOY to visit!!!

Tammy said...

Your Pet Peeve is one of mine too! I don't think they teach customer service skills anymore!

I am never late either with my hubby around! :)

Thanks for stoppping by today. I am so glad you did!

myorii said...

What a fun and interesting post for alphabet soup week :) I love learning so much about you! I'm totally with you on the chores you hate. And wow to the age difference between you and your siblings! Oh and that photo of you at 4 years old is simply adorable. I love the pigtails :)

La said...

What a fun way to get to know you. Yes, I sometimes have to do the math to remember how old I am, except this year as I turned the big 5-0.

Have a great day! La

Jen said...

I love these ABC can learn so much about yourself and others this way!

Vicki aka Jake said...

First, I'm so excited to be one of your winners! Can't wait to see it:)

And, I love this post, lets us see a little more of you!

Keri said...

How fun! I may do this on Friday. I love the Sandlot quote! I use it all the time, lol.

Sue said...

Never done this...but I sure liked reading yours!


Splendid Little Stars said...

This was so much fun, Maria! I found myself nodding in agreement, smiling, and rejoicing with you!

Francisca said...

What a fun idea!

Judie said...

Good for you!!! I started to do that, but I have had a crazy week, and I was feeling lazy!!

Jennifer Bowen said...

I love your cute pig tails! Such a pretty girl you were. Nice showcase of your work.

☆☆Mumsy said...

Such an awesome post! The alphabet was fun to read.

Ames said...

What a little cutie!

When I was little yellow was my favorite color too. Now I am trying to talk my hubby into painting our bedroom walls yellow.

I also prefer gold although I mix the two.
I could go on...we have a lot in common! Great post!!

Vivek Chamoli said...

Hi Maria,

Nice A B C's , I'm happy to attend your a , b c class ..quite entertaining ..and happening. :)

and your drawing are amazing as always :).

its been a longtime since I visited your space ..

Jenny said...

What a fun ABC! This was funny and informative and I really, really enjoyed it! I think the idea of this is so clever...I am planning to share this with some teachers I know!

Thank you for doing this round of Alphabe-Thursday with us! You always bring a smile to me and so many!

And congratulations on being number one on the link this week. Wow!

Hugs and A+++

Bacardi Mama said...

Loved your ABC's and being named in them. As always, I love your drawings. Hope you have an awesome weekend.

Jingle said...

sorry that you have to do math to celebrate your birthday.
bless you.
mine is easy.

beautiful and thoughtful post.

Awards for you, thanks for the support!

Bless your talent.

Happy Saturday!


Alicia said...

Look at you, Maria!! So adorable!!!!

And I enjoyed reading your ABC'S!!

Mo said...

Oh, THIS was a super fun read! congrats to the winners! that reminds me...i need to get crackin' on my order from you! ha ha!

xinex said...

You were such a cute little girl, Maria. Did you get the pic of the Polish pottery baker that I emailed you?...Christine

Laurie said...

What a darling picture! I loved reading the ABC's about you!

Keri said...

I did my ABCs of me post! Thanks for the inspiration!

Sherree said...

thanks for visiting my blog. I also enjoyed reading over your Abc list. The drawing of the monkey is the cutest. My little granddaughter loves them. Your art work is neat. Have a blessed say.

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