Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Q is for Quilt

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Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday meme of the letter "Q.

 Sharing my progress on this Quilt...

called a "Cathedral Quilt"

I had started this particular Quilt over 8 years ago, but then it was tucked away for a very long time! 

Until a dear friend of mine started Quilting and so inspired me to pull out my Quilts to show her the many that I had "started"...

You can see my past posts:

...about some of my favorite family quilts and vintage quilts and some of my unfinished ones that have been waiting so patiently for me to finish... (if you do take a peek at either of these past posts, please leave a comment there too, so I know that you stopped over there).

Here is a picture of the Cathedral quilt against the bedroom window, so that you can see how it really does have the look of the stained glass in a Cathedral window.

Well...I am happy that when my hubby and I went to Hawaii, I brought along this Cathedral quilt.  It was perfect, since it is all sewn by hand, and I didn't mind our very, very, very, very long delay at our stop at the Salt Lake City airport. (But that is another story :o)


I have shown this family photo before...but see the dresses and the huge hair bows? 

 (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
I had sewn these for both had the Battenburg collars and lace
...but the girls favorite part...

Yep! The "Skirt" part of this dress!
They loved that with this style, they were able to "twirl" around in.  It was almost in a perfect circle shape, if you were able to spin fast enough! :o)

Well...I came across some scraps of this fabric and some others from other things that I had sewn and cut them to go into this quilt.

1. is a piece of the fabric from the scraps left from the dresses.
2. is a close up of other scraps that have some meaning..."Aloha" for family from Hawaii..."art supplies" cuz all of them are very artsy and creative.
3. the origami crane, cuz my son loved doing origami growing up.
4. another close up...the Pledge of Allegiance"...cherries, flowers, pinwheels, frogs (they loved frog catching at my parents in Wisconsin), etc...

 Here is a view of the progress thus far.  The right half was where it was tucked away since about 2003! The left side is what I have done since our Hawaii trip in October... (I photoshopped the red line so that you can see the two halves. Along the part where the red line is drawn, I am sewing on solid, textured fabric like flannel. Each will be the color of the rainbow and one black, brown, white, gray...).

I decided that instead of "tucking" it away again...that I would keep it in my mini cooper, so that when I am at a doctor's appt or other appts,  or bring it with me whenever I'm a passenger with my wonderful hubby who'd rather do the driving (I would rather be a passenger all the time :o)  

...and sew on it then...because with working outside the home or doing the art orders (which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do :o)...I find I can sew on that little quilt whenever I am out and about.

This is a closeup so that maybe you can see something else about this scrappy quilt.  I am making 3 of these for the first grandchild of each of our 3 children. And besides the solid, textured squares, that I will sew down the middle, so that they can learn their colors...  

I have matching squares of two, so that on one panel (the right side), there is a match to the left side.  I thought it would be fun for the little ones to be able to snuggle with this quilt, but also have a game of "seek and find" of the matching center squares. (See the frog on the right side up at the top? The matching frog is on the left panel towards the bottom).

Here is a view on a twin bed... This is showing 2 panels worth.

I actually have enough little 2 inch squares to make four panels, but I think I'll stick to only two panels, so that I know that I'll get them finished!

  And I've cut all and enough of the little squares for each of our 3 children's first children...It's just a matter of getting them all sewn before the grandbabies start arriving! This shows 2 panels.
I think the 2 panels are large enough for a baby crib quilt.

Here it is the back seat of my mini cooper...
Ready and available for me to work on the next time I am in a waiting room or on a road trip.

In my past posts about quilts, I had shared some art that relate to quilting. Please take a look at the posts that I had linked at the beginning of this post, if you haven't already and would like to see them.  

Here are a couple of orders that have just been completed and ready to be given as gifts.

This one was ordered by April for her husband's Army retirement and for his military service as a combat medic (This image is taken from a statue honoring all those in this military field) .

Thank you for your interest and for your husband's service!

This one is from a repeat customer for almost 10 years:

"My sister had another baby and I want to order a print from you.  You made me a violet 4 years ago with my neice’s name “Marley”...I want something similar but am looking for a different violet."

Thank you for thinking of another piece for your niece's upcoming birthday.

Thank you again for stopping by to visit and for your wonderful comments! 
I will return your visit :o)

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Judie said...

I so admire a beautiful quilt! I don't have the patience to make one myself, though!!

Denise said...

Stunning! (Both the quilt and the family.)

I wish I had your talent and patience.

Becky said...

I have a lap quilt in the Cathedral pattern and am always AMAZED at the intricate work. You quilt is just gorgeous.


jfb57 said...

Such beautiful work. You must be very proud of them!

Laurie said...

Oh my goodness! your cathedral window quilt is gorgeous! I can appreciate every stitch in it, as years ago I started to make a cathedral quilt and I got 4 squares done and that is as far as I have gotten - soooo much work!!! beautiful work, thanks for sharing!!

Mrs. V said...

Maria, that quilt is AMAZING. Please do update the finished product on your blog. Keep up the hard work as it is truly a stunnng piece of art!

~ Regan said...

Your quilt is STUNNINGß I absolutely love it! :) didn't know you were such a talented quilter!
Can't wait to see it finished.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I love quilts...old and new!

They are usable Art!

Thanks for sharing this one..

Mary said...

What beautiful detail! I so admire quilters~ I don't have the patience but I so love the end result! What a wonderful idea for your future grandchildren :-)

Pondside said...

