Saturday, January 15, 2011

N is for Nine!

Nine Years old...

Some photos of each of us when we were NiNe :o)
(I was thinking of other "N" my Numerous Nesting dolls (Russian Matroyshka and Japanese Kokeshi ones)...but I would have had to find all of them, since I have them packed thought this would be faster :o) and I hope to get linked up with

Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday meme of the letter "N.

Mr. B

Nine years old in 5th grade.
Hilo, Hawaii

Me :o)
Nine years old in 5th grade.
San Antonio, Texas

(aka theluckiestmrs)
Nine years old in 4th grade.
Schoffield Barracks, Hawaii

Nine years old in 5th grade.
Ozark, Alabama

Nine years old in 4th grade soccer photo.
Ft. Campbell, Kentucky

Mr. B, Girly~Whirly and I were all December babies...and when we each started kindergarten, we were able to make that state's age cut off to we were all 4 years old when we started school.  Girly~Twirly and Heartbreaker started kindergarten at 5 years old.

Thank you again for all those that entered my recent giveaways....and thank you to the winners for contacting me. I have started on the ones that have given me the details of the ones that they chose to have drawn.
Here are some orders just shipped.

"Hi Maria! I wanted to contact you to place another order now that we have moved back from Germany. I would love to order an 11" x 14" Fleur de lis using the name Winters, calligraphy l'amour dans notre maison (translates to English to say love in our home). I also want to order an 11" x 14" welcome pineapple also using the name Winters, calligraphy WELCOME."



Thank you Cassie, for these of the fleur de lis and the pineapple. I love the quote you chose for the fleur de lis. And the pineapple is perfect for a Welcome, since it is the symbol for hospitality.

And Cassie's mom~ "Dr. D" requested:
"Hello Maria:  It has been a while since I ordered my last design.  It was for my son & new wife with the two doves holding a banner in their beaks with the 5 childrens names. My son & daughter-in-law love the drawing--so unusual.

So now I have a new neice and would like something unique.  My daughter...suggested a  princess crown/tiara for her.  The mom is definitely a princess and little Kyla will be as well.  Something which can grow with her over the years."

I truly appreciate you both for keeping my contact info or for finding me again.

Thank you, fellow bloggers, for stopping by and for all your comments. 
I look forward to returning your visits. 

(Oh! One more exciting thing...with the wonderful help of Kathie of Just a Happy Housewife, I was able to put up my facebook business page "badge" on my sidebar. Puh-leeze, feel free to click onto it, take a peek and become a fan! Thanks Kathie!)

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Karen Mortensen said...

Those pictures are pricless. Wish I looked that good at nine. I had buck teeth and glasses. Oh well. I think I got better with age. LOL

Pondside said...

What sweet memories of your nine year olds. It was a great age - that fledgling independence, yet they still loved mummy and home!

Alicia said...

Oh, I love how you posted you all at the same grade!! So cute!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Maria!!!

xinex said...

You were all so cute at 9! Thanks for the congratulatory note. Your drawings are superb and I know that for a fact first hand!...Christine

Michelle A'etonu said...

i love how you keep all of those old photos. i wonder if my mom has any of our old school pics! i love the drawing with the princess crown on it. beautiful!

Anonymous said...

My sister has a December birthday and our niece. December is a good month!!! Love the cute pics of your kids.

Laurencita said...

Oh! what a priceless collection you have... Thanks for sharing.

H said...

You all look so beautiful at nine years old. Lovely photos and special memories :)

Kel said...

I love old photos...well of everyone except myself. My 9 year old photos are a little bit on the scary side. :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

Fun nine year old photos! Enjoyed the trip back in time and hearing of all the places you lived.

Lola said...

Great photos - and memories!

Happy New Year too!

XOXO Lola:)

yonca said...

Time goes by so fast.I miss sometimes Aria's baby days.When I look at the old pics of him makes me sad a little. Those days never come back.
Lovely pics!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

That was so cute to see all those are clever. I am so glad you popped over, I too have fallen behind, my job seems to be my blog, and I can't keep up:) See you soon my friend, you are so kind. Debbie XXX000

Jessica Heights said...

You always have the cutest flashback photos!

Veronica Lee said...

Such beautiful memories, Maria! I always enjoy reading your posts and admiring your awesome sketches.

Have a blessed day!

Jenny said...

You must have the most organized archive of pictures of anyone I know! I am always impressed that you can even find half the pictures you do!

And to find family members at nine years old just totally blows me away!

Thanks for a nifty link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "N".

Your family always makes me smile.

Thank you for linking.


LDH said...

This is a most perfect post for "N" @Alphabet Thursday! The photos are as cute as can be. I can barely remember being nine but I know it happened :)

LV said...

Time really changes things and people. You were cute, but now everyone is beautiful and handsome. You have the best looking family I have seen in awhile. Glad to see your sketches are doing good. Always happy to see where you have dropped by.

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