Thursday, January 6, 2011

M is for More Merry Memories...

M is for More Merry Memories...

Girly~Whirly is back at college...
Heartbreaker is back at college...

Don't have a photo of them back at school...

but I do want to share this photo of Heartbreaker wearing the wonderful Knucks that I ordered from Jen!

Thanks Jen!
They are perfect for when he plays his guitars and banjo :o)

& here are some photos taken at their Thanksgiving dinner with their big sister :o)
Girly~Twirly & Heartbreaker

Mr. B and I were up at my dad's for Thanksgiving. And so our three were able to have Thanksgiving dinner together.  Our older daughter's hubby was working his residency shift at the hospital.

Girly~Whirly & Girly~Twirly

& here is a photo of Girly~Twirly (aka theluckiestmrs) & her Mr.

celebrating their 2nd anniversary on New Year's eve.

My hubby and I are back to our regular routine of work...

We still have our Christmas tree up, so will be putting that and the ornaments away.

I have today off from cleaning pearly whites :o) I am working on more drawing orders, but came across some loose Christmas photos...which led me to looking at some other past photos.

...which led to me posting some of those photos here in a slideshow.

Thank you also for your patience on announcing the names drawn for the Personalized Sketches giveaways.

Like I have mentioned in the past giveaways of the art that I do...I would have loved to selected more to give. So, those of you who had left comments to enter and are not one of the following names that were picked (picked by the "not-fancy" method---by hand :o) ...I will have to look into the method), please contact me if you are interested and those that left comments - I would like to extend 10% off of one drawing order.

These are the names drawn:

For one 8x10 single image of your choice: Permanent Posies's comment: "I would LOVE to win your drawing. I am torn because selfishly, I would want something drawn with my last name. But, I think I would have something drawn for a friend for mine who is graduating in May from Seminary as a gift. I so love your work."

For one of the 8x10 Calligraphic Monograms: Mrs. V's comment: "Hi Maria, Thanks to my Mom I am commenting on your blog :) I will post each additional entry separate as well! Thanks for hosting this, we LOVE the photo you did for us."

For one of the 20% off certificates: Cheryl's comment: "Wow! So many birthdays in December. How do you hold it all together?  That family tree rocks!"

For one of the 20% off certificates: Alicia's comment: "I didn't know you had a FB page! Yay! I "like"!"

I try to share some past orders on each post, but do like to wait until they are received. ...and it takes me forever to get the samples in the format I like to share them in with the close-up and overall view together.  I have more to post, but for now will share this one:

I received this email from a past customer: "I bought a Chinook print from you in 2006 after seeing you at the Christmas bazaar at Ft. Rucker, AL.  I've had a hard time locating you!  I need another print of a Harley Davidson motorcycle with the name "Danny" used in it for a Christmas present.  Please call me at..."

From Diki's email: "Thank you so much!  It is beautiful (as I knew it would be!) The packing was perfect, no damages at all.  The print has already been taken to the frame shop!
Thank you for the extra business cards, they have already been passed around!"

Diki, I appreciate you looking and searching for me. And am very happy that you found me! and thank you for thinking of having your husband's Harley drawn as a gift.

& these monograms were recently completed:
Drawn for the newlyweds "JOHNSONs"
-the bride "RYAN" and the groom "ROBERT".

Drawn for the "soon-to-be"  Mr. & Mrs. "MILLER"
-bride "KELLY" & groom "TYLER".

 Joining in with:
Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday meme .

.I am way behind in my visits, but hope to get around to some blog reading in the next few days.

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Xmas Dolly said...

I haven't visited you in so long, I'm so sorry. Look at all this wonderful pictures you're sharing, and I love the slide show. How neat to have. I'm so happy that you holidays were so special, and you made even more fond memories. Merry Christmas and a very Joyous, Healthy, and Happy New Year to you, and yours.

Vivek Chamoli said...

HI Maria,

Wow this is great ..memories are the most valubale treasure we have in this very world of ours and we have got a lots of medium to get back to them time after time ...which really makes us live those moments again.
This post of your really give me the glimpse of the glorious day you have ..nice to see such a great family.

You are truely blessed ..and wish you have a great time ahead ..God bless you.

Take care
Keep smiling :)

With Love.


Alicia said... have the best family photos! You inspire to take more of my family!!

What a blessing that your three children were able to spend Thanksgiving with each other. You can tell that they are all so close!!

And I'm excited about winning the discount!!! Woot woot!

Pondside said...

