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Paniolos, Parker Ranch, Princesses & Pochopino

*warning - this is a pretty long post!*

Paniolo... (Pah-nee-oh-low)
"In 1838, at the request of Kamehameha III, Spanish-Mexican vaqueros came from California to teach Hawaiians how to manage the wild herds. The vaqueros became "paniolo," a word derived from "espanol" or "Spanish." The name was also given to the new Hawaiian cowboys. Paniolo music, dress and arts are uniquely Hawaiian." (

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Here's my hubby as a little Paniolo.

(7 months - Hilo, Hawaii)

Here is our oldest, 
Girly~Twirly (aka theluckiestmrs.) 
our little Paniolo princess.

(10 months - Kona,Hawaii)

...tried to find the photos of our other daughter Girly~Whirly and our son Heartbreaker wearing cowboy hats...(I have so many photos not in albums and too many to go through!)... but I did find these two when they were in high school.

Girly~Whirly and a friend during Homecoming Week in high school.
(Ft. Campbell, Kentucky)

Heartbreaker with one of his friends at the beach.

(Tybee Island, Georgia)


Parker Ranch is among the largest ranches in the United States, spanning thousands of acres across Hawaii’s Big Island. It is also one of the country’s oldest ranches, with more than 160 years of history.
The story begins in 1809... A nineteen year old sailor named John Parker jumps ship and hides in a thicket as the ship that brought him to Hawaii drops below the horizon.
(photo from
Yes, that is snow on the volocano that is in the background.

John Parker comes to the attention of the great King Kamehameha I, the monarch who fought to unite the islands in a single kingdom, and John is given important tasks by the king. John returns one more time to the sea for adventure in China during the War of 1812, but then returns to Hawaii to stay for good...." (to read more go to

On our way towards Parker Ranch, we stopped in a cute diner style eatery. This was when we were visiting family in Oct 2010.
 (Mr. B, me, sweet sister-in-law, & brother-in-law.

(Mr. B's older brother and Mr. B give the thumbs up).

Princesses (These princesses also have ties to beautiful horses... 
...this time not ranch horses, but race horses...

...Girly~Whirly is a 2008 Kentucky Derby princess)....


Pochopino (Poh-cho-pee-no ...aka Filaguese(Fih-leh-gheez...this doesnt start with a "P", but I thought I would include this variation too :o) 
(slang combination of words for someone that is of Portuguese and Philippine descent).

And although my hubby is not "pure" Portuguese and I am not "pure" Filipino...our kiddoes are pochopinos :o)

 Mr. B + me =

1st photo: on our wedding day, where Mr. B first met family on my dad's side. (West Allis, Wisconsin)
2nd photo: at our wedding luau, where I first met many of Mr. B's relatives. (Hilo, Hawaii)

one Portuguese + one Filipino 

(@ his home in Hilo, Hawaii) &    
(@ my grandpa's in Sorsogon, Philippines)      
(both at 7 months old)

= 3 little Pochopinos :o)

...little 7 month old Pochopino #1
aka Girly~Twirly

(at Mr. B's parent's house-Hilo, Hawaii)

...little 7 month old Pochopino #2
aka Girly~Whirly

(at my parent's house-Eagle River, Wisconsin)

...little Pochopino #3
aka Heartbreaker

(at Mr. B's parent's house-Hilo, Hawaii
Mr. B is holding him and Great Uncle D gives him a kiss)

Here a few photos of when they are older. 
...our 3 Pochopinos :o)

University of Louisville, Kentucky
Girly~Twirly (2003 UofL Homecoming Queen)
Heartbreaker & 
Girly~Whirly (2006 UofL Homecoming Queen) 

"hear, see & speak no evil"

...warming up to Play some tunes :o)

Here are some Past orders...

...a couple of "Paniolo" (aka Cowboy) inspired orders:

This cowboy hat and rose were for a wedding which was centered around the cowboy theme wedding.

This horse was drawn for a lover and collector of horses.

What about a saddle too? This was taken from the photo of another's favorite saddle.

and here are a few that start with the letter "P".




...& remember Perdita from 101 Dalmations?

Whew! I did say this was a long post!  Thank you for your "P"atience while "P"erusing my "P"ost!... (if you've been by may remember my love of alliteration :o)

Last week, I had thought the letter "P" was what we were on in our Alphabe-Thursday journey and had been able to work on it earlier...but was able to quickly post last week a few photos of our wintery Oklahoma. Thank you for stopping by! I will be sure to return your visits :o)

I am also behind on last week's visits, but will be get by this weekend.

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Debbie Moore at Slice of Pie Entertaining and Cookbooks said...

What a nice post ... I learned so much about you and your family! Thanksfor sharing. Stop by and see me at

Vrinda said...

