Saturday, October 22, 2011

A winner and a few updates

Congratulations to the winner of UPrinting's 250 club flyers!
It is this comment left by Jen:
 "My husband could really use some business cards right now so I would love some of those! I also love that you get a free 16X20 poster with a $50 order!"

Now, remember, although these are what is called "club flyers", they can be printed with whatever you choose.  I am very happy with the items for my business that I have received in the past through UPrinting.  So, I look forward to the 250 flyers that UPrinting has so generously given me as well.  

It has been wonderful to be busy with art orders and calligraphy work, so will be sure to get around and visit all the wonderful blog friends once, I get caught up :o)

I'm looking forward to the upcoming Fall Social Freebies with IPOD giveaway ...a great event for meeting new blog friends and fun giveaways hosted by Pink Dandy Chatter & Between The Lines!

& I will be joining in on the Secret Santa fun over at Colorado Lady

If you are interested...
take a peek at these lovely ladies' blogs to see what all the *F*U*N* is about & ...C'mon & Join in!

Here are a a few of the most recent art orders, that I can share since I don't think they will be accidently viewed here by those still yet to receive them.

Thank you Linda for your initial email:
 "...I attended the Smiles for Life brunch and fundraiser on Saturday and fell in love with your work. Would it be possible for you to create another sketch just like the one of the "Kentucky Horse" you donated for the auction?..."

& for your request for the other 3 to be drawn.
"I really love the Horse picture we saw at the Smiles for Life auction this year so I think we will stay with that for our sketch.  ...the Eiffel Tower to be used on both sketches.  You don't need to add the trees on the sides or the other details of the city shown under the tower in the picture unless you feel it enhances the over all sketch..."     

1. Horse head for Linda's home, chosen to remind them a bit of their time living in Kentucky.

2. Same horse head image, but drawn this time with their friend's last name: BLODGETT & also with additional calligraphy centered beneath of Lexington, Kentucky (name of lettering style chosen: Californya A).

3. The Eiffel tower, drawn for the 2 years, their son will be living in Paris, France.
Additional calligraphy of NOVEMBER 2011~2013 (Name of lettering style: Californya A). 

4. Another Eiffel tower also drawn to be given as a gift. Additional calligraphy of NOVEMBER 2011~2013 (Name of lettering style chosen: Californya A).

Linda, I am glad that you are happy with your art & I appreciate your email that you sent after you received them all.
Linda's email:      "We received our sketches in the mail yesterday and they are absolutely beautiful. I am heading over to Michaels as soon as I'm finished working today to purchase my frames and put everything together. I am SO excited to share a few of them as gifts...they will love them! Thank you for putting a rush on everything so that I would have them in time."

Thank you again for stopping by and commenting! (I am still behind in returning my blog visits to all those that commented in my past few posts, but will be sure to stop by! I truly appreciate all of you that stop by to say hi!)

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Jen said...

Yay! So excited to win the giveaway! Thank you!

Vicki/Jake said...

Hi Maria, just taking a quick peek again.... I'm always amazed at your latest artwork. My dad sure loves the one you did with his name. I love that you shared the newspaper clipping of the younger you and your two sweet girls. You're all just beautiful! Keep blogging and sharing your life.

Live*Laugh*Love said...

Hey I tried following you but some maintence with the site, but would love for you to follow me than I can follow you when it's not being "crazy" lol thanks so much :) have a great day!!!


myletterstoemily said...

your art is beautiful!
blessings to you!!

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