Isn't it just one of the loveliest things....seeing your children take care of one another when you're not around - like at holiday time|!?

Sue said...

We sure like our art work!


juanamac said...

Your memories are so sweet, I enjoyed reading them a great deal. Thank you.

Jen said...

So glad he gave them the thumbs up! Hope they keep him plenty warm when he's playing! Have a great weekend!

LV said...

Always enjoy your family post. You and entire family make such a nice showing. I hope all these winners realize how Lucky they are. I love everything you have ever done for me. So glad the blog world let me find you. Take care.

Mrs. V said...

Hi Maria,
I can't believe I won, I am *beyond* excited! Please feel free to e-mail me at
so we can sort out the details.
Thank You!

Veronica Lee said...

I know I've said this a thousand times but you do have a beautiful family. I always enjoy admiring your family pics and your artwork.

Have a blessed weekend!

Judie said...

Aha! I see the famous green bean casserole! And your children are yummy, as well!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous family! :-)

Jo said...

Maria, I always enjoy your posts have such a delightful family and your art is always amazing to look at ... Have a wonderful weekend!

Kel said...

What great photos! Due to snow, I still haven't seen my in-laws,and so my father-in-law has yet to see your gorgeous sketch.

A Gracious Home said...

Great pics. Your tree is beautiful.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I am so glad you were all able to get together for the holiday.

Life With The Boys! said...

Wow, your Christmas pictures are beautiful and your drawings are amazing. I haven't visited in a while, Decemeber kept me pretty busy! Nice posts. Stop by and visit when you can :)


OMG! I can't believe I won something! I am so excited (artist to artist) to have a piece of your work. Now to decide what I want. I want to be selfish and keep it for that terrible? I know what I said and all but....I would so treasure it. I am on cloud nine! Thanks so much. I will get with you by email.

Vintagesouthernlife said...

Great pictures! You have a beautiful family.

xinex said...

Great photos of the children and so nice that they all enjoy each other's company. John loves the framed artwork. Of course he did not notice his name on the artwork but he was even more amazed when he saw it. Thanks again and happy new year!...Christine

Laurencita said...

Oh! you are blessed to have a happy family. Happy New Year!

Sue said...

Beautiful memories past & present. Thanks for sharing! Love the slideshow.

Thanks for stopping by mine. & have a nice day :)

Mary Anne Gruen said...

I love the slide show! I've got to try doing that one of these days. I think my favorite photo was the one of Heartbreaker on his first Christmas. As he was sitting between his two big sisters he looked like he was thinking, "What have I gotten myself into?" The following year, though, he looked like he had it all in control. LOL

Happy Anniversary to your daughter! As always, your family photos are incredible. I wish I could be adopted into your family.

I've got to check out those Knucks! They look like something I could use when walking the dogs and trying to juggle two or three leashes at the same time. Full gloves make it really hard.

Happy New Year, my Friend! And happiness to your lovely family as well!

KateB said...

:) at it all...and yeah, our christmas tree is still up...I've been sooo lazy this week...

Xmas Dolly said...

Thank you for stopping by today, and for leaving your nice comment. My Dad always liked to be a bit dapper, not overboard, just a little. Aloha, and have a blessed Sunday!

mub said...

We just took our tree down yesterday and still need to go stash it in the storage closet downstairs. We have gobs more space but I'm kindof missing it now *L*

The motorcycle turned out amazingly! I love your artwork, it's just so different than anything else I've seen around.

Henley on the Horn said...

That is so sweet that you r children were together over Thanksgiving! You have done a great job!

Jenny said...

You have such a beautiful family.

I love your closeness and always have to smile back at the photos you share!

I hope your Dad is doing better every day. I suspect just having you all gathered together was the best medicine he could have!

Thanks for linking. I always treasure your posts!


Alely L. said...

happy new year friend! i've been MIA from reading blogs for months now...since we've been snowed in the past 3 days it's given me a chance to catch up! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with all three of your kids at home. What a blessing!

Splendid Little Stars said...

memories--what sweet things they can be! wonderful to see the smiling faces of your children. How cool that they got together on their own for Thanksgiving.
wishing you more merry memories in 2011!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Hi Maria!

The pictures from your Christmas look lovely! I think that's so sweet your kids got together for Thanksgiving while you were at your dad's. That's awesome!

Thanks for visiting my blog - your comments always make me smile! You are so sweet and a great blog friend!

I hope that you have a nice week...did it snow where you are? My parents got about 7 inches!


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