Just beautiful!
The aunt that I told you about - the one in Georgia - makes those same quilts. I have lovely memories of her with her bits and pieces, always working on the little windows.

LV said...

Marie,is there anything you cannot do? You are definitely one talented lady. I love your sketches, but quilts are my true love. I have several vintage and new. I did not make them. You are doing very well on yours.

xinex said...

You are so talented, Maria! You can do anything. The quilts are gorgeous and really priceless with every memory sewn into them...Christine

Honey at 2805 said...

Your quilt is stunning! This particular pattern is so intricate, you must have the patience of Job. And, you are certainly talented.

Vicki aka Jake said...

HEY! Can you believe I'm finally back here commenting? Winter makes me hibernate :) Love this post and all the talent your hands and mind hold...amazing. And your grand kids to be will cherish them all...

La Petite Gallery said...

First visit, my my what a beautiful family. I love quilts, never tried to make one, It takes forever. Thanks for sharing.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Your quilt is soo pretty. It does look like a stained glass window when held to the light.

Janet Rose said...

The quilt is an absolute beauty! Wow! I love it.

Ashley @ Life Is Beautiful said...

So beautiful!! I'm hoping to start the whole quilting thing sometime soon! Hopefully sometime this month!

-Many Smiles!

taylorsoutback said...

A true labor of love - and I can appreciate all the time you are putting into it...also all the white fabric for the "background" - if I recall, a Cathedral Windows takes many, many yards.

Vintagesouthernlife said...

Your work is gorgeous. Your grands will feel so lucky to have such a caring grandmother.
Caring the quilts with you seems like a good plan to make use of waiting time.

Robyn G. said...

Thanks for popping by :-)
I love your Catherdral Windows... it's gorgeous and I think progressive quilts are wonderful.
We learn so much and they are full of many memories.
Love it! Keep going... it's truly beautiful and a work of art.
This is on my to-do list one day *smile*

myorii said...

Oh, that is one gorgeous looking quilt! Wow, I'm feeling a little jealous at your incredible sewing skills :) I just made a quilt for my daughter a while back but it was the easy square one that doesn't require a lot of assembly. One of these days, I hope to achieve your level of skill with my quilting too!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Beautiful quilt...beautiful family....very nice work that you do ...glad you stopped by I could visit you....

Astro said...

That's really one lovely quilt done with so much love.

Debbie Moore at Slice of Pie Entertaining and Cookbooks said...

Wow! This quilt is fantastic! You are very talented ... and I love the dresses, too! Thanks so much for sharing.

Sue said...

AMAZING quilt.

You are multi-talented!


Jenny said...

Beautiful quilt. Lovely, lovely post from a lovely, lovely lady.

You are really talented at this! I admire your color sense, but I'm not surprised at your design sense.

You are an artist in so many ways.

Thanks for linking to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "Q".


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...


so happy to have some blog reading time while we have been snowed in...which is rare in our state....

Happy Saturday

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Just gorgeous! I wish I could do something nearly half as pretty. I suppose we all have our talents and gifts...mine are hidden LOL!~
I appreciate you stopping by and sharing your little story with us...have a wonderful weekend. X0

Veronica Lee said...

WOW!!! I've never seen a more beautiful quilt! You have so many talents, Maria!!

Mo said...

The quilt is beautiful! I wish I had kept the dresses my grandmother made for me so I could use it in a quilt. Sigh. Good luck with finishing it! I love the one that looks like a stained glass window! Gorgeous!

Mo said...

ha ha, loved this post too! i liked your facebook page! really loved those orders you shared! i hope all is well with you!

SavannahGranny said...

Such a beautiful blog. You have a beautiful and accomplished family. It is nice to get to meet you. I admire anyone who can quilt. I never had the patience or talent but my SIL makes beautiful art quilts. It is so amazing to me. Thanks for your visit and kind remarks. I am your newest follower.
I noticed that you are in Richmond Hill. That is a beautiful area and it is growing so rapidly.
Thanks again for your visit. Hugs, Ginger

Dani Joy said...

All those quilts would overwhelm me. Good thing that having things started like that does not overwhelm you. What a great quality that you can keep working on these through your down time. Definitely no idleness here. Love looking at all the swatches.

Thank you for aways coming by to write an encouraging note.

Dani Joy

Alicia said... have been blessed with the gift of creativity! Everything is gorgeous!

Coloradolady said...

What a beauty!! I love scrappy quilts as you well know...and this one is special indeed.

I finally did a post on my BQP.....finally! I am still working on it, hopefully I will have more to show soon!!

So glad you stopped by!!!

Vivek Chamoli said...

Hi Maria,

The Pics looks beautiful especially the Hi5 one all looking so cool in the Picture.

And quilt design is great.

Lovely post ..Picture speaking more :)

Take care.

Keep smiling.

Ames said...

I have always loved that pattern but did not know what it was called. I also love yo yo quilts too.
The girls were adorable in their dresses. I remember my mom sewing our clothes on a Singer pedal sewing machine.~Ames

Kristin said...

What a gorgeous quilt! I would love to learn how to make one!

Splendid Little Stars said...

beautiful quilt! It's always fun to see your family photos!

Marilyn said...

Maria, thank you for pointing me to your beautiful cathedral windows quilts. They are going to be so beautiful, and a true treasure for your children and their children.
(Yes I did mean I was listening to your son singing - beautiful. I want to have them on repeat so I can keep listening. lol.

Barb said...

what a masterpiece!

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