Very nice post...they baby in pic is very cute.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

You have such wonderful photos of your family. It was fun to watch them grow up in them.

Judie said...

Your family is so lucky to have you as a loving family historian!!

Sue said...

Great family.

Great art!


Kel said...

More wonderful pictures of your family and a great Hawaiian lesson my grandmother would be happy I learned! :)

H said...

What an interesting post and I love the word pochopino!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

So, it has never occurred to this old cowgirl that there might be a cowboy culture in Hawaii.

Thanks for the lesson!



RNSANE said...

I've never seen your blog before but I enjoyed this post and your bio so muc. I'm an Army brat myself ( from Ft. Benning, GA ) - now 66 - have lived in the San Franisco area nearly 34 years ( in Daly City, actually, an enclave of Filipinos!!).

I have so many dear friends from Hawaii and hve been fortunate to visit about 20 times over the years. I'm very familiar with paniolos, poke, and good things Hawaiian and I love the potpourri of ethnicities.

Your three children are beautiful. I have three sons...I always wanted a daughter. My one son who married in May has order to give me a granddaughter!

myorii said...

Awww, what a great post! Wow, you really have a lot of the old photos from back when you and your husband were babies! That's truly amazing! Your kids are beautiful too :) Can't believe how big they are now compared to the photos of them when they were babies! Thanks for sharing such wonderful memories :) I can see why you were so excited about sharing your "p" post last week!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Thanks so much for your kind and wonderful comments...I dont ordinarily post a comment back over here, but just wanted to let you know that although I have been behind in returning your wonderful visits....I try to be sure not to miss any of your visits. If I have, please let me know.

Blessings & Aloha!

(oh and Myorii, I was sooo excited more about actually getting my post completed earlier than it normally takes me and normally I am at the last of Miss Jenny's linky list! haha)

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

I love that you have all those baby pictures of your husband. I have NONE!!~ Great pics all around of you and your handsome beautiful family. I am always happy for your visits. Enjoy your day off!!~

Debbie said...

Maria, I love your photos! And wow, your heartbreaker son really is so handsome. I am sure he could easily break hearts. :)

Blessings and love,

SusieQTpies said...

So cool!

Thanks for stopping in and entering my $100 CSN Stores giveaway! G'luck!

Your drawings are so beautiful!

Ames said...

You are so talented!!! I love all the pics of the babies...I love all your pics. It amazes me that there is snow on top of that volcano. The seasons are off everywhere on this big blue marble. Thanks for you kind comments!~Ames

LV said...

How wonderful it would be if more families took the time to be together and enjoy it. You are truly fortunate and blessed with yours. Everyone was so cute when little and they never lost it when they grew up. Enjoy your day off.

Hug a tree with me said...

such a great selection of pictures, I feel like I know u now:) which is the point, thanks for stopping by:) happy rest of friday

Xmas Dolly said...

What an absolutely beautiful family you have, and aren't you wonderful to share them all with us. Already following. Have a great weekend. I love your drawings. So unique.

Veronica Lee said...

Love the word pochopino! Beautiful selection of pics as always, Maria!

Have a blessed weekend!

Alicia said...

I don't even know where to begin to comment! When I see your pictures, I can just tell that there is so much love all around for one another! You are truly blessed, Maria!


Plenty of P words and pretty interesting as well! I always love your photos of your little pochopinos....ha. Cute!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Aloha, your art work is beautiful. I've never seen anything like it before. I enjoyed your P post, too. Pochopino, eh? Funny. Back in the '80s, I stopped at a place near Parker Ranch that had the best lemon meringue pie I've ever eaten. I drool and smile just remembering it. :-)

Mary said...

What a beautiful family you have!! How perfect that they are princesses & queens :-)

Jenny said...

I'm so sorry I can't follow you on Facebook. It always crashes my computer. If I get it figured out sometime, I totally will though.

Although every picture here was precious, the one of your husband really made my heart smile!

The snow on the volcano is really peculiar to me.

Thanks for linking to Alphabe-Thursday's letter 'P'.

I always smile when the link opens up and I see it is you!


Cheryl D. said...

Beautiful art and beautiful girls!

Vivek Chamoli said...

Hi maria,

Nice Post , the glorious days Flashback very nice :)

Loved it.


Take care
Ks :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

wonderful "P" post! What a lovely family you have! I enjoyed seeing the photos and learning a new word!

PS: I wrote the pi post when tired, inadvertently writing radius instead of diameter. As soon as it posted, I tried to edit it, but blogger wouldn't let me fix it. It's fixed now. I also added a further note to the bottom with a couple links to Daniel Tammet interviews.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

You have such a beautiful family! I also enjoyed seeing all the snow on top of the volcano -- that was an amazing photo. I;m going to become your facebook fan :)

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